Guardian Angel’s Wing Review : Is Good Or Bad Software? Find Out!

Another scam system that has to be exposed in the Binary Options and that is Guardian Angel’s Wing. It is the new automated scam system which has been designed in such a way that many people lost their money by investing in this software. However, there are still some of the people who are impressed by seeing its convincing videos but before joining with them make your time and scrutinize this review which will help you to differentiate between the scam and legit system.


Guardian Angel’s Wing by Tommy Lomax is nothing but full of unusual claims and empty promises. It claims that the software will provide you $30, 000 t0 $60, 000 of income per month with 87% guaranteed success. It also says that the software is absolutely free and fast to make money but keep that in mind no automated robot can make you rich overnight and that also for free of cost.

In this review, I shall be exposing you all the information regarding the Guardian Angel’s Wing that will help you to retrospect towards them and save yourself from falling into their terrible trap.

Guardian Angel’s Wing Review – Scam Or Legit System? Find Out!

This software is totally a scam which only brags about making money by trading their software instead of speaking how the software actually works. It also claims that the software is free and needs no prior knowledge for the newbie to join the system. By choosing this software you can make hundreds of money in every minute without even looking at the computer.


Are they seriously telling us to trade our money without seeing the computer screen? This is absolute nonsense and does not make any sense in the real trading platform. So, you should think wisely before you take your decision to invest with them because it takes lots of hard work and dedication to earn money and it hurts when you lose in just a few seconds into the hands of these scammers.

Tommy Lomax, the owner with a hidden identity!!

Tommy Lomax claiming to be the owner of the Guardian Angel’s Wing is no one but a scam artist. He keeps on bragging about himself by saying that he has grown up in South London and has owned the most profitable 5 min Binary to joining this trading robot in the world.


After hearing about him, I have investigated by checking the social networking site but it was so surprising to see that he is found nowhere. He also mentioned some random character with a name Mr. C who has inspired him to choose to trade in Binary Options.


But the owner and this random character are nowhere found in the Google search and also they are hired actors who have been hiding their real identity in the trading market. So, do not trust them no matter how they try to impress through their convincing stories, it will be always good if you survey about their history.

Fake Claims and Empty Promises by Lomax!!

The software will provide you an income of $30,000 to $60,000 every month and you can count that profit by sitting at home. To get this amount in a month the traders have to deposit $250 by getting their own desirable broker. So basically you need to pay in order to get that profit then how can it be free of cost? Think about it before invest your money in them.


The scammers will only force you to deposit your money and if you don’t deposit they won’t let you access their system. For doing these they are paid off by the brokers in order to bring more new traders who can invest in their system. They have nothing to do with your loss all they care is your money.

The owner has shown some of his bank balance which is absolutely fake and unreal in order to impress the new traders. These things are shown just to proof their system one among the genuine trading software in the Binary options. I would suggest not choosing this software for trading as this are fake people.


An Irritating Page Pops out Whenever You Try to Leave!!

If you try to leave the official page of Guardian Angel’s Wing you will find a page that pops out after every 5 minutes to inform that the members are limited and indirectly forcing you to join their system. The page tells how the members who have joined their software have made money in just a few days. But this thing will only scare the people and make them confuse more about the software. In fact, they should show how the software works instead of forcing the people with some pop out page.



The Guardian Angel system got the bunch of stories which claims that the software has changed many lives by trading with their system. It says that everyday people are making money and getting huge profits which are shown with some screenshots. But do you think you should believe only by seeing the screenshots of people’s success result? I am sure this is not enough to get convinced about the software.


Also, the software reveals about a woman name Maya Norrid who claims that she has earned $10,000  in just one week. After getting the money she got crazy and ultimately rented a helicopter just to get some fresh powder and uncharted slopes. No software in Binary Trading will make you huge money in just one week. So, definitely, all these are fake and unusual claims that are used in order to attract people.

Verdict: Wing System is Revealed as 100% Scam!!

By reading all the evidence I don’t think it will take much of your time to decide that it is a scam and not to choose this Guardian Angel’s Wing scam software as it gives all the false information about the software in the video.

So, you should definitely avoid this scam system and through this review, I hope you have already read the shortcomings of this software. Therefore, keep yourself safe from falling into a trap and also others who are trying to invest their hard earned money.

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