Auto Money Maker Review: Confirmed 100% Scam System!!

Auto Money Maker Review: Auto money maker system is nothing but a scam system to lure the innocent people. It claims to be the new service to be invested on autopilot but once they get your invested money for their system they will leave you nothing in return. In this article, we shall be sharing you all the strong evidence that can help you to see the difference between the scam and the legit system.

This system claimed to be the 100% profitable system in the binary options trading, but it is just a broken system that I have encountered so far. The creator Arthur McCool is a fake actor who simply claimed that his system would give the new traders huge money and make them rich, but all I can see here is full of fake claims and fake promises.

Auto Money Maker Review: Is Scam or Legit System?


So I would recommend you not to spend your hard earned money to such hypocrites because it takes lots of hard work and dedication to make huge money and simply you cannot waste your hard earned money to that crappy investor.

About the Auto Money Maker

This system is a new service which has no information about its algorithm, and also it says it will give you a profit with 80% investment in return since after joining this system but what you hear from the new traders is their loss result. In fact, it is a disappointing system which claims that whoever joins their system will be earning 2765.25$ in a day but do this thing makes us a sense? No such trading platform will offer you huge with thousand dollars. This is impossible to make such amount of profit in the binary platform; they must have carried away in their thoughts. No one can make you rich overnight so if someone claims with such things do make sure you do a proper research before trusting them.

Suspicious Website of the Auto Money Maker System

When you enter the official website of auto money maker system ( you will get to see that the system is the exact copy of auto money machine system which was already blacklisted earlier. In fact, their website will not direct you to get financial goals through its automated trading software. They will only rush you to sign up the account and get you invest the money. We have also gone through to find out the information about the broker’s account, but it has no specific information. Moreover, this system has no tutorial and demo for the new traders to get some idea about the software. So before joining their system, you should think about it once or else read this article to know about the system.

Fake Presentational Video

The presentational video is less informative and other than the voice actor explaining about the system it has nothing to show in the video, not even the owners have been shown in the presentational video. All those people who are speaking in the video are hired paid actors who have been taken from the website But one thing I will tell you that this person is a scam artist who has been paid to fool the people because for doing this he will earning money or maybe a chance in Hollywood

Fake Testimonials

The whole system is fake bogus system and the voice in the promotional video keeps on claiming with a fake promise that anyone can earn an amount of 765.25$ in a day which is something possible to make that much of amount per day and also claims that it has gathered many users who have gained a profit of $2k per day. You should never trust this kind of system as this can never make you a profit.

They will simply offer you good deals just to attract the new traders and also by claiming that you would be getting 80% win trade, but they has no strong evidence to proof their points. Such kind of trading win rate does not exist in any trading

Also, those people who appear in the video are the fake actors of whose photos and videos are taken from some random YouTube videos and stock photos. It is their tragedy to make their system be one among the genuine successful product.

Fake owners, Arthur McCool:

According to the promotional video, Arthur McCool is one among the most successful trader from Wall Street and used to be the creator of this so-called system. He is the creator of the system then why he is hiding his face behind the voice over acting, and it seems he is a well-known trader, but no one has heard of his name.

So to find him, I made a small research about Arthur McCool but in almost every online website I have found nothing about the person. The owner is simply hiding its real identity and avoiding every possible chance to get exposed. This is a criminal act that should be investigated and stopped so that it cannot lure any innocent people’s money.

Also the owner’s name Arthur McCool was previously used in the auto money machine system that was already blacklisted for its fraud company.

Domain age: how old this system is?

If you check the domain age checking website you will find the exact domain age as to when the auto money maker was registered which was barely two months ago on 2016-08-15. But they have been claiming that their system was running since a long time. This thing is only made to convince the new traders that auto money maker is one of the genuine products and that people should invest their money into their system. You can see how much they are lying about the system which gives us a clear doubt by checking to this domain age that the system is fraud and absolutely a bogus system.

Final Verdict: Say “No-No” to this Scam System

As you can see how this system is clearly confirmed to be a scam system for its fake claims and fake testimonials. They will make you dream of luxuries cars and houses, but it will only steal your money and leave you in nowhere. It is a dangerous trading system that should not be trusted but if you are still looking to join the system then do go through this review it will help you to save your money.

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