Crude Profit System Review : Caution, 99% Scam Trading Software!!!

In this review, we are about to talk about the latest software out in the world known as the Profit Eternity. This software has quite gained its popularity these days, but in the meantime has earned a bad reputation as the system is nothing but 100% scam software, which has been developed by a dirty scammer and created only for the purpose of fooling people and targeting especially new traders into their dirty trap.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Crude Profit System is none other than scam software. But what makes the software scam this is questionable you will know it in details just keep on reading. Crude Profit System is operated by a lady named as William Shumway; she calls herself the CEO of the software. She also claims that using the software you can earn an opportunity for gaining huge profits and become a billionaire overnight.

Crude Profit System Review – Stay Away from this Fraud System!!


It is not quite possible to earn an amount of almost $1000 in just one single day. In the mean, the so called owner of the software Mrs. William Shumway keeps on saying that her software i.e. Profit Eternity has the ability to run the trades in an auto-pilot mode. Alright if you want to know what makes the Crude Profit System scam software.

Crude Profit System: Why is the Software Scam but Not Legit?

Crude Profit System is just one of the bogus scam system that is listed as a scam in the world of automated trading software. Mrs. Jane makes you a fake promise and also pretends to be someone she is not, it seemed using the software has earn lots of money that actually she is a billionaire herself just after using the auto trading software.


I made some serious investigation on the bogus software and had collected lots of evidence that are enough to proof that the software is not legit but a scam, which is very important for you to know and ultimately will help you stay away from this dirty money stealing software.

Fabricates Story: Video Presentation!!!

Since, the beginning of the promotional video of the crude profit system, which is presented by the lady so called CEO of the software William Shumway. She just keeps on narrating the fabricated story about how she is started her journey on becoming a billionaire. It seems since the day she started making money using the software has helped her to earn up to $9,978,882.54 of huge profits in just one year of time. Seriously how is this even possible earn so much of money in just one year? Unbelievable!electo6

Just like other paid actors of scam software this lady also keeps on using the same fake words, Which you might have heard it many times in a scam website video presentation claiming that her software is completely 100% risk-free, not related to anything such as the gambling, Forex trading or MLM marketing.

Who is William Shumway? Probably a Fake One

William Shumway who calls herself the CEO of the Crude Profit System is as a matter of fact just some actor who gets paid for working with the scammer behind the bogus software. As I have so many questions about the owner of the some. So, I made some research on some popular sites such as Google, Facebook, and Linkedin I could not get even single information in the name William Shumway. All these are indicating towards the behaviors of scam software.prof2

Fake Claims: $1000 Per Day!!! Lies

The claims made by the Lady William Shumway sounds lame as normal people cannot really earn $1000 in a day using any legitimate trading software. It is impossible for any trader to earn that much amount of money in just a day just like that using automated trading software. As a matter of fact, there is no legit software existed in the world that provides you winning a trade with 100% accuracy. These are all fake promises, and it is a lie that you should ignore it completely. prof3

Crude Profit System also make you a promise of making huge money and that is $6451 every day. This much amount of profits people failed to earn in a whole year but how it is possible with the software developed by William Shumway. The software is just a portal for a scammer to earn money nothing else.

Scripted Video Testimonials!!!

When you visit the second page of the official website by signing into the system, you will a couple of user’s testimonials video displayed on the page. There are two people seemed to give you some reviews regarding the Crude Profit System how far they have made progress into their lives and how the system has turned them becoming a billionaire overnight.

According to the information displayed on the web page of the Crude Profit System one person has earned an amount of €10,500 profits and the other user has also seemed successfully earned $41,581 up to date. These are just a part of tricks and are actually a trap for beginners in the trade who often fails to recognize the real automated trading software.prof4

Most of the people appeared in the video of the website are suspected to be paid actor from the famous site such as the, and these people get paid for making a testimonial video who are being hired by the scammers that are involved behind the dirty software.

Verdict: Crude Profit System Is Scam Software!!!

I guess now you understood why the Crude Profit System is unquestionably scam. It requires no further evidence to say the software not reliable for trade. Beginners in the world of trade may fall into their trap they set for you. The software is not much different from other bogus software, and there is also the same reason behind the development of the system.

It is actually just money stealing software in the name of binary options trading software which targets your bank balance and gets away with your money in no time. In a trusted binary options trading software it does have a lot of money to offer you, but it is secure one and also comes with many risks. So, Crude Profit System is just another scams software got busted.

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