Lucrosa Review – 210,000 $ Per Day or Scam Software?

Lucrosa Review: Lucrosa by John Lucrosa is a very dangerous scam which uses a well designed website and a promotional video which can fool an innocent new trader. It might be pretty confusing to you if you are newbie but there are certain loopholes which can make you understand that this is nothing but a scam.

The Lucrosa Review contains all these loopholes which you must take into account if you are thinking that this system is going to make you rich. Just make sure you read the full article so that you know what you actually missed.

Lucrosa Review – 210,000 $ Per Day or Scam Software?


Let me inform you from before that I cannot help you regain your money from this scammers if you have already invested into the Lucrosa software without any prior investigation. The Lucrosa Review will only get you the details of the wrongs that it is trying to portray about the binary options trading business.

Suspicious Website:

When I first visited the website it seemed like a well designed platform and I nearly got convinced that this might be a new system in the market which is trying their best.

But within a few seconds I found the glitches that actually made it a good for nothing software. There are no details about the owner, neither any information regarding the software’s authenticity.

Promotional video

The promotional video of Lucrosa features a professional actor who seems to make a confident explanation of the system but he never explained how you can make $600 an hour from this system.

Although he calls himself John Lucrosa I doubt whether that is his real name and if in any way he is related to any kind of financial trading business.

The story is pure fiction and believing such an exaggerated account would be a serious problem. Lucrosa will make a fool out of you because you won’t be getting anything in return from this system and $600 is too much to even believe.

Moreover it starts with the usual flashy display of costly sport cars and costly holiday destinations and everything that indicates towards a scam system. 

How does it work?

Although John Lucrosa says that the system works in accordance to a unique software this has no certainty because he never properly explained anything about the software.

He mentions that the software uses artificial intelligence to legally and ethically take advantage of the markets. This is a very stereotypical idea used in almost every promotional video of a scam system.

Moreover, making $7250 a day is not an easy thing in the binary options trading market. It takes a lot of time to know and understand the market trends and proper strategy building to earn profits every day.


The testimonials listed in the website are again collection of lies and false claims which cannot be trusted. It is a common thing for scam systems to use pictures from Stock Photos or any other third party sites and display them along with success stories.

For example the pictures with the name Alice Smithers and Jane Martin are also found in another system called Mirror-Trader’s testimonials section. Just have a look at this pictures and find out for yourself.

Moreover the picture of Alice Smithers is actually the picture of Lauren Proux whose story about her boyfriend’s unique proposal was featured in the Daily Mail.

This is what scam systems usually do which seems to be a serious crime and getting involved with this system means you will only contribute to the plans of these fraud money sharks who aim to steal all your money by luring you with such false success stories and claims.

Other false claims

A secret fact about the Lucrosa website is that it has been just registered a few months back but according to John Lucrosa the system has been making people millionaires since last year.

He goes on to the extent of saying that each member of Lucrosa made a total of 2.5 million last year which is a complete lie.

Verdict: Lucrosa is not worth your Attention!

Lucrosa by John Lucrosa is a total scam and it doesn’t deserve your time, attention and money because it itself doesn’t care to help you with anything, let alone the daily $600 profit.

This is probably the worst scam I have ever exposed this year and the only thing you can do to help yourself is to stay away from it and from people who try to make you get involved with this system.

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