Onassis Alliance Review: Be Alert! Fake and Bogus System

Onassis Alliance is latest automated trading software out in the market created by Mr. Jed Onassis. He calls himself a self-made a millionaire. Using the Onassis Automated trading software, traders are promised to earn an amount of at least $7,500 each and every day.

Mr. Jed Onassis, who pretends to the CEO of the system, mentioned that the Onassis Alliance system has the capacity to perform the trades amazingly, according to him it has the ability you provide you huge profits winning rate of 97.5%.

Onassis Alliance Review – Real Facts Exposed!!


It seemed the members of the Onassis Alliance software have been successfully earning an amount of over $150,00O every month easily using the system. It is likely that any person can become a billionaire in just a couple of months. But all of these things sound good only as a story but does not works out in real life.

Unfortunately, the software turns out to be scam software. Yes, it is true. Onassis Alliance is just one of the bogus software that is listed as a scam in the world of binary options trading software. The main reason behind the development of the software is nothing but to steal all of your entire money, which you have saved in your bank accounts.

Why is Onassis Alliance software considered as a bogus system?

The claims made by Mr. Jed Onassis are so big that, it is sufficient to put ashamed to any legal automated trading software but the claims cannot be trusted. Here in this review, you will learn whether the claims made by the software are real or just fake one?

In order to find out about all the loopholes into the software and why you should not invest your money in Onassis Alliance software, I suggest you go through this review till the end.

Fake Details about the owner

Let us start directly from the video Mr. Jed Onassis who calls himself the CEO of the Onassis Alliance software. He starts making some fake claims like you will be able to earn some real money over $7,500 every day with the help of the system. For a while, I almost believe this guy was giving some real promises, but in some part, I felt like something is wrong with this guy.


As suspected I did some serious investigation on him to check out his background information or to confirm whether is real or do not exist in real life? I tried searching for him at popular networking sites but failed to find him in the name of Mr. Jed Onassis. This situation makes the person very suspicious as we have no clue about this guy.


Apart from that, I did some more deep research on so-called Mr. Jed Onassis. I found some strong evidence which says that he has got another name as Robert I. Sackett which proves that he is none other than a famously paid actor of binary options scam software. You can find him on Facebook social network sites just confirm it once if you want to.

94% winning rate is not Possible

 Mr. Jed Onassis claims that his system can make you huge profits, and just you need to do is start an investment of $250 into the software, and it will get double into $650 just within a few of trade.


 In the same time, this fictional character who claimed himself as the owner of the Onassis Alliance mentioned that his system can strike 97.4% of winning trade. It is quite impossible in a real binary options trading software to achieve that much rate of success trade results.

Fabricated data and claims of the software

The things that I have noticed about all the claims are faked and the data records displayed on the client’s laptop is just fabricated data. Onassis Alliance system has crossed all the limitations which make it cheap and unreliable software that is hard to be trusted.


There is no legit software which has the ability to double your money that much fasts that also in just a few days. As in the promo video, you might have seen that one of the clients has earned an average amount of at least $449.57 in just one day that makes the software very suspicious.

How the software works? Fake Algorithm

Automated Trading software that can generate $7,500 each day is nothing but a complete joke, and it sounds really doubtful. As a matter, of fact, there was no proper information provided on how the algorithm of the software works. Mr. Jed Onassis only said some few lines like his system has the most advanced set of computer algorithms nothing more than that.


So we can consider that the Onassis Alliance software is just one more bogus software that we are dealing with. Investing your money in the system will be a total waste of time and money you better ignore this software.

False Testimonials by Fiverr Actors

When I watch the promo video part, there were these client seen giving testimonials, the way they act was as if they were directed with a scripted story to perform the testimonials.


Like the way they set their Laptops which looks like they were kept ready for accessing with the so called owner of the software along with the clients. Later on after some investigation, it is confirmed that both of these are some bunch of paid actor with the shady character given to play in the bogus software.

Verdict: Onassis Alliance is Bogus Software that got Busted!!!

I have provided all the necessary evidence in this review that is enough to proof the Onassis Alliance software should be listed in the list of scam software. It is the system just like other scam software that got exposed every month with different name and people behind the software.

Onassis Alliance software cannot be trusted, and I strongly do not recommend this software as automated trading software. I hope this scam review was very helpful to you and I will suggest you avoid this software as this is nothing for earning money.

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