Dubai Lifestyle App Review | Scam or Legit System?

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Dubai Lifestyle App Review: Another latest scam software introduced in the market, in the name of Dubai Lifestyle app. It is an automated binary options software that promises you to make a lot of money but in actual they are just a bunch of scammers lying through their teeth to get your money. Yes, you heard it right, if you are thinking to trace or impressed by this software then wait. Here is all about this software and you should know if you are thinking to trade with Dubai Lifestyle App.

Dubai Lifestyle App Review | Scam or Legit System?


This software has all the features of a scam, which I will be telling you in details later in this article. Many people have fallen into this trap, and if you were planning to invest money with them, then I will ask you stop as this will make you their latest victim.

Dubai Lifestyle Is A Scam That You Should Avoid:

Dubai Lifestyle App is said to have been developed by Scott Hathaway. In the video, he stated that he became a victim of scam software and because of that he had developed this software of others to earn money and not end up like him. These are just fabricated lies told by him to gain the sympathy of the people.


Well, you may think that this website is authentic based on what you see on the outside of this app, what you won’t see is that there is nothing inside this software. Down below I have listed some points which will indicate that this nothing more than a scam.

Why is Dubai LifeStyle App a Scam?

In my Dubai Lifestyle App review, I have seen some of the false claims and reasons that have led me to think that this is nothing more than a scam. So, it is recommended to stay out of this and let’s see the scam evidence in below.

  • Video Presentation: Firstly, the video presentation of this app has a lot of holes. Nearly all scam software contains a video where the owner comes up and says that he has developed this software for the people to earn lots of money.sjksk And here Scott Hathaway says that needs 100 beta testers for testing his testing group who in turn will earn a lot of money. But that is bullshit, a plot to take away your money.
  • Who is Scott Hathaway: Scotty Hathaway is the owner of Dubai Lifestyle app, and he claims that with the help of the Mahmood brothers he has developed this software that helps people in almost $7000 per day. Isn’t that too much money? He has also claimed that he has been working closely with a group of software engineers and developers for six months for making this software. He has also said that he has been the victim of scam software, which led him to create this software.Well, these are just lies for gaining the sympathy of the people and making them trust him instead. In fact, there is no one by the name of Scott Hathaway; he is just an actor hired by the scammers to make it look like that this software is legitimate.


  • Algorithm of this Software: It can be very well said that this software is just bullshit, in the video the owner goes on and on about how marvelous this software is and how this has changed the life of many people by helping them making $7000 a day. hagsdBut he never let you on about the algorithm and how it works. Isn’t that what most of these scam sites do, they will never tell you about the algorithm and ask you to pay for gaining the algorithm but when you pay they just get away with your money.
  • Beta Testers: In the video, a Scott Hathaway says that he has some beta testers and wants more beta testers. hjsgds-1Some of the beta testers come up on the video and say that they have earned a lot with the help of this software. But actually, they are just fake actors hired by the scammers to blindside you. In fact, they have been hired from at $5 to provide bogus testimonials and make others believe in them.
  • Fake Timer: When you visit the site you will see a timer at the top. The timer keeps on decreasing and will show you that the time is limited, and it will be over in a few seconds. hjsgdsMany people might think that it will be over soon, but if you change the VPN, then you will see that the timer has been reset and the countdown timer showing another time. This only goes to prove that the page is bogus, and it cannot be trusted.
  • Fake Testimonials: The testimonials on the page are just bullshit. These are fabricated testimonials that have been prepared by the scammers to make you believe them. jhsrushf
    If you go through these testimonials, then you will be able to find that these don’t provide any real information. What these testimonials do is say the things that have been said by the owner i.e. Scott Hathaway in a different way. So this also proves that this software is just a fake.

Conclusion – Scam! Kick this out:

You can visit the official site of this page to confirm all the points that I’ve mentioned. You can also cross check these people on, and you will come to the conclusion that these are just actors hired by the scammers to fool you.

Another thing that I didn’t mention, that is you can check the age of the page. What you need to do is visit and copy paste the domain address of the site and click on search. You will be surprised to see what you find.

In simple words, I would like to convey this message to you that this site is a fake, and it is a scam. This has been designed by the scammers to fool you, but if you notice carefully, then you will see that there are a lot of loopholes in this site. So, if you were planning to invest money in this software than just stop thinking about it. Just stay away from this software.

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