Gold Binary Robot Review: Another Scam Software Exposed

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Gold Binary Robot Review: Gold Binary Robot is a new scam system which at the very first look seems like a reliable auto trading software but in reality is a dangerous scam. There is nothing authentic about this software and whatever is given in the video seems to be fabricated.

As a trader, you should  be avoiding any suspicious email or online invitation which ask you to join the Gold Binary Robot. There is an extensive online marketing these days about the Gold Binary Robot and I am sure you must have come across such marketing online.

Gold Binary Robot Review – Is Scam or Reliable Software?


If you are wondering why this is not a reliable system just go through this article and find out for yourself why I don’t recommend anyone to trade with this software.

Website: Suspicious Looking Website

To begin with, the Gold Binary Robot has a very convincing and professional looking website. In reality, there is nothing true about this website and all the things that have been featured on the website are actually hiding the real face of the software.


On the other hand, there is no proper support team and the website lacks reliable contact details and it seems like everything is given on the surface. This is nothing compared to all the best trending auto trading software available online and that is one of the reasons why this seems to be a desperate attempt by the scammers.

Suspicious Creators

Well, let’s start by saying that Gold Binary Robot is created by three former traders. It is mentioned that they are experienced in trading business for almost 60 years. But these people still remain unknown which makes it impossible to find any information about them.


This is probably a made up story or maybe they are actually high profile scammers who don’t want their identity to be revealed because of the obvious reasons.

What is the technology behind the Gold Binary Robot?

The creators brag about their software having an accuracy of 89% and also a faster than the human technology. The claims are lacking all the necessary evidence which make it a fake software.

The software also uses some kind of latest technology that is supposed to bring you 100% profits for the traders but without the proper explanation of the algorithm which is used this becomes very much unbelievable.

Another very interesting thing about the software is that the trading platform looks very familiar and similar to lots of software available online namely Smartbotpro, M6 Bot, Dual Robot and much more.


This is just the copy of a software available online and which can be easily purchased and manipulated to fit any scammer’s choice of design and trading method. You can avail this software and set up another scam website which and start fooling people.

This easily customizable software are just a way to trick people and Gold Binary Robot is just another example of such a fraud system. Therefore it is recommendable that you clearly get the details about the system before indulging yourself into this software or any kind of suspicious software.

No Testimonials

The website doesn’t have testimonials and this is quite surprising at first. Probably this is just a desperate attempt to make people believe that they are not trying hard to convince people but in reality, this doesn’t do anything good.

This is probably the biggest proof which confirms that the software has not been giving any positive reviews and hence no real testimonials about the software are available.

Fake Claims

Along with the given evidence listed above, there are some more claims about the software which seems to be not so convincing. For example, there is a section named Four Important ideas which say that the Gold Binary Robot is the number one binary options trading software.


I find this statement very lame because there is no evidence to it either. Moreover, there are lots of software which are already listed among the best auto traders but nowhere did I find Gold Binary Robot being mentioned in those lists.

Unknown broker

The Gold Binary Robot promises to connect you with the most efficient broker available. This is just another vague issue which I encountered while trying to investigate this software.


The Gold Binary Robot team did not mention names of any such broker and kept the whole thing secret. This is very suspicious and there is no guarantee whether the broker will turn out to be a reliable or just another offshore broker who will just steal your money.

Verdict: Avoid this dubious Scam!!!

The gold Binary Robot is a 100% scam software. It is not trustworthy and reliable enough to use this software for investing money. So, I suggest you not to fall into their trap even though they look promising so don’t get confused because this is just another fake system available online.

The software lacks proper information and also has no guarantee to what kind of broker they will associate you with. This is very dangerous and unreliable and the only thing that can be done to not fall into this trap is to avoid it at any cost.

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