7* Orion Code Review : $100,000 Dollars Scam Busted Out!!!

Orion code is a new scam binary options trading software that has been developed by Edward Robinson who claimed to be the Wall Street Wizard and a multi-millionaire. He has made some bogus claims in the video which we will discuss in a while and expose this new cheat.

As it is a scam I suggest you not to invest your money on it since the scammer’s main intention behind this system is to steal your money and disappear. They even try to grab the attention of innocent traders by saying that with the Orion Code you can make $100,000 in the next 30 days.

Is Orion Code Review a Scam? Read Full Review!


Orion Code is the newer version of the old scam Quantum Code and they are promoting this new software with a different name and different actors. After doing a close research I have found some serious evidence which I will show you so I suggest you go through this review.

Why is Orion Code a Scam?

Orion code claims to give you $100,000 in just 30 days which is quite impossible in real binary options trading. Such claims are common in scams and most of the scammers make such promises to attract innocent people. So it will be better if you avoid such kind of bogus software as that will help you not to fall into their trap and become bankrupt.

If you see the website then you will find that there is nothing interesting about this website as it is a fake and cheap looking as compared to other real websites of binary options trading. This website looks suspicious and I would advise you not to invest your money in it by getting influenced by the invitation to join their software whenever you visited the Orion code website.

Video Presentation: Same old Trick!

If you have visited the website of Orion Code then you will find a promotional video where you will find lots of fake claims and all the scam indications. After watching Orion Code’s promotional video it reminded me of the promotional video of software by the name Quantum code where they show you similar claims. This clearly indicates that all the claims are the lie and their main goal is to steal the money from innocent people and disappear.


As I have compared both the promotional videos I was surprised to find the similarities. Both of them started in a similar fashion like flying with private jets, showing a rented office and some luxurious houses which are totally meant for attracting the newbie in order to steal their money.

Even though it seems the owner and the other office staffs are different people but it is without a doubt a total scam since all the people who are working in the office are all actors who have been paid by the scammers in order to act in the video.

Does Edward Robinson Really Exist?

In the video of Orion Code you will find a man named Edward Robinson who claims to be the owner of Orion Code software who introduces himself as the “Wall Street Wizard”, “The Millionaire Trader” and “The Nicest Rich Guy in the World” those words are just like the way the owner of Quantum Code Michael Crawford introduces himself. Surprisingly even the dialogues are quite same.


Surprisingly even the dialogues are quite same.

This shows that the video is totally scripted by the same scammers and the actors are performing for them as they have been surely paid a good amount of money. So, the story of Orion Code software is just a made up story made by the scammers.

Fake Algorithm

If we talk about the Algorithm of Orion Code then I would say that it is all imaginary. The developers of the Orion Code software claims that the software works with some sophisticated algorithm called the Near Orion Speed that makes their system faster and beats everyone else. So, according to them, it is faster than the other trading software which I believe is totally not true.


In my opinion, I would say that the software is totally fake as they keep on bragging about how fast the software works as compared to others. Moreover, if you see then the owner of Orion code claims that their software does not have any connection with other binary options trading systems that makes it more suspicious.

One of Edward’s partner and the developer claims that the software doesn’t analyze the market trends but just rely upon its super fast technology to find out the right trades but I don’t think that is possible logically because without analyzing the market it is not possible to find the right trading signal.

Bogus Testimonies

If you have visited the website of Orion Code then you will find many testimonials given by some members. When I made an investigation of these testimonials I found that this was a complete rip off of the testimonials found in the member’s area of Quantum Code.

You can compare both the testimonials section and find that out for yourself. You can clearly see in the picture I gave here that the names Mark Abrahams and Robert Anderson are used again and again but with different photos.

More Fake Claims

You may have seen that the owner and the people in the videos are claiming that their software has been active for the past 10 years that is since the year 2006.


If you check in who.is you will find that it says something else. The results in who.is say that the website was just registered on 2016-10-20 that means in the month of October.


Final Verdict: Avoid this Scam!!!

In my opinion, just avoid the Orion Code as this is just another dirty way to lose your money. This software is totally not to be trusted and you should not invest your money on it and become one of their victims as their main goal is to steal all your hard earned money and disappear. So, you must stay away from these scammers at any cost and look for a better platform and invest your money.

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