1* Binary Robot 365 Review : Scam Software Exposed, Stay Away !!

So here comes my research for ONLINE trading with Binary Robot 365 is fulfilled. And I guess you do know that in a binary trading market many new traders do come. They usually come to invest their hard earned money. This website has gained so much popularity that within sometimes this website went higher. These binary traders accept new deals from the newbies and never return back their money. Instead, steals all their money from the account.

Binary Robot 365 Review: Scam Bot Exposed!

Binary Robot 365 is another scam software that has already been blacklisted. In fact, the developers are sitting here only to steal the money from the newbies. So, before trading with such automated software make sure you collect all the information related to the software. By seeing the official website www.binaryrobot365.com you will not feel it is a scam. They look very professional in the outer appearance. but in reality, they are simply bogus.

Do not worry because I have collected few scam factors that will make you aware of the real face of Binary Robot 365 software. So, before I guide you with scam factors let me show you how this software works.

How The Binary Robot 365 Software Works:

Binary Robot 365 is the newest binary trading software. All the testimonial reviews are not real when you view the official website. You will also not find any official videos to call it a legit software. However, the developers are here only to rob your money and you are the bait.

When you go to the official website, you will not find any CEO or any developer. Only an image of the website can be seen that is totally unreal. When you visit the web page, you are not being introduced with any CEO or any video narrator. Only some fabricated image can be seen about some brokers.

The website Binary Robot 365 claims that the winning rate is up to 90% but they are simply fake with a fake website. If the official website is fake then how can everything about the software can be true. They are simply to lure innocent traders to steal their invested money. So make sure that you avoid such scam software. If you wish to know the real truth behind the software then read this post till the end.

Are You Still Confused??? Whether Binary Robot is Scam or Not?? Let us Reveal the Truth………

As I have clearly said that Binary Robot 365 is a scam software. Therefore, if you are still confused with my viewpoint then let us reveal the real truth below. Make sure you read it till the end to clear your doubts.

  1. Top 10 Users For February 2017

When you go to the website, binaryrobot365.com you will see below that there is a list of top 10 users for February 2017. Well, they seem to earn really heavy but in reality, they are fraudsters. Just see the developers did not even give the image of the top 10 users. You will see only a computerized image. All this top 10 user guide are not at all real. Just do not believe them.

2. Fake Winning Rate:

Binary Robot 365 software determines 90% winning rate which is a bogus trade. The earnings are unrealistic because you will not find any accurate amount of earning. Moreover, the normal winning rate are usually on the average and the software already crossed the average percentage of winning rate. So never trade with such software as because they usually targets the newbies. Usually, the trading starts with $250 but after that whatever you deposit will be in loss.

3. Fake Customer Testimonials:

All the testimonials on the official website look just right. Are they? Well, totally bogus website. Any scammers will try to get your attention but never do that. Only focus on your work instead of spending your money in online trading. If you ever happen to trade with such big bogus software then you will be in a big trouble. Even the penny that you have in your pocket will be gone.

Just have a look at their image do you think they have earned million dollars. I don’t think so. If they have earned then their name should be there on the Google page. But they have not seen anywhere neither in social media nor in Google. Whatever written in the testimonials page are false. Avoid them.

4. Autotrading Software:

The software claims that it is an online automated trading software where no experience is required. Anyone who has no idea about technology or trading can start trading with this software. Just simply activate the auto trade mode and enjoy the benefits. Well, all this saying are fake because nothing is possible without working hard. do you think you can earn so easily trading online without doing nothing? That is a big fat NO.

All the saying like choose your broker and you will be redirected to automated trading are false. Never believe this false saying. You will get nothing.

5. Fake Trading Indicators:

According to the Binary Robot 365 software, there are six trading indicators that are working well. They give full control over your account with remarkable performance. All this saying are not at all true, as trading indicators are fake. You will not earn anything instead.

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Final Verdict – Binary Robot 365 is Scam Bot !!

Binary Robot 365 software is 100% scam software no doubt. I hope now you can collect all the evidence that I have mentioned above and then decide whether to trade with such software or not. The main concern is, you cannot even get any information about the creator of the software. So, how can you believe such bogus system? If the CEO himself is invalid and invisible then it would be better not to trade with such software.

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