Lazy Millionaire Review – Does The Software Really Work?

Lazy Millionaire Review: Lazy millionaire is a binary trading software design by Charles Knowles, Charles claims that Lazy millionaire is specially designed for helping new traders who are struggling to generate income through binary trading. The software explains that traders don’t need to do anything as the software is an automated one and it does every work for the trader.

When you watch the demonstration video, you will notice that the software claim to help you earn around $10,000 to $12,000 in just one day, yes you heard it right, they actually said that in their demo video. Now just question yourself, do it really work according to what they have said?

Lazy Millionaire Review: Do you Think It is a Scam?


Well, it’s time to find out whether the software offered by Charles is legit or scam. There are many binary traders around the internet searching for suitable broker platform to start their trading business. Some of them manage to find the legit trading platform and some fall under scam trap. So because of that, we have to let you know what makes things legit and scam?

About Lazy Millionaire:

The name of the software itself sound hilarious, it says lazy millionaires that basically means a lazy person can be millionaires. Forget about being the millionaire, you can’t earn single money without working hard and as far as millionaire is concern, you really need to work very hard to reach your dream. Well keeping this thing aside, let’s come to the real deal.


Lazy Millionaire is type of software that allowed the users to earn profits to the maximum level. Charles who is the founder of this software explains about the software capability in his demo video. He said that the software will place any profitable trade automatically and the profit will be added to your broker account within few minutes. And in case, if the software couldn’t generate profit for you, then Charles agrees to refund  all the traders money which they have lost in the trade along  with extra bonuses i.e $1000. Because of the refunding policy offered by Charles have made the new traders believe about the software that there is no chance of loss. Charles have frame its term and policy very well that every new trader or beginner are compel to join if they come across his software.

Additional Information about Lazy Millionaire:

  • Through Lazy Millionaire software trader can earn at least 80% profit in each trade.
  • The software also gives multiple trading signals every day.
  • The software trading accuracy is around 75%.
  • A lazy millionaire can be accessed through Smartphone.
  • The software offers free SMS notification about promotion bonuses.

Reason why Lazy Millionaire software is Scam:

Our team have found some valid information about Lazy millionaire and with regard to that we have come to the conclusion that Lazy Millionaire is actually scam software. Below are some of the reasons behind calling lazy millionaire as Scam.

1). Lack of Information about the Founder

As we know that Charles Knowles is the founder and CEO of Lazy Millionaire, apart from that there isn’t any information about the founder of this software. You will not find picture of Charles on the official website and when you check their demonstration video, Charles didn’t show up in the video even for single minute. His identity is totally hidden, being the CEO of Lazy millionaire, there must be some biography about him, search at Google and you won’t find a name call Charles Knowles who is known as the CEO of Lazy millionaire. This clearly proved that the name use in this website is totally fake name.

2). No Proper Demonstration about the Software

When you watch their demonstration video, you won’t find the owner of the software explaining about his software using method. He will only explain about his software helping new traders to generate profit within no time, he didn’t tell the customers about how to use the software and how do it actually work.

Since there is no proper explanation about the binary trading software so-called Lazy Millionaire, our team couldn’t believe that this software exist. How can someone use software without any guiding manual or demo, this is something very stupid to believe.

3). Limited Time Offer Count Down is Fake

When you visit their official website, you will find a countdown timer. This timer is for limited period of time says the owner of this software in his demo video. He said that, if you don’t avail this offer within certain period of time then you will not get extra bonus or even a spot for creating your account.


The truth is that, this is another way of fooling peoples, they want customers to rush and register on their website as soon as possible in order to avail their fake software. If you want to confirm whether this limited time offer is fake or not, just go to your browser setting and clear all the caches and cookies, after that go to their official website and check again. I’m pretty sure that you will find the timer starting again from the beginning.

4). Earning $10,000- $12,000 in a single day is Fake Promise

In binary option trading no one cannot earn $10,000 in a single day at least not with the deposit of $250. And Charles also said that if any traders couldn’t use the software for generating profit then he himself will refund traders money along with $1000 extra money for wasting their time on it.


Do you think he will refund back your money? This is just a set of plan for gaining customer trust.

Important Note:

The main motive behind creating this fake software is for nothing else but to earn money through commission, whenever some customer register and deposit money on his website then he gets paid by the brokers. His website is associated with another broker website.

This is the reason why he uses different methods of promoting his software so that users can register quickly. Our team doesn’t recommend you to sign up on their website. You may even see many other blogs writing positive reviews about this software, but don’t get carried away with their review, all those reviews are paid post or for affiliate purpose.

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