Compound Trader App Review – Is Scam or Legit Software?

Compound Trader Review: You must read our in-depth scam review on the Compound Trader system before you make any further move. You may find out how this scam software is fishing over the web and misleading thousands of users to make millions of black money and you are not careful enough you too could be preyed by such online trading scam. In this Compound Trader trading software review, we will try to expose their false information and deceptive offers.

While sneaking over the web, you may come across an online ad or invitation by Compound Trader that offers many convincing opportunities to make money from binary options trading.

Compound Trader App Review – Is Scam or Legit Software?

Buy, the best thing you could do is to analyze that kind of ads with an observing mind or take a look on the review posts of various sites.

What The Compound Trader is All About?

Generally, it is an automated binary options trading tool. An automated trading system works with a complex algorithm that calculates and predicts the upcoming market value of various assets around the world. Once the prediction of asset values are done, the automated trading system meant to give a signal regarding the result it has calculated. And then a user or trader of binary options may invest their his/her money according to the predicted result shown in the automated trading system.

This kind of automated system is very useful for the beginners in the Binary options trading platform. But, there are hundreds of scam trading systems you will find around the web, that targets mostly to the newbies those lack knowledge of binary trading.

In the promotion video of the Compound Trading system, the developer claimed that their website is one of the oldest websites in the trading industry. The video presentation also claimed that it is the most important web development for binary options trading. However, if you take a simple step with domain finder to analyze this compound website, you will be clear that this site is only a few months old. It is undoubtedly clear that the site and system of Compound Trader are just an another scam system.

Why is The Compound Trader Software a Scam?

Just like a typical scam trading system, the Compound Trader has a presentation video presented by Dr. Albert Henderon. In the promotion video, the presenter stated that it took him over 7 years to develop the system completely. Over these years, he has been analyzing, testing, optimizing, and improving the software that should be serving its users to make millions within a couple of months, he claimed.

According to Mr. Albert Henderson, his automated trading software is capable of tracking down the future market price of binary trading assets and possess a high winning rate so far. He further stated that he is offering this free tool to all the users to generate at least $700 in an hour and up to $12,000 in a day. Certainly, this is a huge cash that can make you a millionaire just in a couple of months. But, does not it sounds strange when a stranger directly offers you to become a millionaire just instant?

You get money in exchange for your best effort. If everything the presenter claims is true, everyone would have become a millionaire using the system, and it would have created chaos in the world. And, the developer of the system would have become the most famous person in the world by now. The Irony is that you will never find anyone with that appearance and identity in the trading industry, neither on the social sites. As the name, Dr. Albert Henderson is  just a made up fake name.

Now, let’s take a look on the website layout. If you have already come across other scam trading websites or software, you will notice that all the sites look very much similar to one another. And their offers, functionality, ad spots are also same. This is an accurate indication that the Compound Trade is one of the scam systems that is active in fishing online.

Is It Not a Free Service

What they basically ask the users is to sign up a free account and then deposit $250 as a minimum amount to the broker. Furthermore, they will ask the users to deposit a larger amount of initial investment for a larger amount of profit. Such offer is common in all the scam systems and is made to seduce or convince the users to deposit a larger amount of investment.

Initially, they already have mentioned that their service is for free. But, the brokerage amount you deposit will surely be split into the share of the developer and the broker. Here is worth mentioning that the broker service they recommend is also fake ones and full of misleading information. So, the service is not really a free one, neither it will earn you a dime.

How Does the System Work?

When you are told about a system which makes millions within a couple of months, you must be curious about its working techniques. Above all, you must know whether it is genuine or not. Without knowing the working technique of a system how could you judge whether it is real or a deceptive one? In this concern, the most recommended genuine automated software will explain every bit of its working style to its users.

However, the Compound Trader we are discussing is more of a confusing system rather than being honest and clear to the users. It will never explain you how does it work and why it is effective in such greatly.

Misleading Info and Convincing Opportunities

We have already mentioned what the Compound Trader or its founder Dr. Albert Henderson offers to the users. While presenting their offers to the user, they are trying to explain that you are going to make a better living, better lifestyle, a luxurious one if you make a right move instant. They don’t want you to think calmly rather than taking a quick action right after. They will also try to make you feel that you are going to lose a great opportunity of changing your life if you don’t take action right away as the offer is for a limited period only.

Final Verdict: Compound Trader is a Complete Scam!

It needs only a basic common sense to figure out whether the Compound Trader is genuine or legit. After a brief analyzation and observation, it is just clear enough that the Compound Trader is a scam fooling many newbie traders around the world. No one would like to waste their hard earning money into the vain. So, always be careful of such online fishing and scams.

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