Instant Income Code is Scam or Not ? My Honest Review !!

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Instant Income Code Review: When it comes to buying or joining some services, we want to make sure whether that services or company is a scam or not. In today’s world, people start losing their trust in anything they see or hear, because of the fact that the numbers of scam company i.e scammers are increasing at an alarming rate. This is something that people are concern about it.

As far as Instant Income Code is a concern, it is a package that is available for individuals who want to start their business or who want to improve their existing business in an advanced and efficient way.

Instant Income Review – Is Scam or Legit System?

The package is basically a video about sales; it tells the customer to know any product from good to bad.

About Instant Income Code:

Instant Income code was developed back in 2015, and most people came to know about it, many people have bought their program, and the owner of this program is James Jhonson. Here instant income code is a sales video for getting instant income with the help of their systematic business strategy.

Instant income code is available at a price of 47$ per month and to buy their program you have to use either VISA Card, PayPal, etc. The program is available to all nations, apart from that they offer refund policy to its customers, any customers can use this program for 30 days, and if the customer doesn’t like the program, then he/she can ask for refunding its money.

Do you think Instant Income Code is a Scam?

As far as our investigation is the concern, we find that Instant Income Code is a scam. After going through different review and evidence, our team has confirmed that Instant Income code is a scam company. But, it’s up to you if you feel like buying then go for it, we don’t strongly oppose their service, but we don’t recommend you to buy either. The reasoned why we call Instant Income code as a scam company are given below.

  1. Instant Income Code company said that their product or program is quite unique, but when you use the Facebook vault, you will find that there isn’t much between this two. Here Facebook vault is also a website that teaches you on how to get cheap clicks for paid advertise on Facebook, this is one plan to get some income. Check Facebook Vault website to know about the similarity.

Here some internet marketers try to sell their product by modifying another marketing plan. So basically their product or program is not reliable for improving any business.

  1. When you watch their sales video, their company tries to assure the users to fulfill their dream just like buying their dream house, car and so on. They also said that it would be possible only with the help of their business system. Isn’t it a little bit fishy? They are talking about many big claims.
  2. Now talking about their software, as you watch the video, you will see that the company is talking about software that allows the users or customers to get income from multiple sources into their bank account through autopilot. In addition to it, the company claimed that by using their own software, they had earned lots of cash within 30 days. They also said that the software which they are offering to their buyers is not available everywhere but except in their website itself.

The truth is that you can actually buy the same software as shown in their video at a very low price, you can check at Envato Market for $22 only, cheaper than Instant Income code. If you ever feel like having this software for your own, then go for any one of it but remember it has no differences, and there is no link between Envato market and Instant Income Code. It’s all up to you if you feel buying the software from Instant Income Code will be better than Envato then go for it or else check at Envato market.

Here, the company so-called Instant Income code doesn’t stick to what they have said, so it is something that we can’t trust them. For more evidence, you can check the below screenshot for justification.

The first screenshot is taken from Instant Income Code sales video.

The second screenshot is taken from Envato market website.

Now look at the screenshot properly and you will see the similarity between them. In Instant Income Code, the name of the software is mentioned as List Fuel, whereas in Envato Market, the name of the software is known as List Fusion. But when you look at the features, there are no differences. This software is a plugin that allows the users to capture people emails from the certain website. There is nothing special about this plugin.

  1. Nowadays, marketers are quite smart, they use the same video like Instant Income Code sales video to promote their bad product. Look at the below images, you will find that two marketers are using the same video to sell their product. Marketers usually use this type of plan when they couldn’t sell their product anymore. Apart from that, they can also save their time and money for developing their own software.

1st Marketer:

2ND  Marketer:

Well, after going through the entire information about Instant Income Code, we can actually regard this thing as a pre-written email campaign for selling all the bad products to customers. Looking at the video, one thing is certain, and that is; many marketers are using Instant Income Code sales video as their tool for promoting their product.

This is the reason why our team finds Instant Income Code as a scam company because they are using the same video like other cheap marketers to sell their products. Now imagine how will you trust a company like that isn’t it. But it’s all up to you if you wish you try it and see what difference does it makes in your business.

For more information regarding Instant Income code, stay tuned with us, in case if you have any further problem to understand the above articles, please do contact us through comment box.

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