Automata Formula Review: Is Scam or Authentic Formula? Results!

When it comes to choosing binary options trading we always get confuse whether the chosen one is scam or legit system? So, here we have another scam system, Automata Formula that totally runs on auto pilot mode and claims to be the genuine investing system to invest our money.  But this review is all about revealing the truth about the scammers as well as this so-called automated system.

Automata Formula is the new version of Orion code that has been presented with different name but let me tell you it is nothing but a fake product only designed to rob your money without giving you single profit and the system is created by George Coleman.

Automata Formula Review: is it a Scam? Let’s Find Out!


The system claims that it will be providing the people with $950 per hour and $20,000 in every single day. But all these are false promises which are not worth to believe such kind of bogus system. In this review, I shall be providing you all the evidence to proof you that this is the fake system.

About the Automata Formula, whether it is a scam or Legit!

The official website will give you all sorts of information whether the system is fake or legit. When you visit its website you will find that there is no proper information about the Automata Formula and also it looks very unprofessionalism and lame in compare to another legitimate system.


You see even the Automated Formula has no email address on its official website. With this, it makes us a doubt to trade with their company because it is too risky to simply trust the system where there is no sort of website address and his name as well to access the system. This means that there is no way that the trader can get the chance to communicate with the system.

Suspicious Video Presentation

The video started by a luxurious car and with the owners boring explanation who keeps on bragging about the Automata Formula by claiming that it has changed many people’s life style and also his software can help you to earn huge profit by providing them $20,000 every day. But I would like to suggest not joining this software as it is too risky to trade because it has no proper website address and also the video stops to certain point when it reaches to 500 viewers so it does not make us any sense to invest our money with them.


The owner then, also claims that his software is very powerful to access because when it reaches to its certain limitation of people it automatically stops and the sale get erased right after that. Therefore all this luxurious car and big office are only meant to attract the traders and to steal their money.

George Coleman, the Fake Owner: Does he Really Exist?

George Coleman is a person who claims to be the owner of Automata Formula. He claims that he has the fine analyst and programmer with the best 30 beta tester but all we can see is the guy who has no real identity and moreover he is just a paid actor who can be seen in other scam videos as well. No matter what he claims that he is one among the best trader in the Wall Street and also his software can earn you with a huge profit of $950/ hour that is $20,000 day and also the sale can be erased just after the 500 views is all ridiculous claims that is not related to real trading.


Also when you visit the website of Orion Code Scam review you will get to see him performing as the owner with a name Edward Robinson. So basically, Automata Formula is no longer a genuine trading and his software should be blacklisted from the trading platform as those people are criminals.

No Algorithm in Automata Formula

In the presentation video of Automata Formula, it has no such information given about the algorithm other than it talks about the lifestyle and profits that you can get by using their software. So, why would we choose Automata Formula where it has no detailed algorithm? So think about it before it’s too late to save yourself from such crappy scammers.

Fake Profits and Testimonies

The testimonies that you see in the Automata Formula does not look real and also it has no clear information about the software. All these are the fake scam artist who has been paid huge to promote this software. You cannot just go and trade to any trading software without doing any research of that software. It is necessary for you to know the difference between scam and legit and opt for the best trading bot by checking all the reviews.


If a company does not provide any guaranteed profits then it does not make any sense to waste your time on such bogus system. This software also does not provide any demo instruction for the beginners to look into the system for more details. So, it is not worth enough to believe Automata Formula for it gives no reliable reason to invest our money with them.

Registration Date Reveals it Everything

The owner claims that Automata Formula software has been making the profit since the past 12 months but if you go check its registration date in domain age checking the website. automata6It will reveal you everything as the system is not worthy at all. According to the website the software has just recently registered on 2016-09-15.

Final Verdict: Automata Formula is an Confirmed Scam!!

Automata Formula is nothing but a confirmed scam that should be blacklisted from the trading bot. This software is only designed to rob the innocent people’s money without giving them single money.  It has the same owner of Orion Code which shows that the owner is no one but a scam artist.

So, if you have decided to invest your money with this software then do think again or read this review before joining with them because it will only help you stay away from the crappy people and save your hard earned money.

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