Modern Profit Professor Review – 100% Scam Software

Modern Profit Professor Review: Many affiliate marketers are referring Modern Profit Professor software as a reliable tool for trading in Binary Options nowadays. Many traders who are likely to be engaged in the field of trading of Binary Options have received spam emails that promote the Modern Profit Professor software. Hence, the system got a pretty good popularity these days.

Unfortunately, just like many other scam software, the Modern Profit Professor is developed with illogical elements that are meant to fraud. At first encounter with the official website of the tool, I have figured out many suspicious attachments in there.

Modern Profit Professor Review – 100% Scam Software:


I made an in-depth review on the Modern Profit scam software review combined with some reliable evidence.

MPP Software Scam Review – Factors That Confirms Its Scam Activity:

As I have mentioned above, there are many affiliate markers referring the tool as a legit one. Needless to say, they are all being paid for supporting this scam software and promoting it by positive reviews. Thus, many novice traders are taking steps towards the scam trap. You must be wondering why I am thinking that this software is a scam. Well, I shall uncover some of the main factors that are certainly related to the scam activities that many scammers have been following too.


It Forces You to Get Engaged!

Pulling it out from the roots, the very first suspicious factor that catches every visitor’s attention as soon as they get into the official website is the continuously popping up spam window. A genuine or legitimate software would never attempt such cheap activity to convince a trader to get engaged with their system. Regardless of that fact, Modern Profit Professor does exactly the shabby thing. The annoying popping up spam window will certainly bust the patience out of you.


This is a common scam attempt convincing users to get engaged in the deceptive system that is for no good. You got no time to analyse the system from the depth before you take a right decision. The scammers are ignorant, deceptive, aggressive, and they are afraid you would change your mind if you somehow find out the truth of them.

Take An Immediate Action to Grab the Opportunity

Another most common trick to force users to take an immediate action without analyzing and thinking precisely is the available Spot widgets. In the most of the scam software websites, you will find there is a widget showing the limited available spots. The spots are decreasing in number continuously with the fractions of the minute. Initially, it will make your heart pumping up faster. You may think if you don’t act now, you are going to lose the opportunity in few minutes. However, the counting down widget of available spot stopped at the time when there is only one spot left. From this point, if you close the entire browser and open it again followed by visiting the site, it will still show the one spot available.


A little trick I have played to expose this scam activity, and it is pretty interesting. I left the browser window opened with the Modern Profit Professor website on. And, then I went to the incognito mode from the Chrome browser and accessed to the official site of Modern Profit Professor. Thus, the programming code could not track the previous browsing history and the default fabricated feature of the website started to count down the available spots from beginning as it was meant to be with the first user access. Ultimately in the same website, the spots count showed up with different amounts in different windows as you can see in the image bellow. Hence, this can’t be any trustworthy website as it claims to be.

FAQ section is a Puzzle

However, the scammers behind the Modern Profit Professor software made a little more effort to give their website a better look. But, for they are totally ignorant on the Binary Options Trading platform, they even failed stand on their own statement. Let me make it clearer. In the top of the homepage of Modern Profit Professor website, the least earning amount is spotted as $15,000 per month. Now, get to the FAQ section. Inside the FAQ section, there is a certain question listed as “What’s the amount of money I can make per day?”. Well, certainly this is the vital question to be answered though it was clearly claimed earlier as $15,000 in a month. But, what is so confusing about is that in the answer section of this question, they claimed that the daily average earning is $800 and that equally counts to $18,000 per week.

What should we believe on? The initial claimed the profit of $15,000 per month or the amount mentioned in the FAQ section as %18,000 per week? Literally, there is a huge gap between these two amounts claimed the Modern Profit Professor Software. This is actually a huge sign of scam software a trader should not ignore. Matter of fact, the entire FAQ section was fabricated with the questions and  answers that are not relevant to user enquiries. All of those questions are made focusing on the advertisement of the software. There is even no proper and clear answer to the question “How does the system work?”

Hurry! Free Offer Will Be Expired Soon!!! Oh Crap

“Grab FREE Access of MPProfessor Today!” This is the tagline you will spot in the middle of the homepage, and there is an expiry time limit widget counting down the time and  showing how much is left to register to the system. Literally, it means that if the expiry time  exceeds, you will be no longer able to register to the system and grab the life changing opportunity. Regrettably, the reality is totally different. I have played an another trick to uncovering this scam attempt. In the provided image below, you can see the hours for free offer expiry has been counted as 1 hour 58 minutes. You may check the website access time and date in the desktop taskbar as well.


I was confident enough that this feature of the limited offer also just a bogus. So, I decided to log into this website later on and came back to visit the site after few hours. As expected, the limited  offer expiry time had just jumped up to the 21 Hours 51 minutes 01 secs! Well, by that time, the offer supposed to be over and not available anymore. But, it showed up just opposite. What a lame scam.


Conclusion – Never Trust This Kind of Bogus Software:

Every single thing about the Modern Profit Professor software is fake and whatever the system claims is false. The man who claimed to be the owner of this system is a paid  actor, the testimonials mentioned  in the website are all misleading, and the endorsement attached to the system are also fabricated. The system is not going to earn you $18,000 per week, neither $15,000 per month nor even a penny.

What it does is stealing novice users hear-earned money and leaving them with loads  of depression. You would never want to get preyed by such scam traps. So, it is strongly suggested to stay away from this kind of deceptive scam software and help others to be aware by sharing this post.

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