DreamHash Review :- Crypto Mining Scam Exposed With Proofs !

See my DreamHash Review- Another Crypto Mining Scam Exposed with clear proof. when I read DreamHash Review on a blog I was really surprised by the huge earning capacity of the Bitcoin mining system. But after a few minutes, I could find out that the review I had read was a fake paid review. So I have decided to test the crypto mining program for my own. DreamHash scam website claims to offer a cloud-based investment opportunity that allows small-scale investors to mine for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin remains by far and away the most popular, especially after having seen a staggering rise in value over the course of 2017.

The problem is that mining new coins effectively is an incredibly expensive endeavour. Mining ‘farms’ require not just huge amounts of processing power but also involve staggering overheads such as electricity, maintenance and of course expensive expertise. When these overheads are factored into the investment, it is near impossible for most people to actually make money. This is why mines usually operate from countries with low-cost utilities (until recently this was often China). So surely being able to participate in cloud-based Bitcoin mining is a fantastic idea? It certainly would be – if it weren’t for the unfortunate fact that DreamHash wallet is little more than a Ponzi scam.

DreamHash Review- Another Crypto Mining Scam Exposed With Proofs!

A genuine regulatory status is one of the most important qualities to look for with any investment scheme. DreamHash scam company is actually a UK registered company which can be verified by visiting the Companies House website. They operate as ‘DreamHash Cloud Mining Technologies’ (#10750138) and have been incorporated since May 2nd, 2017. At face value, this should be a major plus point – after all, it means that people choosing to invest in the DreamHash bitcoin mining program are legally protected against fraud.

DreamHash Review

The problem, however, is that while it is legitimately regulated the small print on the DreamHash review website makes for very disturbing reading. It explains in detail that users should consider their service as information and advice rather than as an actual investment – and also speculate that there is a considerable risk to deposited funds because previous performance cannot be taken as a guarantee of future performance. Furthermore, they finish up asking DreamHash members not to post negative reviews anywhere online while subtly warning that they can and will cancel/close accounts any time at their discretion.

Should we take this small print as just being a company covering their back – or is there something more sinister going on? After reading the following evidence we’re pretty sure that most people will agree that DreamHash scam is little more than an elaborate Ponzi scam.

How Did DreamHash Crypto Mining Software Claim To Work?

The first serious red flag suggesting that DreamHash crypto mining app may be a scam is that they offer an insanely profitable service. Depending on how much users invest (between 0.0001 and 100 BTC) they are assured of a daily return of between 9-12%! While Bitcoin has certainly been on the up in recent months, generating such profits every day – and guaranteeing it – is just ludicrous. After all, cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile and sometimes plummet in value by double digits in just a few hours – so how on earth can DreamHash review website promise that their investors will stay make money when these events occur? Clearly, they cannot – which makes us very suspicious indeed!

DreamHash Results

As mentioned above, the extensive terms and conditions explain that the DreamHash crypto trading system will not be held liable for any losses. So why do they claim throughout their entire marketing campaign that this is a system which is guaranteed to return those staggering daily profits? It seems that somehow these profits are made regardless of the actual performance of Bitcoin. There must instead be another aspect of their ‘service’ that they don’t discuss on their website – which is why we believe it is a Ponzi scheme.

DreamHash Scam- The Real Facts Behind Their Website!

Despite claiming to offer access to world-class mining facilities they make no effort to explain how these alleged data centres work or even where they are located. Surely this would be an integral factor when marketing a cloud-based mining operation – all of the legitimate service we’ve checked out so far go into extreme technical detail to attract fresh clients. Yet DreamHash review system is happy to just constantly reiterate the earnings potential while skimming over any practical aspects.

However, the real proof that this is a pyramid/Ponzi scam is that they offer clients different levels of referral commission. This ‘rewards’ users once their new signup makes a deposit with either 2/5% of the deposited funds. On top of this, they also offer an extensive referral scheme that encourages marketers to place banner adds on their own websites to attract more new members. Far more detail is provided on how to encourage more people to join DreamHash scam website than any actual explanation of how the actual program works.

DreamHash Scam

 The DreamHash Withdrawal Rules Are Suspicious & Restrictive

Just like any Ponzi scheme DreamHash scam makes it as difficult as possible for people to actually withdraw their funds despite claiming otherwise. Users may watch in awe as their account balances rapidly increase, but there’s one astonishing caveat that basically screams scam – initial deposits cannot be withdrawn! No matter if after months of growth you’re sitting on top of a fund allegedly worth tens of thousands of dollars, the terms of joining DreamHash review website specify that this ‘wealth’ must stay invested in the scheme. Users can only actually withdraw the tiny commissions they make from convincing others to sign up and deposit.

This is an incredibly brazen pyramid scheme that while is at best of borderline legality (note also that they do not accept members from the USA where Ponzis are banned). Yet somehow they’ve managed to gain regulatory status, and we’re pretty confident that as the number of complaints grow there’s a good chance that they will be stripped of this accreditation sooner rather than later.

Conclusion- DreamHash Is Nothing Other Than a Ponzi Scheme. Better Not Invest!

Anyone hoping that DreamHash crypto mining program offers a genuine opportunity for getting into cloud-based cryptocurrency mining should take a step back and seriously reconsider. We’ve seen next to no actual proof that DreamHash scam has anything whatsoever to do with actual Bitcoin mining, and instead just uses this as a means of marketing their Ponzi scheme. All the warning signs are there – draconian terms and conditions, incentivized referral programs and of course the ludicrously restrictive withdrawal limits.

All this goes to demonstrate that just because a company operates under regulation, lists a bonafide address and offers actual ‘customer service’ doesn’t necessarily mean that they should be trusted! So don’t be fooled into believing that the alleged enormous earnings on offer will ever actually end up in your wallet. Those rocketing account balances are just for show – and what’s the point of being a cryptocurrency millionaire if you can never actually gain access to the funds? DreamHash review website is a total scam – stay well away!

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