Nadex Review – 98% Positive Platform, NO Scam Found!

The Nadex auto trading software is new trending software in the binary options trading platform. In this article of mine, I am going to review Nadex software and will show you whether it is a scam or legit. This trading software has some unique qualities, which are being claimed by the owners of the software.

The Index software offers you many things in such an easy way that you could think to invest in this company. This software works to predict the trading and trends in the business market correctly. The developer of the software has combined philosophy to binary trading, so this kind of efficient technology has never before seen by traders.  This look like this software can deliver to the expected level of the traders. So below I am going to give you more facts about the company’s legitimacy.

Nadex Review – Why the Software is Legit?

The CEO of Nadex software is Tim McDermott who has told us many things in his short video testimonial that how their software work and how you can profit through their software. So below are some of the facts, that this software is legitimate.

Nadex is a CFTC Regulated Company

The binary options trade is legal in the USA only if US CFTC regulates the agency; this company is designated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a derivatives contract cleaning organization and contact market. The CFCT is a governing body which looks after the works and trading business of different trading organization in binary options trading. If CTFC locates any kind of fraud and illegal activities by a company, it will take strong action against those companies. So, As we know, Nadex is affiliated by CDFC, which proves its authentication.


Featured In Media

Nadex has been featured in various big media houses such as CNBS, YAHOO Finance, Futures, etc. So, as we know that this kind of big media house will not promote some scam company in their news channel or on online updates because to feature a scam company will affect their well-known reputation to their viewers. So, Nadex is a legal trading software in the binary options trading platform.


Real Data and Charts:

In the Nadex platform, you will be able to take a look at the market data directly from the exchange. There is a facility to see the bid and offer price with the wide volume of contacts available. If you are a member of Nadex exchange then you don’t have to go through a broker, then you can order directly to the exchange. So an illegal company will not provide you with this kind of valuable support.

Nadex Bonus

In Nadex there are many bonuses but not in the form of incentives or hard cash, because these kind of bonus technique are against CFTC regulations. The Nadex will rather trade you the bonus if you want to, not because of a 100% first-time deposit bonus. The bones will be safely deposited with a US regulated broker.

Advantages of Nadex Software: A Steadily Profitable Software

Nadex software is very useful in binary options trading, due to its many customer friendly features. So, I am going to show you some the advantages with this automated software in the binary options trading platform.

Nadex Withdrawals

One of the most A number advantages of Nadex, it has fastest withdrawals. The money transferring techniques used by Nadex to deposited money to your bank account are a wire transfer, check or ACH transfer.  All the withdrawals are processed within one business day and returned to your account within three. So these fastest methods are used for payment.

Free Registration:

While reviewing Nadex, I have found that the owner of this company is giving this amazing software for free.  This means that everyone can sing up to this software for free of cost and can enjoy its features for free.But in other software, it cost very expensive to register your account in their software. So this is one of the important advantages of this software.


Nedex Extra:

Nadex extra has event Binaries, bull spreads, and Bitcoin Binary options. Some other features also include in the 100% trade, as you can sell the options, whenever you want. And there are not any limited expiration of these sales.

Number of Assets and Expiry

Nadex does have all the important assets which matter the most, eight indices, 12 currency pairs, and seven commodities. With this assets, you will also get the bitcoin option and event option. And they also add new assets regularly as the trading market demands it.

Is Nadex Automated Trading Software is a Scam?

No, Nadex automated trading software for binary options trading is not a scam. As the owner of the software exists in reality and he also has given us the description that how his software works. The owner didn’t try any fancy trick to in influence traders for investing in his company. The kind of evidence or facts that are attached to their website, all show that this company is a legit company. And there are no evidence to show this company as a scam company. So in my review, this company is not a scam company.

Pricing and Registration in Nadex

You can register in their software within 5 minutes, and this registration is free of cost. But after registration, you have to pay only $250 minimum to open trading through this automated software. This balance is affordable by most of the traders.

There is a relax that you didn’t have to worry about the expense of commission or hidden costs due to low fees. So these are the pricing and registration procedure of Nadex software.

Final Verdict: Nadex Trading Software is a Reliable Software.

The Nadex trading software is currently the best trading software in the binary options platform. This software is very much good for the new and upcoming traders, to earn profits through this platform. The kind of quality work they provide is very effective for traders to understand binary option. So in my review of this software, I have confirmed that Nadex software is 100% legit. So, if you had to add something regarding my review comment below.

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