Aurum Tech Review, 100% Advanced Scam Software Out!!

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Aurum Tech is the latest software in the Binary options trading industry. This app is purely a scam although it claims to be an auto trading software. This app claims to be unique that has been designed for profit making, but in truth, this is just purely a scam. In this review, I will expose all the fake faces of the scammers. Before going to trade with this system, you need to know all the details information about Aurum Tech.


The whole videos, Testimonials, Clients seem to be real and good for money making. The traders promise to give you 100% free access to sign up with the system. Not only that the program also claims to be legal, what a scam. I would like to share the true picture of the scammers, please keep patience and read the review till the end.

What is Aurum Tech Scam Review??

Aurum Tech is the latest automated trading software in the binary options industry. All the video testimonials, clients are a cheap artist who tries to get your attention to steal your money. The traders promise to make you a millionaire within overnight which is totally fraud. They claim that Aurum Tech generates million of dollars in automated income. Not only that the traders also advises not to share this information with anyone. Now that sounds funny, as far as the video is a concern the moment you join their system you will be credited with a huge dollars but they are the one who doesn’t want the information to be shared which makes the system fake.


Well, these are all well-planned scammers who try to steal money from the innocent new investors. If you wish to use the full version of the software, then you have to deposit $250 to start trading.

Marco Shoemaker- Fake identity

He claims to be the CEO and founder of the Aurum Tech app. Well, he is the real hero in this well-planned trading. He is seducing the newbie saying that we can get direct profit from their technology by earning thousands of dollars just for 1-2 days. Mr. Shoemaker new members have also informed us will be running thousands and hundreds of dollars every day and that also totally for free.


Mr. Shoemaker’s face seems to be very much familiar to me. I tried to figure out where did I saw him. Unfortunately, it came to my mind that this guy is a part of two more scams that is Push Money app and in the Mirror Trader and now in Aurum Tech as Shoemaker. Mr. Shoemaker is nothing but a practical scam celebrity. He is the real hero in the binary options market. There is no strong proof about Marco Shoemaker in any media sites. Nor he is available on Twitter Facebook or Google. All his promises to make you a millionaire are false.

After a ride in the car, we are taken to another location, and now it’s a company jet as they are traveling to Palo Alto where the company’s headquarter reside, and it seems that he is going to a meeting to perform. He also asks a question whether we are in and out and give we just have a few minutes to reply. This seems real but believes me; it’s just a show bug. However, let us disclose more evidence below.

Fake Clients – Trying to make trust factor!!

All the clients you see when you open the Aurum Tech website ( is false. And this guy Peter Jefferson owns a live profit of $273,945. Just imagine how you can earn such profits only by depositing $750? That is funny and surprising. This guy is a stolen picture, an unreal identity. This guy even does not know that his face has been used by the scammers to trap the innocent people’s earnings.
You can see the above evidence that Peter Jefferson client in Aurum Tech is actually a president and founder of (The Water Project.) The fraudsters have misused Even Bruno Gustav name.

Fake Testimonials

Although these testimonials and their website look perfect and they are nothing but fake. Scammers will try to get your attention to the fullest but do not bother them as they will only bring you with a big loss. Just look at their testimonials, Robert Green just made $1200 in few hours which is incredible. They are the best scammers with perfect video testimonials. They are nothing but cheap actors who are being paid every time they perform in the binary trading platform.

Whatever they have mentioned in their testimonies is absolutely false. They assert to have something in common, and that is to earn for a luxurious life a false earning. Time is passing, the clock is striking, and you can get free access to the account for free.

Daily Live Trades – Fake Exposed

The live trades are false trades as no companies live trades can be positive all the time with a high profit. The daily results are all boasting in reality. The expiry date, assets, direction, payout and results all are lies. If you log into their website, you will automatically come to know that these are all lies. The real work of Aurum Tech is to make you open a new account and later cutting off your money. I also got surprised when I signed up the email and name you could still go to the next page.

Aurum Tech in the News-True or False Reviews

All the articles and press reviews are all fakes as you can check their relevant web page and found out no proof. The sky news and the financial times have never published such articles.

I have also tried to get a clue from and look what I have found out; the live trades expiry date is on 22-11-2016 but here after researching it do not match with the other registrar information which expires on 14-11-2016 which means that whole system is cheap.

At the ending point, I can say Aurum Tech is a scam Brand

Finally, we come to know that Aurum Tech is vigorous scam software as we cannot become a millionaire in overnight. If we could then our name must be listed in the Guinness book. This system should be banned as fast as possible or else they are gone spoiling innocent lives by robbing their money. I hope you have come to know what this system has been made. Only one thing I want to request you: “stay away and be careful.

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