Algo Trading Robot Review: Another Fraud System, Stay Away!

Algo Trading Robot is one of the scams in the binary options trading market at present. The software was developed by Stanley Nash in 2001, who is said to be a professor of applied mathematics in the very reputed & renowned Oxford University. In this article, I will give you detailed information regarding the Algo Trading Robot.


The Algo Trading Robot claims to be an automated software and has also said to have the potential to earn a profit for at least $2600 per day, with only an amount of $250. Is it true? Well, you will have to go through the article to find that out.

Algo Trading Robot: A Glance

If you visit the official website of Algo Trading Robot at, you will see that there are no proper information provided about the software. Except for the video presentation, there is nothing to be found regarding the software. I’ve put in my best efforts to research using the help of this video presentation & sadly, I could attain only a few information about this software. 

The Promotional Video: Suspicious Looking!


The way the video starts is very dramatic, as clips of some news flashes including some testimonials as well. The video clips don’t really make any sense, but it undoubtedly serves the purpose well. People get carried away by the way it starts. Moving on, I had watched the whole video close, & I’ve found out that nothing related to the software has been mentioned in the news video clips. This surely puts a  question mark to why have they added such content to their video.


On the other hand, the person who presents the video is entirely unknown & he does not reveal anything about him at all. In the video, he does not claim anything about him being the owner or such.

The person can be assumed as a paid actor assigned to present the video, like the way he speaks can be said to have proper training. The way he delivers the speeches throughout the video is quite remarkable, so to speak.

Stanley Nash: Does He Exists?

Stanley Nash as mentioned in the video is the owner of the software and also the brain behind the software’s creation. Stanley Nash has claimed to generate $167 millions of Dollars for the past 18 months. According to my studies about the software, I have found that this Stanley Nash does not exist in reality. I had checked the official website of Oxford University at but could not find anything on him. The name itself is fake.

He is only mentioned in the, which is the official website of this software. So, investing money on somebody who doesn’t exist, does it seem logical to you?

Algorithm: Totally Fake!

On the first hand, the software itself seems very suspicious. The software is an automated trading system, which has been claiming that you can make money for at least $2600 a day with the minimum amount of $250. The presenter continues to brag about their system that the software uses, and also makes fake promises to make profits for $2600. Which I would say, is not just impossible to make a profit in one day but also like a dream, in binary options trading. It also claims to have an 88.7% winning rates.

Testimonials: Very Suspicious!

The testimonies that have been shown in the video presentation is not at all trustworthy. The video clip is totally unrealistic and most importantly, time-consuming. The person who is featured in the promotional video is most probably a hired actor.

She says that the software has helped her in getting a good amount of profit every day. But I haven’t found any proof of that, so that makes sense that she is a hired person for lying about the scam software.


For How Long Has The Software Being Scamming?

There are also claims of this software, on its official website regarding it being 18 months old. But after I had checked about this software in a site called which is a website for checking the domain ages of sites, I have found out that the has been registered on 19-10-2016 which is just five days old.  So, there is no question of trusting on this software at all.algo4

Is The Software Safe to Use?

The Algo Trading Robot is not safe to use since it has many negative comments against it. The software is just a fictional thought, so to say. The software doesn’t exist at all in real life & not only that but also the creator who has invented the software does not exist at all. Through this article, I would suggest that not to put your money on it by getting attracted by the huge amounts of profits making it would be financial risks for you to invest on it.

Final Verdict: Confirmed Scam!

My final verdict is that it is a scam. It is not at all trustworthy. So, I would suggest all the traders avoid this scam software. It is not at all safe to invest money in something that is so fake.

I would, in fact, recommend traders to invest money on better working & most importantly legit software. This kind of scams doesn’t work in reality. They are designed to cheat on people, to steal their money.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Thanks for stopping by.

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