Binary Brain Trust Review: Is it Possible to Make $5000 Per Day? Find Out!

Binary Brain Trust by Martin Clayton is a new automated scam system to lure the people with promising claims. But unlike other fraud scam system, this software is also one among the criminal scam companies that should be not be trusted, and I will tell you why in this review by revealing some evidence that I have investigated about Binary Brain Trust software to save you falling into their trap.

Binary Brain Trust claims that it helps you to earn a massive profit in the trading, but all you will find is misleading information and false promises which give you a false message that it completely runs on autopilot mode. This software can never help you to get $5000 per day in a just a couple of days.

Binary Brain Trust Review : Is Scam Software or System to Trust?


There is also another significant error which you need to note it down by checking the official website of Binary Brain Trust where it shows that the software is not worthy enough to trust. In this review, I shall be providing you more evidence that will help you to open up your eyes and make you difference between legit and scam system.

Why is Binary Brain Trust not worth enough to trust? Here is everything you need to know…


There is no strong evidence to proof that Binary Brain Trust is a legit system to invest our money, so I want you to check this review very carefully as it will help you to give few information about the system. You will find everything that you want to know about its scam fact through this review so let us check out what are those evidence that makes us doubt to this so called system.

Martin Clayton, the owner – Does he exist?

Martin Clayton who claims to be the owner of the Binary Brain Trust is nowhere found in the social sites such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. In fact, he only exists in the scam world and keeps on locating to one Scam Company to another being an owner and promoting every scam system.binary-brain2-1

In the promotional video, you will not find any reference of Martin Clayton other than his name showing on it and a voice claiming him to be the owner of Binary Brain Trust system. So, why would you choose this system which has no information given about the owner as well as how the system works with its sophisticated algorithm?

Three members earned huge profit over past five years by joining this software:

The software claims that there are three members- William, Jin, and Hollie whose profit records has been revealed out to show the newbie that their system is the genuine one in the Wall Street.  No matter how much they claim about its system, they can never impress the people with those less information about Binary Brain Trust as all these are no one but a paid actors who is only trying to promote their trading system.binary-brain3-1

Also, they seek to impress the traders with some cheap tactics by claiming that people can earn $5000 per day with them but this is not true, and to some extent, they fail to convey the full detailed information about the system. As few experienced traders would know that such claims can never be possible in the trading platform.binary-brain4-1

Some Points to be noticed in the Video Presentation

When you check the promotional video, you will find that the owner Martin Clayton has presented it in a very cheap way so that people can get easily attracted by watching it, but it is very sad to say that such cheap scam plan is useless to make them attracted. The video has nothing to show other than the voice who speaks for long boring hours to promote the system.binary-brain5

In the corner of the video you will also find some sorts of 22 spot remaining members that keep on changing its numbers, but after some time when you refresh the page, the number remains the same. As soon as you watch their video presentation, you will feel like going away from the page because it has no impressive thing to watch over.

Fake Promises and Testimonies

No clear information about the system that delivers us and also the testimonies are all lie. The people who made a profit by trading with this system are all fake and paid actors who have been hired to promote their scam system.binary-brain6

This system also claims that it has located in many offices around the world like New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo but it has no strong point to proof, in fact, everything about the system makes us doubt taking from 22 spots to the fake names of the members.

Other Evidence Claimed by Martin Clayton

One more issue that claims that it has been successfully running since from the past five years but to my research by going through the domain age checking the website it shows that it has recently created on 2016. Therefore, it arises a question as to how the members had made so many profits by trading with them.


Final Verdict: Binary Brain Trust is 100% Scam!!

By reviewing all those evidence, I think there is no prove left to expose them as everything is crystal clear. Binary Brain Trust is a scam system which is designed to rob the innocent people’s money through some stupid automated trading software. I hope you have got all the evidence that will make you believe that it is a scam system and also no point of wasting our hard earned money to these crappy scammers. There are other alternatives which are more trustful and real. So try for that software which is reliable and can make you huge profits in the Binary Options Trading.

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