Centument Project 2.0* Review – One More Scam Software Exposed!!

Centument Project 2 Review: As per our knowledge, Centument project 2 is the send scam attempt by the same crooks behind the early Centument  LTD. To be precise, there is a previous version of Centument that turned to be a scam software however it looked so promising at first sight. There is nothing new and trustable in the Centument Project 2 as it as the same flavor of fraud just like the Centument LTD. Same old deceptive promises, same fake user testimonials, and the same paid the actor.

There is a little difference in the story, though. So, what’s the Centument Project 2 all about? Read our in-depth review on this standard scam software and be cautious about this scam tool.

Centument Project 2.0 Review – One More Scam Software Exposed!!


The software is, however, in trend currently. As the scammers behind this software are active I email marketing, many of you might have received their spam emails that promote the Centument Project 2 system.If you are totally unaware of such scam software and dealing with the Centument for the fist time, it is considerable enough that you might have influenced by their fake promises. But, before you dive into the Binary Options Trading with a wrong stroke, you may never catch a thing, instead swallowing the salty stuff. So, better you analyze the software you are about to rely upon one precisely and decide to proceed.

Why Centument Project 2.0 is a Scam?

As we have claimed that Centument Project 2 is a scam software, there must be some valid reason for that. So, here we will be discussing some odd facts about Centument Project 2 software throughout our honest review.

Unidentified Paid Actor

Just Like Any other scam system, Cenument Ltd had used a Paid professional looking scam actor for their promo. And, the crooks are once again on luring the novice traders on barrel support of the same scam artist. Gerald Reed with bold attitude is the same person who has been spotted in the Centument. This time, he has come with even bolder claims. According to his speech during the promo video, his previous software was a huge success and taken down the Wall Street on feet. This is, literally a big talk to be mentioned.

We were eager to expose this deceptive claim made by so-called Gerald Reed with an acceptable evidence. Measuring the meaning of his allegations, if everything told by Gerald Reed is true even an inch, e must be on one or other news media. So, out catch is finding out anything on the web that relates Gerald Reed and his claims.

As we have expected earlier, we got nothing that proves the truth of the statements this scam actor made. Google did not provide anything regarding Gerald Reed’s engagement with the financial world. He does not even exist in any of the social platforms. You must know that your any kind (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) of profiles in social media can be traceable by Google, and you can easy find out those profiles just by searching it via Google Search Engine.

In any case, Google does not provide the reliable result, it certainly means that your search term has no existence on the web. So, the Name Gerald Reed is no real person with this identity. That convinced us that the man is just a paid actor lying for mass up his pocket.

Same Fake User Testimonials

This is one of the standard scam attempts that has been seen in most of the scam websites. Centument Project 2 also has it with same fake user profiles that are seen in the previous scam site of it. As seen in the official website user testimonials, the is pretty smiling face in one of the user profiles named as Alena Schmidt. The picture you may see in this certain user profile created by Centument team is actually a stolen one from some other website.


According to a solid evidence, the person n that picture is not Alena Schmidt. She is an American Television host known as Alexis Stewart. Check out the below image make yourself clear in this regard.


You have seen that the original image is of  Alexis Stewart, and she has nothing to with Centument. She looks pretty much professional. That is why her photo was used in this scam software with some other name on it so that it may convince the newbies with less knowledge to register to this system. A dark red flag to stay away from indeed.

Fake Fabricated Endorsements

If you scroll a little down to the Centument web page, you will spot there is an Endorsement section built with several reputed titles. Globally recognized magazines such as Bloomberg, CNNMoney, Forbes, and Times are mentioned in the list of Endorsements in favor of Centument software. Highly professional phrases are used under each big titles of this section. The approval statement you can see under the CNNMoney is like this, “The new The Centument Project2 2.0 software is truly in a league of its own. It is unlike any Binary Options system we’ve ever seen, and it presents a unique opportunity for investors of all levels.”


Now, are you aware of the fact that Google has the ability to trace any kind of phrase that is used on any site around the web? If CNNMoney has actually made the above endorsement, then it can be easily found by Google as this phrases should be somewhere in the CNNMoney website. But, comprehansiveGoogle failed to track down anything of these lines used by CNN.


When we are done searching these lines in the Google and Copyscape software, we found that these lines are used in only the Centument Official website but not in any CNN hubs. This fact proves that this endorsement is a fabricated one and  a comprehensive sign of the scam.

Conclusion – Centument Project 2.0 is a Pure Scam:

Apart from our above-mentioned three main factors, there is a lot more unrealistic and scammy element we have found in the entire Centument system. All of these factors indicates that of Centument Project 2’s scam activities. Our readers are warned not to engage with this scam software and keep their hard-earned money safe from scammers.

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