Is BinaryTilt a Scam? Expert Binarytilt Review by Shane

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BinaryTilt Review: BinaryTilt is New Zealand based broker and it is a kind of web broker that focuses on the extra effort to make their website a very attractive website for traders. They are always equipped with latest technology information with the changing of the market trends. BinaryTilt is also known as a trend visionary broker. The services which they provide to their customers are exceptional, as a trader, I guess you would prefer to create your broker account in a website that offers the latest information on binary options trading.

The best part about BinaryTilt is that they put their company under strict rules and regulation. This makes their company a trustworthy website in the binary options world. BinaryTilt was established in the year 2013 and until today this company survives to compete for other web brokers in Binary options trading world. This broker has gone through lots of experience during their journey to binary trading and during their journey, they have managed to study the binary options market very nicely and can adapt according to the rise and fall of assets.

Is BinaryTilt a Scam? Expert Binarytilt Review by Shane:

BinaryTilt offers all their marketing experiences to their traders. They design their website in such a way that a new trader can get the basic concept of binary options trading by just observing their website. Traders registering under BinaryTilt broker get information about advanced trading technology and strategy.  For further information about BinaryTilt, you check the below review.

Things to Know About BinaryTilt:

Apart from its reputation and strategy, you should know some additional information about BinaryTilt. To make it easy for you we have arranged it in a point wise.

  1. They have started their business since 2013 (year of establishment) under New Zealand jurisdiction.
  2. The name of their software platform is MarketPulse.
  3. This broker offers 85% of the maximum return policy and 100% welcome bonus.
  4. The minimum deposit in this broker is $250 that means you can’t deposit less than 250$.
  5. If you want to invest your money in any trade, then you can start with $10 or above but not more than $100 in per trade.
  6. Supported currencies are CNY, ZAR, AUD, NZD, GBP, and JPY.
  7. It does support Mobile device, you can access your broker account through mobile phones.
  8. Traders from all nations excluding the USA can create their account in BinaryTilt website.
  9. BinaryTilt offers its services in 4 different languages, some of them are English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic.
  10. You can contact their customer care through Live Video Chat, Phone Calls, and
  11. Trading options available: High/Low, Boundary, One Touch.
  12. Tradable assets are Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Currencies.
  13. Early exit facility is available.
  14. Expiry times can vary from 30 sec to 60 sec, 15 min, 30 min, 1 hour, 24 hours or even month.
  15. The only method of depositing and withdrawing is through Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, BankWire, PayPal and Paysafe.
  16. If you request for withdrawal, then it will hardly take 3 days.

Types of Account in BinaryTilt:

There is a total of 6 unique account types, the reason they have created different types of account is that they think customers have different needs and expectation according to their experience level. Different traders from new to professional, account are setup as per as traders requirement, through this different account types traders can maximise their profit level as well.

1). Basic Account:

This account will work the best for the new trader who doesn’t know much about binary options trades. The minimum deposit is 500 to open a basic broker account. In this package, you will get daily education analysis. Minimum of 3 days is required for withdrawing your fund.

2). Classic Account:

In the classic account, the trader has to deposit around 1000. In this type of account, the trader will get daily analysis on education along with personal broker account and level 1 trading class. You will get the binary trading signal for 1 week and the minimum days for withdrawing money is 3 days.

3). Premium Account:

The minimum amount of depositing in the premium account is 5000. This package provides daily education analysis, personal broker account, level 2 trading class, 1-month binary trading signal and it will take 2 days to withdraw the fund. And the cash back in this package is 0.5%, required turn-over is 25k-75k and the minimum balance should be maintained in this account is 2500.

4). Gold Account:

The minimum deposit for this account is 10,000. In this account, the trader will get daily education analysis, personal broker account, level 3 trading class, binaryTilt Dashboard, the additional payout of 1%, binary signal for 3 months. It will take only 24 hours to withdraw the fund.

5). Platinum Account:

To avail Platinum account, the minimum amount of deposit should be 20,000. In this package, the trader can receive many services such as daily education analysis, personal broker, level 4 trading classes, webinar, binaryTilt dashboard, 1-year binary signal and 24 hours withdrawing time.

6). Privilege Account:

Only professional traders can make the best use of this account and the minimum deposit in this account is 50,000. There are facilities available for this account.

To know more clearly regarding the account types and their benefits, you can check the below screenshot images.

Apart from the above account services, there are additional services which will be provided to every BinaryTilt Clients regardless of their account type. Some of the additional services are.

  1. Traders can get access to binary trade options in four major global financial markets and they are Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Currencies.
  2. Traders can get full access to all the trade options types such as Binary Options, Long Term Options, Pair Options, 60 second Options, Ladder Options, One-Touch Options, and Forex.
  3. The traders will get 24/7 support from expert traders.
  4. Educational tutorial Videos and interactive eBook will be provided.
  5. The traders can access special market reviews and analytics.

Features of BinaryTilt:

Some of the important features are mentioned below.

  1. BinaryTilt provides good trading experience to their investor.
  2. The company offers the promotion to the traders when they open an account in their website.
  3. The company will send email messages to all its traders about certain updates in their policy, promotion and so on.
  4. BinaryTilt offer free-risk trade, traders don’t have to worry about the loss that means if the traders do not win the trade, then he will get his money back.
  5. The free demo account will be provided to each trader.
  6. It has a mobile trading app, it is quite beneficial for those people who want to trade wherever they go.

Advantages of BinaryTilt:

  • It is a user-friendly website, even new users can locate different section easily.
  • You can select any currency of your choice for trading purpose.
  • The website looks professional trading platform.
  • You get many banking options to choose.
  • You can talk easily with the customer service through Live Chat.

Disadvantage of BinaryTilt:

  • Browsing on their website should improve as the loading speed is too slow.

BinaryTilt Trading Platform and Assets:

The trading platform of BinaryTilt is very easy to navigate. The software use in this website is design by MarketPulse group. The trading platform found on this website looks like a browser, you don’t have to download any software to your computer in order to use this broker trading platform.

BinaryTilt provides lots of different options to choose from pairs, long term, 60 seconds, ladder options, FX/CFD. After choosing any options, you have to choose an asset, pick the right asset to trade. Always keep in mind that before picking up any asset look at the price trend and expiry date.

BinaryTilt Customer Support Services:

There is total of three form of contacting customer support service. Most usually Live Chat is a preferable way of contacting customer care executive. Apart from that, customers can contact the supporting team through phone calls and The company provides 24/7 support service to its customer. There isn’t a single day that the customer care doesn’t help to its customers.

They help customers from different part of the world using different languages. Their company is under the rules and regulation of Financial Services Complaints Limited (FCSL) and it is an organisation that helps to solve any problems between BinaryTilt and other web brokers.


Well, this is some of the valid information about BinaryTilt company, as per as our team views, this company has good potential for improving traders profits. When you look at their services and packages, they are reasonable. BinaryTilt is unlike other web brokers, they provide all the trading materials for new traders.

To know more about their term and policy, you can visit their official website and then you can register. You can also make a good business with them through their affiliate program, refer anyone to your affiliate link if anyone joins through that link that means you will receive the commission from their official website.

If you have any problem regarding this article then feel free to share your view and feedback. For more information about Binary options trade, stay tune with us.

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