Brooks Blueprint Review – Is Scam or Legit Trader?

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Brooks Blueprint Review: Are you aware that there is more than 300 automated trading software that traders of the binary options market can make use of. And every now and then you might stumble into many new options system if you are interested in making money through trading online. But how many of these are actually real?

Brooks Blueprint is one such money stealing software which an individual going by the name Steven Brooks has been promoting to help traders earn big cash. If you get emails requesting to invest into this site to earn profits, then do yourself a favor by just running away from the site.

Brooks Blueprint Review – Is Scam or Legit Trader?

Brooks Blueprint is the new name of the previously infamous options site Lie Detector Millionaire, which has come into the online vicinity once again to suck all your money. And if you are a newbie kindly go through my article to learn why I consider this a scam and why you should be avoiding anyone who asks you to invest your hard earned money into this particular site.

The Website

Going through the site I stumbled into this man Steven Brooks (quite a familiar fictional name) who was trying to explain about the system in the promotional video of the Official website. Looks quite a cliché! Because all the fake trading sites I have stumbled into would feature some paid actor with a very conventional-sounding made up name that would explain to us how to make money over night.

In the video, our brilliant Mr. Brooks walks down the stairs from a supposedly big house (probably a set up) and walks straight to his BMW sports car, worth! And as he is about to enter his car he pauses and starts talking about how angry he is about the government, the politicians, the world economy and how so many people educated and uneducated people are unable to earn anything.

Mr. Brooks seems to be very angry, unreasonably!

He is very angry and wants to solve this problem of unemployment by helping people earn from the so-called Brooks Blueprint and become the savior. Quite interesting, isn’t it? Well, at least I am not falling into this crappy trap and would want you to do the same by not saving yourself from this savior of mankind.

Let’s go deeper. We then see him explaining how he had a bad job and how much he felt sorry for the people who worked along with him. He then advises the viewers that this should not be the life we are supposed to live and heads straight to an office which I believe is a set up once again.

Then we meet clients namely Walter Robinson, Stephanie Hawkins, Ken Ramirez who claims to have earned thousands of dollars with this site and are holding checks personally signed by our savior Mr. Brooks! Well, it looks like a beautifully scripted Television drama. My question is, Why doesn’t Mr. Brooks try for the Hollywood!

Happy fake faces!

Well, it sounds very good to hear all the anger, the motivation, the confidence and the stories of these people but where are the reliable proofs? So let’s get into the next section of my review to get some more clear ideas.

What actually is the Blueprint?

The Brooks Blueprint according to the website is actually an automated trading software which helps you to generate profits just by a simple investment of $250.

In the FAQ section, we find that just by depositing $250 we can start earning $7000-$28,000 a day. That’s a very exaggerated amount for a trader to earn in the options market and I believe even veteran traders would never agree to have made such an amount at least in a day. Keeping aside the veteran traders I believe if you are a smart newcomer it’s early understandable that you cannot earn such a huge amount in such a short time in this complicated options trading business. I hope I made myself clear.

In the How, it works section we find how easily Mr. Brooks and a certain person with a MAC explains how the software works. He even mentions that he has forgotten the last time he lost a trade, that ever since his first deposit of $250 his profits have gone sky high. I mean towards which unimaginable fantasy is the story leading us to?

You win trade after trade and no loss? The biggest lie of the century.

Let’s see how it works

As told earlier, the Brooks Blueprint very much works like every automated trading machine. Just like a ‘Random Signal Generator’ it will generate numbers for you but in reality, does nothing in general for you. You won’t be winning any trade neither will you ever get back your deposited amount.

Moreover, the site is not licensed and regulated as all the official trading platforms are licensed and there many sites where you can start making actual money from.

Then we find that the website claims to have been featured on these following websites, but there is no clear evidence or news regarding the authenticity of these sites and the claim.


Lastly, we didn’t find any authentic testimonials nor reviews from any more real users other than the three people Walter Robinson, Stephanie Hawkins, and Ken Ramirez. This is quite disturbing, and I would personally want to know if there are any real users who might have earned such a huge profit as promised by Mr. Brooks himself.

Let me sum up the whole Review in these Points:

  • The presenter of the site is a fake actor.
  • You cannot make $12,000 a day In the options market.
  • The mere single deposit cannot make you earn profits forever without losing a trade.
  • The site is just a Random Signal Generator.
  • The site is not licensed and regulated.

Conclusion: Brooks Blueprint is Scam!

To conclude, I will say that take a look around and see how the real options business works. Be smart and do some investigations yourself and think whether it is that easy to earn such heavy amounts in just a single day. This way you will be doing yourself a big favor.

Moreover, the options market is not that liquid and does not pay people just for the sake of it. It’s a highly innovative business process, and one must sacrifice a lot in understanding how it works to become a top trader.

If you really want to earn through options business, then I suggest you go through some of the top platforms where you will find licensed brokers and professional traders. Such platforms provide you with guidelines and strategy building educational tools that are genuine.

So, don’t waste your time and money by getting involved in such a fraud site. This will only make your life more miserable than you have ever imagined. If you have any queries, do leave a comment below. Till then take care and happy trading.

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