Is Baltic Dividends Scam? Read Honest Review !!

Baltic Dividends is a High-Yield Investment Program or HYIP based private management company with high return rate plans. As per the company, their vision is to provide a stable and sustainable regular monthly income to their users and help them to earn a decent amount of money. Also, they invite the online investors and traders for investing on them as they are promising to give attractive amounts with a long time investment. The Baltic Dividends website shows the promises and details of their work and services and one can found it by visiting their website.

Is Baltic Dividends Scam? Read Baltic Dividends Honest Review !!


Basically, the company works on HYIP and it’s something different from the binary options trading. When we look for the details of the company on their website, we feel the look of the website is quite ok and serves good information. But, some important details are missing there and you need to know those details must before make your investment on Baltic Dividends investment management company. Here, on this Baltic Dividends Review, we are going to discuss all the matters with details and let you know whether ‘Baltic Dividends is a Scam or a Reliable option for your investment’.

Baltic Dividends Review – Are they Reliable?

From our research on Baltic Dividends, we are pretty much sure that they are not a reliable option, although, they are claiming to be an HYIP program based company from which you will earn a guaranteed huge amount per month.


If you visited their website, you will see that they are saying Registration process is very easy and simple and it’s totally free. No document verification will be required. Moreover,  you as an investor need to deposit your money into a firm which is completely unknown to you and you have no authority on your investment. The company will manage your fund by itself and let you know about it. That’s the working procedure of Baltic Dividends Limited and we feel, that’s not the authentic way an HYIP firm works.

Here, they are playing a psychological trick by made the registration process totally free with no documentation. As there is no document required or if they do not give you any document, it means, you have no proof of the investment that you made. So, legally you do not have any right on your own investment and if something goes wrong or you are unable to withdraw your money (if necessary), then you can’t claim to them. That’s the tricky part of their working procedure.

We really, do not like their working procedure as a genuine HYIP firm will never work on this protocol. They maintain everything with perfect verifiable way. So, this is the first reason, we don’t have trust on Baltic Dividends limited. Also, there are few more reasons, go ahead and read them all.

How they are making money for the clients?

This is not clearly explained in the Baltic Dividends website. However, on the official website they have displayed Gold and Oil prices along with some information which is not enough for the explanation on how they generate money. We need to assume that, based on those items they might trade and earn money, but, how?

baltic dividends scam

Also, we have been saying that they have expert traders with a decade of experience who manages all the trading funds and activities. But, here our question is – If you have really so called experienced traders available, then why don’t you share their name on the website? Why the website have no images or the details of that experts? And we guess, we know the answers too. It is because they have no experts behind the system. All are a just false claim, actually, there is no expert trader exists in real.

No information about the owner:

The website does not have any information regarding the owner of the Baltic Dividends limited. It seems like they are trying the hide all the necessary details. And we guess, probably they have a valid reason for that. However, No one will never invest in such suspicious company who hides details for sure. The scammers just don’t want to expose themselves publicly and that’s the reason, the website does not display any information.

Unrealistic investment plans:


That might be the another reason, we would suggest you not to invest on Baltic Dividends. The unrealistic earning and investment plans are enough to say that, the system is a scam. It’s not an easy task for even a high-yield invest program based companies to generate a huge amount of monthly income. No legit company will give promises like they gave. We believe, that’s also a fabricated trick to attract the new investors for the scam business.

Fake endorsements and testimonials:

The website shows some fake endorsement badges which don’t have any real value. Anyone can get that badges and put them on a website. So, there’s no point to discuss such nasty things here. Like the endorsements, they also show the fake testimonials too. And that’s obvious as the system is a scam.

Moreover, we got to know about some complaints and feel really sorry for those persons who invests on them and didn’t get anything in return.

Review Verdict – Baltic Dividends are a Scam system, just avoid it.

We are very much sure about that, Baltic Dividends system is something hiding on their back and looks very much suspicious. So, the system is not the reliable one and we strongly advised you to avoid Baltic Dividends.

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