Insured Trading App Review – Is Insured Trading Scam or Worth Investing?

Insured Trading App Review: Insured Trading App is the latest Scam that has been going around now. The person appearing in the video will show you a lot of dreams where you will be earning $18000 per day; I repeat $18,000 per day! Is that even possible?

Insured Trading App Review – Is Scam or Worth Investing?


It has all the features of a scam site, and it is very easy to detect these features as the scammers have not done a good job. I will be exposing all the features of this so-called Insured Trading App in this article today. The scammers have tried their level best to deceive you and to take away all your money. So, if you were thinking of investing your money in this software then go through this article before doing so.

What is Insured Trading App?

Insured Trading App is an Automated Software of the Binary Options, this was introduced to us by Oliver Breitner who is the owner of this software, it was previously known as Insured Outcome which was blacklisted before. This software promises you $750 per month that leads to $18000 per day and $5,40,000 per month. He claims that this is the most powerful auto trading app in the world, and he has personally invested $50 million in software. He also says that he has been closely working with software developers for 1.5 years to make the perfect trading software that runs on a unique algorithm.


Whatever has been promised to you on the video of the site is just bullshit. It is just a plot to take away your hard earned money; these people may have succeeded in taking away money from others, but it should stop now. So keep reading to know more about the holes in this software.

How is Insured Trading Software Scam?

There are a lot of points that says that this is a scam. Personally, I have come across a lot of these scams. They all have the same design, and they tend to promise you a lot of stuff that they won’t deliver. They will just take away your money and leave you with nothing. So here are the points that you should look out for.

  • Website Design: The website design is very poor, in fact, if you go through the page you will see that no solid information has been provided on this site, and if you look properly at the photos provided on this site then you’ll come to understand that they have been downloaded and posted on the site.
  • Bogus Promises: The promises made to you on this site are just fabricated lies. If you think carefully then you will realize that earning $18,000 in an hour is not possible at all now, and it will never be possible in the future. It is also promised that you will never lose a single trade with this software, which means that the success rate is 100. This is not possible at all.
  • Fake Owner: The person who appears on the video and claims to be the owner i.e. Oliver Breitner of this software is a fake person. He is an actor, who has been hired from at the rate of $5 to act in this video and to deceive you. He goes on about how he inherited a lot of wealth from his forefather, and he also adds that the trading business is their family business that was started by his grandfather who died in 1997 and then continued by his father who died in 2002. This is just a plot for gaining your sympathy and taking away your money. After that, he says that he inherited the fortune left by them and invested a large amount of money in this trading software.
  • Algorithm: The owner claims that his algorithm is unique, and you will never lose a trade while using this software. There is no information about this software and no explanation about how this algorithm works. The owner keeps on going about how it has helped a lot of people in earning lots of money.
  • Fake Testimonials: The testimonials provided here are just fake if you look carefully then you will understand that two testimonial providers have the same photo. Fabian Schiffers and Stephen Gray have the same photos; this only proves that all the scammers have tried their level best to make you believe that you can invest here.insured1
  • Video Presentation: The video is all about the owner telling us a bunch of fabricated lies. At the beginning of the video, the owner tells us about how he has changed the lives of 17 normal people and shows us a bunch of fancy cars and mansions. But these are just hired by the scammers who tend to fool us with these things.
  • Live Trading Results: Well after you log in you will see that there is a section where it is written Insured Trading Live Results. Well, these numbers may change, but they are just random numbers that keep on changing. There is no value of these numbers.insured2

Conclusion: Insured Trading is Scam System!

I have visited the official site of Insured Trading App, and I will recommend you to do the same. You can check out this site thoroughly, and I am absolutely certain that you will reach the same conclusion as I did. Everything in this site is fabricated. So if you were planning to invest money in this software then don’t as this will only lead to losing your hard earned money to these filthy scammers.

What I forgot to mention is that if you check the age of the site in, then I am sure that you will feel surprised. All you need to do is copy the domain address of the site and paste it in the mentioned site.So here I would like to tell you that you should stay from this site as it is a scam site. Many people have lost their money after investing here, so don’t make the same mistake they did and save your money.

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