Cloud Track Trader Review: 100% Confirmed Scam Software! Proved

Cloud track trader by James Christian is a new automated scam system to rob the innocent people by claiming that whoever joins their system, the company will be providing $1250 every day to the newbie, and also it claims 100% win rate in the binary options trading. But let me warn you it is a bogus system with full of fake claims and fake promises so before you invest your money with them go through this review.

In order to save you from falling into their trap, I have collected few pieces of evidence by going through many websites like Facebook, Twitter and much more so that it will help you to keep away from such kind of bogus system and those crappy scammers.

Is Cloud Track Trader a Scam or Legit System? Honest Review!!


It is really beyond expectation to think that they would be offering you huge profit without causing you any losses in the binary options trading. So, I would suggest you read this review before you join this app but for those who have already invested their money with cloud track trader then we are sorry to say that you have been fooled by them before you search any information about the scammers.

About the Cloud Track Trader App

If you enter the official website you will find a guy named James Christian who claims to be the owner of this app gives a boring video for 20 minutes and speaking nothing about its app and also how it works. He claims that anyone can change their life and make money by trading with them. This app also claims that it has the best analyst and best programmers and to create this one-click-to-run automated app he took nearly about 3 and half years which is all lie. To proof this app to be the fake system I have gathered few information about the system as well as the owner so do go through this review to know more about cloud track trader app. Down below I have sort out some of the evidence of

James Christian! A Fake CEO:

James Christian claims to be the CEO of Cloud Track Trader has created the best automated trading app in the Wall Street with the best analysts and programmers, but if you go check the depth of the app, you will not find any clear information about the app as well as the owner. Basically, he is a paid actor who can be visible to any other scam videos too.scam-review

He allegedly claims that it is the genuine trading app with 100% accuracy in binary options trading platform without any loss, but no one can give accuracy so far in the real trading without losing a single trade. So, be very careful from such scammers they can convince you with many impressive words and promising claims because basically what happens when we deal with commodities or assets, prices do change its value, it never remains same then how can he give 100% accuracy. Think wisely!

Dubious presentation video of Cloud Track Trader App

In the presentation video of cloud track trader, other than James Christian bragging about the app and few graph presentation there is no other information you can see in the video. The owner talks about the list where people actually paid off $1250 by trading with them and picking up a name called Dave who is a driver started earning huge profit right after joining with their company. Also, other 1231 members who earn $1250 every day with cloud track trader app so if by seeing all these you are planning to invest your money then let me tell you it’s their tactics to rob your money as these members are fake and official scam artist.


The whole video presentation of 18 minutes gives no information as to how the app works. And also no details about its algorithm where the owner claims that its algorithm based on some repetitive patterns that give a record of 93% accuracy in the database which is absolutely lying and impossible in the real trading platform as the consistency keeps on changing its prices.

How the App does works?

No proper information was given about the algorithm, other than it says that the algorithm is based on some repetitive patterns from its own financial database of cloud track trader. Repetitive patterns, in simple words it is a pattern of asset movements which repeat themselves as recorded in the database which gives at least 93% of accuracy in the binary options trading. The whole system’s algorithm is not related to what he is speaking in the video.


The app is definitely not free because when you sign up by going through this three method, you will find out later that the app is not free at all. Everything is lying only to impress the innocent people by using these tactics.

Fake Claiming Testimonials

If you check in the video of cloud track trader you will find that a person named Anita Willis will be available three times in different location. Isn’t it unreal to see three times?

And yes the owner also claims that his business has scattered in many countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and India as its whole point is to find you and the next big trade. But all these testimonials are a fraud just like the owner itself.


Also, the video shows the graphical presentation where they claimed that they have earned a huge profit on Gold commodities from 1994 to 2016, but these are all fake graph only to lure the people.

Therefore, no after what they claim, go through the promotional video into more details and find each and every suspicious point that makes you doubt about the app.

Some more claims about Cloud Track Trader

The owner claims that the app has been working for two years in the binary options trading. cloud-tradeBut if you go check on the renowned domain age checking website you will find that the app is recently registered two months ago on 31-08-2016. This raises a question on our mind as to how the 1231 members are earning huge profit from the past two years.

Final Verdict: Cloud Track Trader is definitely a Scam!!

The best thing you need to do is save yourself from falling into a trap because it is a 100% scam system which should be avoided. Why would be investing your hard earned money to such a fake scam investment application? We highly recommend you not to give them a chance to use you. There are also many another licensed app where you can invest your money and earn a profit.

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