Blazing Trader Review : Is Scam or LEGIT System? Check !!

Blazing Trader Review: In this review let me introduce to you a new binary options trading software called Blazing Trader which is another name for a scam software. The software is supposed to make you earn around $440,000 every month which is because of the world’s smartest maths algorithms which have been incorporated into the software.

Blazing Trader is a new automated binary options trading software which claims to be a 100% free app with which you can make profits without any issue. But to be honest this is one of the latest blacklisted binary options trading software which needs to be avoided at any cost.

Is Blazing Trader a Scam? Read Full Review Here!


Before you invest your money into this software just make sure that you read  this review so as to know why I actually do not recommend you this system.

Brief Background of Blazing Trader

This software is created by some guy named Johan Strand along with his brother Lars Strand. They claim to be experienced and professional traders. You can know more about this software in details here below.

Just another bogus website!

If you visit the Blazing Trader website you will find that the website is not worthy to be called a website that can generate $440,000 a month. With this huge amount of money for the traders I expected a serious looking website that would be professionally moderated but this is simply a bogus looking website which has no tangible information about the software.


You will also not find any kind of contact details although the website claims that they will provide 24/7 assistance. This is one of the primary scam tendencies which made me confused for quite some time as I kept on searching for a reliable contact information but ended up getting nothing.

 Bogus Promotional Video

The promotional video presentation of this software has been done by a guy named Johan Strand who looks and sound like a very reputable guy. In the promotional video, you can see him showing you how you can earn $20,000 per day and claims to be safe and also says that we would be stupid enough not to invest our money in this awesome software.

Through this software, you can make lots of profit as they claim and they even make false promises which are totally unreal and not trusted one. Through this promotional video, they even claim that we can buy our favorite cars and houses etc. This is a trick which has been made again and again and this makes it not worthy enough to trust.

Fake owner and Tall tales!

The owners or creators of this software are Johan Strand and Lars Strand and they have claimed that this software is a trusted one. The creator Johan has claimed to be the professor of Mathematics who worked at The National Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.


He even claimed have worked with NASA which is doubtful. And if we search for this person on the internet you cannot find anything about this person and this proves that this person is fake and we can say that he is a hired actor who got paid to do some marketing for the software.

Unknown Algorithm

The algorithm behind the Blazing Trader is quite new in the binary options trading world. The algorithms as mentioned in the video have been developed by Johan Strand and Lars Strand. Johan allegedly developed the ‘Heuristic logic Minimizer’ a very fast algorithm which can reduce the Boolean functions that makes the computer’s searching capacity to increase to a high level and which is useful for traders.

Now, he also claims that his brother developed a system that can make trades with 75% success rate. What the brothers did was that they combined the two algorithms and designed this software and the result was that they produced a sophisticated software which will never lose trades.

Although the whole story seems to be very convincing there is no reliable evidence to prove that this is true. All I can figure out from this claims is that the whole thing is a nicely woven tale that cannot be trusted. The name of the algorithm is shady because it is just a combination of scientific jargons made to fool the new innocent trader.

Suspicious Testimonial

The website contains some fake testimonials which are supposedly given by the users of the software. Although you can see pictures of some of the users displayed on the website these pictures are nothing but stolen pictures of people from different websites.


For example, the picture of the person by the name Brock Idriess is just shown with a fake name. The scammers have used a fake name for this person and used his picture for their dirty purposes.


This proves that all the other pictures of the people in the testimonials section are not having real names but they have been stolen by the scammers and displayed with fake names and have been used to make the website look authentic.

For how long has the website been active?

The scammers have claimed that they have been in this trading business for quite a very long time. The fake owner claims that with the help of this software many people have been earning in millions since a year.

But if you make a search in the popular domain age checking website you will find that this software has been registered on 2016-08-31 that is on 31st of August just 2 months ago.


So, how is it actually possible for traders to make money with this software last year when the website was not even available at all? This type of claims only happen in scam software and this clearly proves that this is just a fraud system.

Conclusion: Avoid this System!!

With all the live evidence about the software, it is quite impossible to believe that this is a genuine software for binary options trading. You are just dealing with a suspicious group of people who are just fooling around innocent traders on the internet.

The Blazing Trader is a one of the worst trading software that you would come across and my recommendation is that you should just avoid this software and look for better software that can give you a reliable service.

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