Opus Formula Review: Find the Ugly Truth Behind This Software

Opus Formula Review: Binary options trading is one of a kind platform where anyone could start from zero level and become a business tycoon. This is the platform that has produced many millionaire till date. Many of those millionaires had no billion dollar background when they began their career in this field. Binary options trading is the platform, where you can become a winner everyday, and a complete loser if you fail to fit in. Most of the new traders fails to reach the horizon of success in this filed due to lack of knowledge in trading and getting trapped by many online scam software.

It is worth mentioning that, a legit auto trading software is very much beneficial in training of binary options. Experienced or novice, anyone can make use of such tool to boost up their earning from the binary options trading. Unfortunately, many scammers are taking the advantages of such demand of automated trading robots in the trading field to catch newbies as their prey. Experienced traters would easily identify any kind of scam software. But, if you are a beginner with less knowledge about the platform, you are far vulnerable to get scammed. So, it is highly suggested to read the below scam review carefully, and protect yourself from getting trapped by the scammers.

Opus Formula Review – Cheap Scam Busted!

No matter how active those scammers are in creating online traps, we always have got back to you all. This time, we have come with one of the cheapest scam attempts that caught our attention recently. The scam software is called Opus Formula. As usual, we are all set to provide the sufficient evidence to support our claims.  So, below here are the main factors that are concerned with the scam attempts of the Opus Formula auto trading software.

Paid Actors to Play Millionaire:

Here we go exposing one of the most common factors about scammers. That is the use of paid actors in order to play the owner of the system. In the Opus Formula, we can see a paid actor introduced himself as Mr. Formula Lex Simmons Jr. the owner of the system. As we seriously doubt his existence with this identity, we tried our best to track him down over the world wide web. In the era of dot com, everyone is connected with one or other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc.

We have used this fact, and tried searching for information related to Mr. Lex Simmons Jr. all over the web. As expected, we did not find anything related to binary options trading in the name of Lex Simmons, neither we found anything related to the real identity of Lex Simmons over the social media websites. The reality is, there are many cheap actors available in various web-based platforms like Fiver.com who are willing to lie about anything for only $5 bucks.

These paid actors are very good in making fake testimonials, promotional videos, etc. for anyone who pays them. And, they are really cheap. Same thing you can expect with the Opus Formula owner, as the person does not exist in reality with the identity shown in the Opus Formula promo video.

Unearthly Profits from Opus Formula:

Let’s get to another level of scam, that is concerned with the earning amount from the scam system. Every scammers will be showing you the unearthly earning amounts such as $6k/day, $10k/day, and even more! Think about it, if you are able to earn $10,000 in a day using just an auto robot without even lifting a finger, you would become a millionaire within a few months. And, the Opus Formula is claiming to make you exactly the same. Every scammer barks the same story of profit like you can see in the Opus Formula.

During the promo video of the Opus Formula, Mr. Fake Simmons is claiming to earn you at least $10k per day. Initially, he claimed that he had earned almost 30 million dollars using his innovative auto trading software in one year. Further more he claimed to make money from his tool average of $10 k in a day, and now he is exposing the secret to all. He even claimed, he does not care how other trading experts would consider his actions. And, here we don’t find any logic so far.


Keeping our feet on the ground, to mentioned the reality, even a Wall Street Tycoon like Jamie Dimon does not earn as such amount of money as claimed by alleged Lex Simmons. The Chairman, President, and CEO of the JP Morgan Chase earns as gross as $27 million dollars according to The New York Times. Here comes the biggest question, Mr. Lex Simmons is earning more than the Wall Street kingpins Jamie Dimon? If you digest such kind of lies, you have no future in the binary options trading. And, that’s where you need to keep your hands off from the scam software like Opus Formula and many other.

The Cheap Looking Opus Formula Website:

If you have visited the official website of Opus Formula, you must have noticed how pathetic the site looks. If someone is earning $30 million from his system per annum, why would he keep his million dollar website like a trash can? In the entire website, all you can monitor are the poorly fabricated video presentation, the registry section, and a continuously popping up spam window. There is not even a glance of profession about the so-called official website of Opus Formula.


There is no FAQ section from where you would know about the system more precisely, no customer support that could be helpful regarding any issue while using the system, no proper endorsement we could freely trust on, and no proper explanation of how the system works. The website completely looks like a third grade ruined piece of work by some dropped out the developer who knows nothing about website developing.

Now, coming to conclude, if the system really generates $10 k per day and the owner of the system making $30 million annually, his money making the website would look far much better and professional. Ultimately, the appearance of the website itself shows the red flag that you should stay away of.

The Spam Pop Up Window:

Generally, a professional or legitimate software and its official website would explain every crucial factors about the system honestly and very professionally. They would not simply try to lure you with illogical profits and lifetime opportunity to change your life just like that. Neither they would spam you every now and then, forcing you to register to their fake system. Regrettably, in the Opus Formula website, one more fishy activity we have encountered is the frequently showing up annoying spam window that asks you to register to the system right away.

No matter how many times you close the spam window, it will show up on your computer screen again and again. We are 100% sure that this irritating thing was created to convince the users registering with it before they change their mind. And, no professional trading tool would force you to do that. So, Opus Formula is a 100% scam software and be-careful with it.

Never Reached 100 Plays Till Today?

In the beginning of the promo video, it was clearly stated that the video is exclusively available for only a few viewers and will be deleted from the site after 100 views. Irony is that, you can still play and view the video even though it has been there for months. It’s just unbelievable that the video haven’t got 100 views worldwide all these weeks since its launch. Matter of fact, it was never an exclusive and rare video, nor was meant to be removed after 100 plays. This is actually a very common trick to force the users thinking that they are about to lose the great opportunity if they don’t take action right immediately.


No matter how many plays and views the video gets, it will be still right there trying to lure another prey online. Unfortunately, if you get manipulated by such trick, register to the scam system, and make the deposit the initial amount of $250 to the broker affiliated with the scam tool, you will be regreting for that lately.

Only 1 Single Spot Available in Your Country?

Another tricky scam that caught our attention is the available spots in each country. Which means you are the one lucky person to get the opportunity in your entire country. Don’t get excited just yet. Firstly, find out the truth behind this tricky scam. This kind of tricky offer is created to make you feel like you are the only one who is about to get the opportunity to become a millionaire and the opportunity can be taken by someone else in no time, so you must be hurry.


In reality, the single available spot has been there since its very first creation and was never meant be the exclusive or only single piece. Even though many of the users have already got trapped to this scam and registered with the system, the 1 spot is still right there. This is one of the most effective scam tricks to manipulate the amateur users who are looking for a chance to make quick money. We consider this as a big red flag.


There are more factors we could expose that clearly indicates the scam activity of the Opus Formula trading software. Even the testimonial video footage are all made by the fiver paid actors. Every single thing about the Opus Formula is fake. We  strongly suggest you to keep the distance from this kind of scam software and choose a legitimate auto trading bot wisely to pursue your success in the Binary Options Trading.

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