Golden Ratio Asset Management Review – Scam Or Legit ?

Golden Ratio Asset Management: With the rise of binary options trading systems in the recent years, the number of scam sites has increased by leaps and bounds. I have been reviewing binary options platform for quite some time and I will be doing the same today for a brand new system that has caused quite a fuss by making some inconsiderable claims.

You must have come across Golden Ratio Asset Management, a self-proclaimed highly advanced trading site that specializes in managed accounts services. But are their claims true?

Golden Ratio Asset Management Review – Scam or Legit System?

Surely the features that are presented on the website site seem to be attractive and their highly moderated website makes it look like the platform is a must try. But let’s not fall prey easily to such claims as we know that trading is a serious business and one must do their homework before indulging themselves into such a risky market like the binary options.

I will make a thorough review of the features of Golden Ratio Asset Management and come up with the necessary proofs before claiming that this site is authentic or just another scam.

General Information

Golden Ratio Asset Management is a free options trading site which claims to provide you with maximum returns of 100%. You just need to make a deposit of $250 to get started with the platform and surprisingly its available in all the nations.

The platform provides you with free trading signals and also a very good customer service. Although the service is very reachable it is doubtful whether the team is actually an experienced team with the right expertise on the trading market or not.

Moreover, the trading signals that they provide with such confidence has to be put to proper scrutiny as the success rate of these signals has not yet been verified. There is very less information about the support team and the supposed experienced traders who claim to work behind to provide you with the trading signals.

The identities of the team members seem to be hazy and have been creating quite a commotion among reviewers and clients alike. Moreover, the trading signal service will cost you an extra $149 per month. And you will not even find a solid proof of trading history on their website too.

Registration and Accounts

It’s very easy to start with the registration process and you will need to sign up and open an account with one of their brokers. The initial deposition is $250 and then you will be asked to register yourself for your managed account. Lastly, an account manager who is an experienced trader will start managing your account.

You will start receiving trading signals and there is also the option for automatic trading which will do all the trade for you. The trading signals claim a 70% success rate which is quite acceptable but how far this is effective is lacking all the verification.

This lack of information made me skeptical and I am not willing to pay an extra $149 for the trading signals or more $3000 for the managed account.

The managed accounts are separate for two trading options one for binary options and another for Forex trading. The Forex trading accounts also come with many advantages and features.

Each of these accounts comes with recommended brokers and you will need to follow some steps so as to set up your accounts going and running. For example, to set up your managed binary account you will need to clear your cookies and cache and then register with one of the binary options brokers.

Then you will need to do the extensive minimum deposition of $3000 on that account. You will then need to email the deposit confirmation to after which your account activation will be completed.

So is it a Scam?

One thing which I am sure about Golden Ratio Asset Management is that the platform is not yet licensed. It is the first and foremost step for a new comer into the options market to find out whether a trading system is licensed or not.

There is a number of the trading platform which is not licensed yet they have made quite a good reputation for their professional and profitable service. But Golden Ratio Asset Management has not yet been able to prove as good enough as they claim themselves to be.

In no way, I am going to recommend the platform to any of the new comers like you to get involved with. This is a very unreliable site and it’s better to stay away regardless of whatever attractive offers and advantages they have put forward that claim all the success on the business.

The fact that they have listed on their website a number of recommended brokers doesn’t give any extra credits to the authenticity of the platform. And whether these brokers are actually linked up with this platform or not is highly questionable.

No doubt the Golden Ratio Asset Management team came up with an excellent idea of the managed account binary options trading platform but considering the scenario the whole idea still remains as a blueprint and if the platform needs to get a license from CySEC they need to work hard and prove themselves.

I don’t think as a trader you must compromise with the quality of a trading platform with the glamor associated with a new platform that promises to give you unreliable features and advantages.

Surely there are no clichéd promotional videos with paid actors making all the exaggerated presentations but the claims which in real life has no proof and meaning at all are more toxic than the number of scam sites that are coming up.

This is an evil in disguise designed with the same motive of stealing your money that you saved up your whole life long to make the right investments. So, I recommend that you go online and look around for more professional platforms that will at least give you an experience of the real options trading market.

Conclusion: Golden Ratio Asset Management is Scam!!

I believe this article is helpful and I don’t think you need any more extra information about this platform, but if you feel the need to know more about it leave a comment below and let us know. Till then good luck with your trading and keep your eyes open as such sites are quite a common today and try to avoid anyone who would recommend this platform to you.

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