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Thinking of investing money on binary trading? If that’s the question in your head, then do find a genuine website to do so. Gemini2 is yet another website that claims to have great chances of profit in binary trading. But do know that it is another scam with its cheap tricks, trying to get a hold of your head. Gemini2 in my eyes is one of the worst scams that I’ve ever come across. So, here in this article, I will give you all the basic details about this Gemini2.

Gemini 2 Review – 100% Scam Confirmed!gemini-2-review

Gemini2 is a new binary options trading software in the market. Gemini2 software has without any doubts, tried to attract people with every possible trick but ultimately, failed. The Gemini 2 website shows some really approaching things, which anybody will easily fancy, but at the same time is questionable as well.

Gemini 2 Review – You would be fooled choosing This Software:

Fake Website:

The site as we see is totally suspicious. Check out the official website  to find what I am talking about. Brandon Lewis had created this software as it says nothing but a liar and a fraud who cares only for himself. There is nothing that seems to be true on this website. There is no proper contact number relating to the website or any customer assistance. This shows that it is totally a scam.scam1-gemini-1

Promotional Video

In the promotional video found on the website, the creator who calls himself Brandon Lewis does some promotions of this software. The promotional video shows that how he tries to convince people to invest in his software.agun

In the mid part of the video, another guy by the name Jerry shows up. They promote their company so nicely, but we can actually assume the both as paid actors hired for the purpose of fooling others. In the video, they showed how they trade the whole 24 hours but in real binary options trading, it is not at all possible to be open full time. So, it is undoubtedly a scam software which is trying to get the attraction of the people.

Fake Owner

Speaking of the owner, the guy named Brandon Lewis who claimed is the creator of this Gemini 2 software is a liar and a fraud trying to make a living out of pulling innocent people towards his scam so that he earns money. He is shown there only because he was paid to be the owner of this fake software to steal all the money from the innocent people. First of all, he is not the owner of this website.agun-1

Fake Algorithm:

The algorithm that the website claims to have is not proper. If you go to the website, then you will find that as the creator, he said that it is autopilot software where you can make between $10k to $50k in a day.

It is promoted saying that there won’t be any loss. This is seriously ridiculous. The self-proclaimed owner of the website does some really false promises.

Testimonials – False Claim Overloaded!!

The testimonies are the worst of all. It is shown as if many people have made money through this websites and they have become a billionaire just within a few days. The video testimonials try their best to grab the attention of the people but ultimately it’s a lie, who will believe in it? I think those people are all actors hired to say all this in order to attract innocent people & once the user joins the whole thing disappears.fake-testimonials

Fake Beta Tester

The beta tester too is a hired actor, hired from where you will easily find struggling artists & actors waiting to get their chance. These days, it is very easy to locate paid actors from the said website.sdfghj

Fake Domain Age:

The Gemini2 software as it claimed, is produced by the crease both for three years before which is totally not true you can check it here below. But the official website for finding the domain age is by login in So, we can say that it is totally a bogus company which doesn’t exist at all.gemini234567890

Final Verdict – Gemini 2 is an Absolute Software!!!

In this verdict, I would like to say that Gemini2 Software Company is a fraud company. As you can see through this article, that the creator is nowhere to be found. He does not exist at all. all the promises which they have made is totally a fake one so guys, please beware of such kind of lies in binary trading websites, where they claim to make you billionaire within a very short period.

So be wise & be safe. Don’t ever get fooled by these tricksters. They are very selfish; they would anyhow try convincing you, but please be smarter to avoid such scams. I hope this article was of help to you. Thank for being here.

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