24Option Review : Is Scam Or Legit Trader ? Find Out Results !!

24Option Review: The experience of trading in an award winning options trading platform sounds thrilling. 24option are one such giant among the binary options trading market. It is the top favorite platform trusted by veteran traders but even if it seems to be a high profile platform it can be a fun thing for a newcomer while he learns to use it to make profits.

24option not only make dealing an easy experience but the possibility of gaining profits is also high. Thanks to the various tutorials and eBooks that are available on the website itself, anyone can now start the trading business by setting up their account.

24Option Review – Is Scam Or Legit?

Product 24option
Developer Rodeler Limited
Review by Shane
Rating 5/5
Verdict Legit Software
Price Min Deposit $250

In this article, I am going to make a review on this pioneering options platform which you might find interesting as it has to offer a plethora of trading options that allows you to invest amounts for every of your desired budgets.

The Platform

The platform is owned by Rodeler Ltd and is situated in Limmasol, Cyprus and no, it’s not at all a scam as it has been regulated by CySec regulation. It’s, therefore, hundred percent safe and secured.

Although 24option don’t accept traders from the US and Australia, it is open to almost every Nations. The currencies accepted are USD, EURO, Yen, and GBP and it ensures a 100% bonus and 89% max returns. And you can make a maximum investment of $50000.

The Account Types

There are mostly three types of account types that can be selected while registering for the 24option to start trading. The accounts are namely Standard, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum is the most preferred account. This account allows a huge range of benefits like various high or low options, high-yield options, boundary, and touch. Members of the Platinum status are allowed to get the most updates and news about the latest market scenario. The members with a Gold account will enjoy 2% of the return on each trade and can trade all options. The clients with a standard account can trade with all options too and also get access to assistance 24/7.

The 24option member will help you assist in choosing your right account so that you can learn how to gain profits in the market. Moreover, the Demo account available will help you learn how the trading works and how the platform can be used. I recommend you not to skip using the Demo account as it provides with a lot of valuable information and helps you to familiarize with the platform.

Getting Started

You are just a few clicks away from earning your profits. Just register yourself by filling up the personal details after clicking the Register Now option in the website’s interface.

Screenshot of the website’s registration portal

Once the registration is done you are ready to start trading.

Guide and Education Centre

The most beloved feature of the platform is its Guide and the Education Centre portals that can help you gain all the knowledge that you need to start using the platform. The Guide, for example, has a list of step by step rules under the heading, “Learn to Trade From Anywhere” namely,

  • Regulation Requirements
  • Fund Your Account
  • Explore Your Trading Platform
  • Choose And Trade

The Education Center, on the other hand, is a collection of innovative Video tutorials that contain webinars, strategy building materials, Market analysis programs and much more. This is divided into 3 parts: the Basics, the Intermediate, and the Advanced.

The Education Center

The Education center doesn’t guarantee you 100% success in your business but it is just meant to be a learning tool to experience the platform for better handling of the option trading business. It is clearly written in the portal above that there are a number of risks involved in the options market so you should take a closer look at the whole business before jumping into trading.

The Assets

The assets of 24option come in many forms from currencies to Gold, Silver and leading stocks like BMW or Google. Even indices like S&P500, NASDAQ and DAX can also become assets.

Assets have a direct influence on the payouts as it is advised that the entry of new assets can alter the payouts. Traders have also found that options with high yield can be of profit if they take specific care of it and just like boundary options they can bring high profits.


It is very easy to deposit in 24option and even if you are a newbie you won’t be facing any complexities while doing so. It’s moreover fast and secured. Yes, it’s safe and as mentioned earlier it’s not like those options broker which turn out to be scams.

You can deposit your amount in USD, GBP, JPY and also you can make use of digital payments. The minimum amount of deposition should be 250 USD, EURO, GBP and 25000 JPY.

Feel free to use your Mastercard, VISA or credit cards and any other mode of payment. This makes it a reliable and enjoyable experience.


24option have a very reliable withdrawal standard too. It’s very convenient and easy and surely surpasses the other leading platforms too. It normally takes 1-3 working days for the withdrawal to happen.

Customer Service

The website gives a very trustworthy customer service and 24/7 assistance. The assistance is provided in multiple languages and any trader from around the world can trade in their language and feel at home. This surely is a plus point for this platform.

Moreover, the Live Chat service is available 24 hours although it gives assistance in 13 languages English is the most preferred language. There are also options for a more traditional way of making contact as you can make a call in their customer service number. For mailing, you can send your queries to info@24options.com. Thus wherever you are and whenever you want you can make your inquiry and clear all your doubts.


24option is available for Mac, Windows and for your iOS, and Android devices. Feel free to use it from anywhere without thinking about any risk.

The apps are available in Apple’s Appstore and Google Play. And since it is suitable for binary options trading you can easily use your android device to install the software.

App Store:


Google play:


Final Verdict – 24Option is Best Software to Try !!

To end this article I would like to add that 24option is a high profile option trading platform and since options trading involves a great risk it cannot be ignored. But you should keep in mind that with greater risk come higher profits and it is your attitude that will matter first before you jump into this phenomenal business. You get to experience a number of learning tools and ideas in the platform itself and with all the online chat facilities and service options provided you can strategize your path to glory and if not gain experience for future investments. So, why don’t you become a part of this multi-award winning options platform?

I would welcome any information that I left out and if there are any queries regarding 24option feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section. Till then happy trading, and good luck.

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