Financial Freedom System Review: Legit Software Or Just Another Scam?

The binary options market has reached a very critical stage today making it vulnerable to the online scammers that only try to steal people’s money by luring into some cheap scam programs they develop by making foolish promises.

Financial Freedom System is a new scam in the market which is nothing more than a brand new money stealing system which some low life internet criminals are promoting to trap you into their vicious web.

Is Financial Freedom System Scam? Read Honest Review!


My experience says that the software is just a typical example of binary options scam and I would like to put forward some evidence to make you understand what this software actually has in store for you.

What makes the Financial Freedom System a Scam?

Just before delving deep into the details of this fraud system let me just put forward what I found on the very first look of the website. So, just stay with me until the end of this review to get all the necessary scam indications that will clear all your doubts.

First of all the website is a perfect model of the entire scam websites that I have exposed till date. And to begin with, it has a promotional video with a person doing a voice over acting which is a trademark of all the scam systems.


There is literally no end to this type of video promotion and all I can say is these things won’t bother much in the near future because someday people will finally become used to it.

Moreover, until and unless you will register yourself you will not get access to the support system and I even doubt if they would provide you with a proper and reliable service like those provided by many of the well-known platforms. Trust me Financial Freedom System doesn’t look like a system that will give you the right service.

Nothing special about the Promotional Video!

Let me be honest here, the kind of promotional video that you will encounter in the website is an exact replica of a number of scam videos that are found online. It is presented by a certain William Griffin and

This video tells the same old story, makes use of the same old technique and probably tries to sell you the same old software that has been done earlier to fool people. Yes, thus is actually true, many of the scam software are just used again and again but with different names, so there is a possibility that this software can be one of them.

Who is William Griffin anyways?

Just like the website, the story and the video you will come across a certain character who will pose as the owner of the software and try to give a long demonstration about what it can actually do.

Although 90% of the demonstration is nonsense the other 10 % seem to not even relate to binary options trading. William Griffin is one such character and you are not even allowed to know who he actually is and how he looks like and whether or not he even exist is even doubtful.


He also indulges in sharing his life story and how he developed a software with his friend that changed his life and the familiar nonsense continues. And once again as expected he wants to share this software with some selected few people which will help him earn more money as they will write reviews for him and attract more people and then this will continue once more.

Logically speaking isn’t this a kind of an affiliate nonsense he is speaking about? So, why would you dare to get involved with this system which is nothing but a good for nothing software developed to steal people’s money on a roundabout way?

The Algorithm, Is there any?

I don’t consider talking upon this topic would be of any help because it is all clear that the software has no relation whatsoever to binary options trading. It has been designed just to become a medium for using people and stealing all their money.

Anyways, there is a claim on the website that this software’s accuracy rate is 99.5% which I believe is the biggest lie I have ever heard in my life. Leave alone the algorithm, there is no such software which works with that much accuracy.


Moreover, if this low profile software worked with such a high level of accuracy then why so many professional traders and businessmen and the media haven’t put their focus on this particular thing?

Or is it like the owner is such a down to earth big hearted person that after having made such a huge fortune with this software decides to stay anonymous and even tries to sell more for $1000 and above?

Is it not enough for to him and shouldn’t he be taking a vacation away from this greedy world? The answer is simple; whoever made this is much greedier than the innocent people to whom he is trying to sell in exchange of their $250 which is ultimately going to his pocket too.

Obviously, the Testimonials are fake too!

As expected from a scam system the testimonials given with pictures of some people on the website are nothing but fabricated lies. If you are not convinced then you can make a search on the internet and find out for yourself just like I did.


For example, I randomly selected a picture of a woman named Louis Piper from among the collection of pictures and made a Google search and found that the picture has been stolen from some other websites and her real name is neither Louis Piper nor is she a member of the Financial Freedom System.


Final Verdict: Financial Freedom System will Ruin Your Freedom!

The Financial Freedom System is nothing but a very lucid scam system which has no connection whatsoever with reality and actual binary options trading market. This is a nonsense software which is customized to look like a real binary options trading platform and getting involved with it will lead you into trouble.

Just avoid the Financial Freedom system as this will actual rob you of your personal freedom and the freedom that you actually deserve as a human first of all.

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