Brevan Invest Review : Is Scam Or Legit Broker?

Brevan Invest is a group of brokers which is launched officially on 24 December 2015 which claims itself as the best revolutionary binary options trading platform. However, it is really necessary to know whether the brokers are legit or scam and are they giving out best results for the traders. So, this review is all about Brevan-Invest binary broker which is found to be a scam in my research.


The official website of Brevan Invest is not that standard and looks very ordinary which is hard to be legit. Moreover, in the official website I tried searching more about the functionality of this brokers but found nothing resourceful information about making trading possible. So, if you are interested to know more about the hidden truth of Brevan Invest binary brokers, please keep reading this article.

What is Brevan Invest Brokers all about?

The official page is designed in such a way that the new beginners might get confused while they access to the official site. Whatsoever, the fact remains the same that Brevan Invest is a scam broker which cannot make trading for you. In fact, they are going to cheat you with their cheap skills and eat up all your bank balance.


The official website indicates collectively as how it works, but at the same time, it also fails to provide some of the most important information in its official website. The scammers are very expert in making fake software by developing a bogus website to haunt the beginners and it is all unrealistic tragedy that you might be a victim of.

Evidence of Scam collected from the official website:

As I have mentioned earlier, the official website of Brevan Invest looks very poor at the same time it is very easy for beginners to get trapped. So, for those who don’t have much idea about trading can read this post to get aware with Brevan Invest scam broker?

Mentioned Account Types are not reliable

The official page of Brevan Invest mentioned three types of account types such as Compte Decouverte, Mandat De, and Excellence Account which also differs in their deposition amount of money. Well, this page is a misleading key for the investors which is very dangerous and without being sure about the brokers especially. The brokers suggest that those who go for COMPTE DECOUVERTE are required to open an account with a minimum of 500 Euro. The MANDAT DE GESTION requires 25,000 Euro which is little heavy amount and to open EXCELLENCE ACCOUNT will need to deposit 100,000 Euro which is many compares to others account types.


Well, let me tell you that none of the account given are compatible one and you are simply going to lose your money if you go for creating an account with this scam broker. This is not a convenient platform for making profits because very less and blur information is given about the functioning of the broker.

Depositing and Withdrawal Process is completely bogus

Well, when I navigate further in the official website of this broker I found that the system of deposit and withdrawal of money is completely bogus. However, I noticed the fact that the minimum deposit remains the same which is $250 as of other genuine brokers and you can also deposit more than the said amount as well. So, this scheme is dangerous and not reliable at all. You are going to lose your deposited money and never get it back again.



The withdrawal system is also not that reliable, as to know how the system indicates the depositing days, saying that you can deposit in 5-7 of the business days. However, they mentioned that all the transaction would differ from account to account which sounds quite a query. The worst thing about this broker is that they don’t even have a demo account, which means that they are not even reliable. So, there is no compatible source to know that the broker is really working which is a clear indication of a scam.

Top Traders Ratings is completely Fake One

The official page also provides a fake rating chart of successful traders showing up their profits percentage, positions and total earnings of those traders. However, the page is so ordinary, and there is no much information except the highlighted three persons as you can see below. As from the, I found that Brevan Invest was registered on 24 December 2015 which means that it was found a year back and how come the brokers has made only three persons a successful result? Don’t the software is confusing and lacking many relevant guides for trading?


Well, I am for sure that it is a group of scammer which has picked up some of the common factors of genuine brokers and decorated the website. However, the scam factors can be clearly indicated by seeing the structure of the website and newbie must be aware with this broker.

Duplicate Logos displayed on the official Page

The official page also contains some duplicate logos which can be clearly understood and easy to identify. However, these kinds of logos are found only in scam software and scam brokers which are a source for the scammers to make look their website real and genuine. The scammers take pleasure in making such bogus logos and building up this kind of fake brokers website which is their hardcore So, bragging itself is not enough instead showing up some real results is what matters in trading. So, the brokers are the root point for trading and bringing good results to its traders as well which Brevan Invest cannot afford to do. So, you can better be sure that Brevan Invest can give no real live trading to any of its traders, they are a bunch of scammers.

Conclusion: Brevan Invest is Scam Broker!!

Coming to the end of this short post, I really hope that you are enlightened with the scam evidence that I mentioned about Braven Invest broker. So, you are now aware that this broker is completely a bunch of scams which cannot afford to give you any real time earning. So, skip this broker if you are a new beginner because investing in it will cost you a lot.

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