Binary 5 Review: 100% Scam Software Exposed Out!!!

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Binary 5 is one of the latest automated trading software out on the market that is listed as a scam. In today’s world many successful businessmen often invest their money into the automated trading software.  It is one of the latest trends in the markets of finance which seems to offer you some profits in a short interval of time.


Now a day, there is lots of money making software out in the market in the name of binary options trading software. In the name of money making software, these people are talking advantage to draw in the innocent people and wipe their entire money by making fake claims of some huge money making profits.

Binary 5 Review: Scam or Legit Software?

In the review, I am going to reveal all the loopholes of the bogus software. You might not be sure and wondering if this software is for real a scam or legit software. As I have so many doubts in the Binary 5 software, so I started doing my investigation about this software. I have found out some evidence with proofs that is indicating toward the behaviour of a scam system. So, let us have a quick look at the hidden facts about the Binary5 software.

No Proper Details or Unidentified Owner

The Binary 5 software has provided so much of unwanted information on their website. But the website is very doubtful as they did not mention anything about the owner of the system like we do not really know who have created this software or the person behind the software?

Yes, you will be quite shocked to know that the owner is unidentified or unknown to us.  If you make some strong inquiry then in much legit software, you will come to know regarding the person behind the automated trading software. But in the case of this binary5 trading software, there are no clear details about the creator of the software; there is no any doubt that this software is nothing but a scam.

Not advance in 24×7 Customer Help Assistance Support!!!

The system makes some fake promises that they have 24×7 customer help assistance is support. It is supposed to help you traders solving any issues while trading into the binary five automated trading software.


But since it, I was very doubtful, so I made a decision to go for deeper search about the software. What I found is the customer help assistance support is not working properly and no response from them.

Binary 5 Provides you a Guaranteed of 81% ITM Trading Signals?

The software claims that trading with the binary 5 automated trading software is very easy to install and comes without a little risk. It seemed that the software has some proven trading results and find out how well the software can actually trade.  In the meant time they mentioned that the trade results are updated on a daily basis for showing the consistency of the software performance.


But here are the weird things about the software if you just have a look in the whole web page there is one portion where you will find some information regarding the software. Here it says that the signals provided per day will depend on the different charts that you have open. In case if you have opened a lot of charts then it is likely that you will get lots of signals.

 Domain age of the Binary 5 Exposed

When you visit the official website of the Binary 5 app, you will find a portion in the middle of the page where it says yearly Growth. They claimed that the goal of the Binary5 app is to achieve growth without fail and to work as a team. In the meantime, they mentioned that they have been providing some amazing winning rate since the year 2012 it was 73% win rate, and till date, it has reached 81% of winning rate.


According to the information provided on the website, it is the number 1 Binary options trading software in the market. I could not believe all of these, so I tried checking on the registration date of the Binary5 trading software. I visit the most popular domain age checking website know as, and I was quite after I found out the exact registration date of the website is on 2016-07-14 i.e. in the month of July 2016. How are you supposed to trust the software which has become public only this year? You can rely on the binary5 software.

Verdict: Binary 5 App is unreliable software where you should not invest your money!!!

Binary5 App is a disgusting automated trading system. The software makes some false claims promising traders and tries to attract the people to invest their money in the money making software.

It is like just the other scam software which got exposed in the market. It is not worth investing your money on such bogus software like the binary5 App.  The real binary trading software cannot assure you an 81% winning rate it is just a big lies.

Binary5 App is unreliable software where you should not trade at any cost. I strongly recommend you choose legitimate automated trading software with a broker that has a licensed platform.

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