Is Multiplexer a Scam? Important Multiplexer Software Review!!

Don’t fall into the trap of Multiplexer system because it is nothing but a scam system to steal innocent people’s money. In this Multiplexer review, you will be reading all the fake claims that have been said by the developer Richard Ewing regarding his system. This system claims that it would make you multi-millionaire overnight and one of the binary options tradings that will provide option trading signals on commodities, currencies, and indices.

Multiplexer Review: Is Scam or Legit System? Find out!multiplexer

Also, it claims to make you profit for $20,000 per day. However, it is very important for you to do a good research before investing with any of this trading software, even if they come up with many trusted sources or link. You should take a time and read some trusted reviews and stop becoming one of their victims.

About Multiplexer Software

Like many other binary options robots, this software will also promise you free earnings through their automated trading algorithm where you can make money and for free. But the truth is multiplexer software makes money for the owners and not for you.

This software claims that it will provide a profit of $20,000 per day and $850 for an hour for the rest of your life which is really impossible in daily life. Not only this, but it also claims that people who are depositing their money to this software have been changed their lives by the owner over 43 people in just six months and now those people are a multi-millionaire by opting their software.

But these are all lies and fake claims which should be avoided. So, this is why you should not trust to any of these brokers and to this so-called automated trading platform. There is some more evidence which I have gathered for you that you need to have a glance on it.

Suspicious Website: Should not trust!!

The official website of the multiplexer looks lame and unprofessionally maintained in compare to other legit Software. There is no clear information given whether it is a reliable binary options trading system or not. So why to choose this website which has no full information about the owner as well as its software?

multiplexer-scamIt has no customer service that can help you to some extent which makes us believe that it is not trustworthy software.

Promotional Video: Full of Unreliable Things!!

In the promotional video you will find that the owner, Richard talks about how he have changed many people’s live by making them a millionaire in the month of September but apart from these rubbish information in the video you will not find anything as to how the software works.


Apart from that, you will only find few fancy places and people in the promotional video of multiplexer software which is trying to show the authenticity of the system by claiming it to be the genuine auto-pilot trading software.

Fake owner: A Pro Actor for Scamming!!

Richard Ewing, who claims to be the owner of the Multiplexer software but he seems to be a fake person. Moreover, in the video, he is only trying to portray his image by telling his story and also how he met a guy Mr. Ross McGlinchey who is a successful Wall Street trader. But whatever you see in the video is all lie and not related to real life. This owner, as well as the people you found out in the promotional video, are all paid scam artist who has been hired by this owners to promote their software.


However, if you haven’t convinced so far with this review then not to worry I have tried to search more evidence about Richard and what I have found is that he is nowhere on the social networking site. Most probably he is also one among the scam artist who tries to fool the innocent people and steal their money. There is also other evidence where the owner has previously acted as the owner of some other scam company called Profits Infinity by the name of Mark Bromwich. With these, we come to know that the owner, as well as the guy who is supposed to be the successful Wall Street trader, is fake and unreal.

Fake Algorithm: Well, they don’t have any algorithm even!!

With this system, the owner wants to create a new trading system which will really work fast in the Wall Street, but it fails to provide any explanation that could reach out to the people. Some people also claim in the video that this system works even faster than anybody else in the market data.


But it gives nothing but a chaos of confusion to the people regarding this system. So, think wisely before you end up all your hard earned money by investing in this system.

Fake Testimonials: Bragging to be genuine!!

Moving on to the testimonials of this system you will find that the multiplexer system offers you a profit of $850 per hour and minimum amount of $20, 000 per day. But have you ever thought about it that if a system offers you that amount of profit in a short of a period of time with promising words without even giving you any demo about their system then definitely the system is fraud as well as its people? You need to find out about them by going into more depth of those scammers bio. No doubt you will find no such information about them as well as its so-called system.


Therefore, all those 43 people who have become successful by trading with this system are all paid actors to promote the multiplexer software, and it has nothing to proof us as we expect it is a scam system.

Domain age: Just A new scammer in the list!!

However, if you check the domain age website you will find that the saying by the owner is absolutely untrue because the was only registered on 2016-10-06 just ten days earlier, but it has been claiming to be officially running successfully from many couples of the month.


With these, it made us doubt as to how the owner became successful within a short period of time.

Final Verdict: Multiplexer is definitely a Scam System!

According to our investigation, this system is proof to be a scam system which intends to steal your money. However, they try to attract you by their promotional videos or with interesting algorithm do not fall into the trap and become their victim. So, it is highly recommended to stop joining multiplexer system because it is only a scam to make you fool out of it.

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