Algo Cash Master Review – Another Scam Software!!

Algo Cash Master Review: Have you stumbled upon this latest trading scam by the name Algo Cash Master? If you haven’t then take a quick look at this article in which I will expose all the false ideas, they are trying to portray about the financial trading market and the cheap way by which they lure people.

Algo Cash Master Review – Another Scam Software!!

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The Algo Cash Master is the latest system which is showing every sign of a fake binary options trading platform, and you need to use every means to stay away from this site so as to do a favor to yourself.

Suspicious Looking website:

The website of the Algo Cash Master is very much not well planned, and the first thing that you will notice is that it seems to promote another binary options trading system called ‘Zulander Hack’ in its own video. And this is enough to show that there is nothing authentic about this system.

You don’t find any properly written information about the website. There are no contact details to start with nor and ‘about us’ menu to establish a contact with the developers of the scam.

There isn’t anything else other than a “HIT THE BUTTON’ option which looks very suspicious because they are just asking for your name and email to register into their site.

Other than that the website doesn’t show any sign of a right financial trading platform which people should trust.

Suspicious Video!

The Video you see on the website of the Algo Cash Master is all about ‘Zulander Hack’ which I am sure is another scam system which the scammers are trying to promote somewhere else in another new website or maybe they were trying to update this current website into a Zulander Hack website.

Still, there was nothing true about the things that were told in the video of the Zulander Hack. As usual, the whole video is a cooked up story about a fictional system which will grant you financial freedom without any reason.

The presenter by the name Michael keeps on blabbering about how you can easily earn $1000 a day with the help of the software he developed with his team after hours of hardworking.

This is a very common formula used by scammers while making promotional videos and it has actually nothing new to offer because almost every scam system that I have encountered made use of a paid actor for doing their dirty job.

In this case, our presenter Michael is no more than an actor who has been paid to speak positive things about the Algo Cash Master just to lure innocent day traders who are new into the business. This is nothing but a crime which can only be stopped by ignoring these scam systems.

What is the technology behind the System?

As expected from a scam system there is no such underlying technology that makes this work. First of all the presenter goes out into a bar to show a live beta testing of the system by approaching random people which obviously is scripted.

He simply says that they have developed a push button financial trading system which will help you generate profits every day but with exactly what technology and algorithm?

The presenter is portraying a very easy and cheap idea about financial trading in this way, and the only thing this shows is that the system is all fake. He even promises to give these beta testers $1000 if his system fails to generate profit immediately and take all the money if they win the testing trade.

All these are scripted and since I found nothing about the way it works there is obviously no such algorithm behind this software which Michael told us at the beginning of the video that he and his team invented after hours of hard work.

 Fake Beta Testers:

The video also makes a serious joke upon the beta testers who were hired by the scammers to make the random street test to prove the system’s authenticity. Just like the presenter these people are also paid actors with a fake name John and Becca are just doing what they are said to do.

The first problem is that you won’t get any idea about their real identity as they have been portrayed as random people from a bar, and this gives an advantage to the scammers. This doesn’t mean that the scammers can escape from being caught because whatever trading procedure is shown in the video doesn’t comply with financial trading, and this is enough for proving them wrong

And Even a Fake Testimonial:

Next, we get to see a woman named Lucy Knowles whom Michael interacts online who has been using this software for nearly four weeks. There is no end to these fake stories.

She mentions that she made nearly $452,492 in just a month and that also by checking the website for just 15 minutes. I mean how much of fake details are left for us to consume before they actually get exposed?

Licensing and other information:

It is not safe to trade with a system is not licensed and no doubt the system is devoid of this. It looks like it is a secret affiliate system and at any cost, such online platforms should be avoided.

I don’t mean to say that all the unlicensed and unregulated system are fake because there are many binary options trading platform which provides quality customer oriented service.

The next thing they claim about the system is that this is an automated software which completely works on auto pilot. Anyone without prior experience about financial trading can make a trade and will have a guaranteed success in a day.

Just because it is an automated software doesn’t mean that this will guarantee you success every time you make a trade. Even the most well-known automated system can fail because the financial trading market is not that of an easy market and traders go through rigorous practice in order to become successful.

Final Verdict: Ignore this system right now!!!

After watching the whole 30 minutes long video presentation, I am not in the condition to recommend this system to anyone. The whole system is suspicious from the start and as you go on investigating about all the necessary details you will find all the loopholes right in front of your eyes.

So, I suggest you stay away from this platform and find a better system where you can invest with all confidence and trust and learn the proper way of binary options trading.

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