AlgoMaster System Review: Algo Master is 100% Scam? Find Out Why!

AlgoMaster System is the latest platform in the binary options market which has been creating quite a ruckus online. No doubt there is an agenda of scammers behind the system as I have come across nothing but complaints about the platform in various review sites.

So, in this article, I am going to make a review about this site and provide you with information which the people behind the platform wouldn’t want you to know. I hope this will be helpful to you and in the process, you will learn how to find out whether a platform is Scam or not.

AlgoMaster System Review – Is Scam or Legit Software?

It’s quite easy for an experienced trader to find out that sites like this have actually nothing to offer but as a newcomer you might fall prey to their trap. If somebody has convinced you that you should invest your hard earned money into this platform I would ask you to do yourself a favor before you take that step by going through this article.

What is AlgoMaster System?

The platform AlgoMaster System is the brainchild of a developer going by the name James Torn who introduces himself as the founder and CEO of the platform. Just like any other scam sites the promotional video of the website presents Mr. Torn making exaggerated claims like the platform generating $1500 every week. He also adds that the platform is risk-free and trading with this platform gives you a 94% win rate.

Just like every scam platforms the AlgoMaster System claims that this platform is able to generate trade signals with the help of its unique algorithm and these trade signals have a 100% win rate. These claims are stereotypical and the people behind the platform along with Mr. Torn are trying to sell an idea which is nothing but a way to steal all your money by luring you into their trap.

Who is this James Torn Anyway?

The next big question is who exactly is this person James Torn? Does he actually exist or is he just another paid actor hiding his identity with a fake name? For your information, he is and is not even an experienced liar. And the whole team behind the AlgoMaster System is fraud and is just a group of scammers who are only after your money.


As we watch the video we come to hear from the presenter that the AlgoMaster System has undergone serious beta testing by more than 300 professionals. It also claims to be endorsed by big shot financial bodies. But neither did I find any major professional link nor any proof to support their claims.

The platform is not well moderated and not even licensed. So why should you go for such a site when there are a number of well-known licensed platforms which comes with professional trading features?

How AlgoMaster System Works

The AlgoMaster System has nothing unique to brag about. I doubt whether the developers of this platform have any knowledge about the options market nor how a binary options system works. It’s just another random number generator and just another way to steal your money.

Although the video speaks about some complex and unique algorithm which the platform follows this is just a shame in the name of automated binary options system. So would you simply risk your money in such a site or would you run away? Well, I will surely do the latter.

Are the Testimonials true?

The website is full of success stories all glamorized to attract your attention but if you pay close attention to every of the details in them you will know how they are all scripted. This is quite a trend among scam sites and serves as good evidence against them.


If you look at the above screenshot you will see two testimonials given by John D. and Mike F.  I am very skeptical about the whole scenario here. This is because I did not find any proof to support the claims of these people. There is neither trading history nor any account information in other sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Other Details

The official website seems to be quite misleading in itself as there’s a lot of unprofessionalism that can be seen in its details. For an instance take a look at the site’s bottom where you can see a line which clearly says, “We strongly advise that you read our full Risk Disclosure Statement and Privacy Policy before accessing this website”.

Well, where is the Risk Disclosure Statement? This seems to be a joke upon themselves as you cannot find any link or anything related to the above statement. This statement seems to be shouting out loud and telling us that the whole thing is a risk in itself.

The website shows that there are 1341 members who have made a total profit of $181, 467, 329. The interesting thing here is that I have been following this site for quite a long time and I haven’t seen any change in the number of profits which is mentioned above. What I meant to say is that it is supposed to change as the members keep on earning profits of $1500 every week. So why are there no more updates about the other members who are earning more and more every week?

image 2

If you have come this far until the end of this article I am quite sure you have got a fair idea about what these scam sites are up to. Well, this site is not here to offer you any of the claims that they have made in the promotional video. So, why would you waste your time in all such nonsense rather than researching about the well-known platforms which provide client-oriented service?

As a trader, you should feel comfortable while trading on your preferred platform and let me tell you there are platforms which provide you with all the easy and safest way of trading. You should be taking advantage of these sites and explore your boundaries of your trading business. So, I suggest you go online and do a little survey to find out the best trading platforms rather than wasting time running behind these scam sites.

Final Words…

Thank you for reading this article patiently and I hope the information provided here will help you to start your trading business and get rid of scam sites like the AlgoMaster System. Do leave a comment below if you have further doubts.

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