BinaryMate is a Scam? Indisputable Review!

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BinaryMate Review: When it comes to trading, it would be quite fair enough to say that there is nothing easier than binary trading. You do not have to go through the complicated terms, or either you need to have a broker to give you advice. The whole procedure is quite easy and even a newbie can get started with just some help.

While doing binary trading online, you just need to deposit a sum of money to get started, and then do an investment on an asset offered by the online broker, and make a prediction whether the certain asset’s price is going to go up or down within an period of time. If your prediction is right, you win a good percentage of bonus along with your invested money but if your prediction is wrong, you lose all of your invested money.

BinaryMate is a Scam? Indisputable Review!

Since, the start of binary trading evolution, many online brokers have evolved over the past few years, and the numbers of the binary online brokers have been increasing day by day. Therefore, in this article, we are going to do an in-depth review of a new binary trading site called BinaryMate.

BinaryMate Review:

BinaryMate is a new binary trading site, which was launched earlier this month, to be specific; the BinaryMate started their journey on 13July 2016. The new online broker seems to come with some new revolutionary features that other online brokers are not having, but as it is a new site, it can’t can be said as a genuine of trustworthy site at the beginning.

What is really interesting is that even though, the site is new it is gaining popularity among traders in the European countries.

Is the BinaryMate Online Broker Legit or just Another Scam?

This question will come in every trader’s mind. Whether the BinaryMate site-trading platform is genuine, or just another site fake trading site? well, the site seems to be a genuine trading platform, because the Scotland-based company is being regulated under the rules and regulation of UK.

Overall, it can be clearly said that the site is not fake and is totally genuine, but being the new site this might not be the correct site to start binary trading site.

Account Types:

Like other binary online brokers, BinaryMate also offers various account types for the users. The minimum investment a trader can do is $ 1, and as far as the minimum deposit is concerned, the minimum amount is $ 250. The account types offered by BinaryMate trading site are given below:

Bronze: Well if you want to get started, then you should get a Bronze account. To get access to a bronze account, the deposit amount should be $ 250. This is the basic account so the bonus rate is just 20 %, other than that, users of bronze account also get 24 x 7 live chat support, a demo account and access to various kinds of educational materials.

Silver: From the trend, it is pretty clear, the more amount of deposit a user does the more features he/ she gets, which bring us to the silver account. The minimum amount of deposit is $ 1000. The account gives you bonus return up to 50 % compared to 20 % offered in the Bronze account. Other features include 24 x 7 live video chat, 3 risk free trades, get access to a Web session, demo account, and all the educational materials.

Gold: This is the most premium account offered by BinaryMate; the users of this account are given access to all the features offered by the BinaryMate. To get a Gold accountanda user has to deposit an amount of $ 3000. Moreover, the things that are new in this account are bonus returns up to 100 %, a personal account manager, Swiss prepaid card, and trading protection.

If you are someone, who is an expert in binary trading, then the Gold account is the one to get started with, but if you are a beginner then it is better to get started with the Bronze account. The risk-free trades also allows users to gain more experience, so, even if a user prediction is wrong the company compensates it.

BinaryMate Trading Pros and Cons:

  • As mentioned before, the BinaryMate site might be new, but they do really offer some really good features; unlike most of the leading trading sites, BinaryMate accepts users from all the countries.
  • The maximum return offered is around 90 %, and the bonus return percentage offered by them is 100 %, which is very impressive.
  • The site offers live video chat 24 x 7 hours, which is helpful and somewhat unique.
  • The withdrawal time offered by BinaryMate is just 1 hour and is the same for all the account types.
  • The minimum investment is just $ 1, and the maximum is $ 10,000.
  • They also offer trading protection for users of Gold account.
  • Live web session hosted by experts provided on the weekly basis.


  • The only bad thing about the site is that the site it is a really new site.
  • Even though the BinaryMate offers such great features, it still doesn’t offer any kind app for various smartphone OS platform.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods:

BinaryMate allows really easy ways to deposit money; a user can deposit money using any Visa, Master card, or an user can also use online payment sites like PayPal, WebMoney, etc.

Like deposit, the withdrawal method is also very simple and fast. When a user requests for a withdrawal, the process is completed within just one hour. Now, this is a kind of a rare feature, which you will hardly find in another trading site.

Final Thoughts:

The BinaryMate Trading Site is new but offers some really good features, which you will hardly find on other trading sites. Users can get started with a minimum deposit of $ 250;the minimum amount of investment is just $ 1. The site also accepts users from the US.

Other than that, the withdrawal procedure is also really fast, withdrawal features are completed within 1 hour. For the users, the site provides 24 x 7 live chat feature. A user having a Gold account also gets trading protection.

For beginners, the site offers great study materials, a demo account for getting some insights of binary trading is also provided.

Even though the site is new, but it is getting popular among traders in Europe. However, it would have been great, if they came up with mobile applications.

Thank you for reading this article, if you still have doubts or queries about BinaryMate then please drop your comments in the comment section. We will be happy to help.

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