Passive Income Bot Scam Review : Carl Razinski’s Software Busted !!

Are you thinking about investing with Passive Income Bot? Well, I suggest you go through our Passive Income Bot review article first. Here is latest automated software for online trading in the binary options market, Passive Income Bot Scam. The surprising thing is, mostly the online trading systems are fraud as to attract the new traders and capture their money. What do you expect this software to be? Is Passive Income Bot a scam or legit? I have caught some of the scam factors of this software. So, before you trade with this system, make sure you read all the post properly.

Behind their innocent faces, there is a scam face hiding that makes the binary market harmful. Passive Income Bot is such software that tries to lure especially the newbie. Please wait and read this review patiently as I will disclose all the cheaters and frauds who are trying to eat your money.

What Is Passive Income Bot A Scam ? Important Review !!

Passive Income Bot Review

The Passive Income Bot App is new automated binary trading software. All the testimonials are not at all real as they are just a bogus. The main scammer behind this software is Carl Razinski who makes fake promises and claims like to earn $50,000 per month and that also absolutely free. The developer claims that you can earn huge dollars after joining with this system.

Passive Income Bot Profits

I have tried the demo of this Passive Income Bot software which exactly works like playing a video game, but in actual, they are not real. Seeing their videos and testimonies I have realized that it is not at all real as they only try to catch new and honest traders to chop off their money. So, be very careful before you trade with this software. Instead of getting huge profits you might lose hard earned money if you trade with this software.

Passive Income Bot Review: Everything you need to know!!!!!

Carl Razinski is the main developer of this interesting software. So, I will not discuss how the software works but will directly point out and disclose all the scam software of Passive Income Bot App. I guess many of you are still thinking, what is the main issue to call it fake software? If you are still wondering then here is everything you need to know. So, let us check out the Passive Income Bot review with evidence….

Fake Owner of Passive Income Bot Exposed !!

Carl Razinski claims himself to be the owner and CEO of Passive Income Bot Software. He says that he left his job as maths and computer teacher and started his journey with this automated software. So, Mr. Carl along with his partner Mark Foster started a journey to earn money online. Well, the entire sayings are just a story said by Mr. Carl. Nothing is real about him and his partner. They both made up many stories and brought it to you as if it’s real.

Passive Income Bot CEO

In the Passive Income Bot review video, Mr. Carl talks about some equations and algorithm which could change and forecast seasons. Well, these are all a planned story just to attract new traders. The CEO of this software exists only in a dream as I have been searching for him in many social media as well as Google but he was not found. He is just a paid actor who can do any acting to get cash in return.

The Demo mode of Passive Income Bot is like a video game:

Like I have said above that the demo mode of the Passive Income Bot does not work out, but you can play it like a video game. The fact is, this demo mode can be experienced even during Sundays that made me doubt about this software. Had it been genuine software then even the demo mode would not have been working on the weekend. So, how can you trust such false software which works on weekends too?

The Passive Income Bot Software Works on Automated Mode – Not at all true:

Mr. Carl Claims that Passive Income Software works on fully auto-pilot mode, as well as a manual mode which means no need to work hard. Just sit at home and click the autopilot option, automatically you will be earning huge dollars. Do you believe it? Well, this is the biggest lie I have ever come across. I mean, can you imagine earning huge profits without any sweat.

Everyone will surely love to earn money without doing anything, but that was never possible. Their website is very cheap which gives all the false information of earning 50,000 dollars only investing $250. So, the software neither works in an auto pilot mode nor a manual mode. The website itself is a real bogus.

Passive Income Bot Scam

Fake Passive Income Bot Video Testimonials:

The video’s, reviews and testimonials that are seen in the official Passive Income Bot website are complete lies. They are found nowhere, neither in Google nor in other social media like Facebook or Twitter. All these three peoples seem to look happy to sign up with this software and earned huge money. In actual, they are stock models who have been hired by the scammers of this software to rob your money. O, it would be very convenient if you stay far from such fraud software.

Bogus Live Trade Results:

This is another cheap live trade results to lure the new traders and snatch your money. Just try logging in to their official website you will come to know the real truth. Live trade result is just a part of their lies.

Passive Income Bot Results

The Passive Income Bot developer only speaks about earning money huge dollars but never speaks clearly how the software works. After all, they do not have any genuine system then how can they explain to you how the software works. They are just trying to attract at least few traders and even if you trade with$250 you will not get back your money. This means the entire website and the system are false.

Update :- ASAF WEINSTEIN is the Scammer Behind This Software !!

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The Passive Income Bot’s Founder’s real name is ASAF WEINSTEIN. He is from the middle east. Asaf Weinstein is the main man behind this Passive Income Bot and the Blog called He has released many scam software and made traders lose their cash. We have secretly monitored him and his activities and finally caught him red-handed. Never trust this Patrick AKA Asaf and his binary blog He is a scammer. Never join this Passive Income Bot scam.

Passive Income Bot Founder

The Real Verdict – Passive Income Bot is 100% SCAM !!

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that Passive Income Bot is an extremely scam system. All the testimonials, reviews and evidence that I have proved is enough to bring this software’s real face. Never think to deal with this software as they are purely dangerous. If any of your dear ones is thinking to trade with this Passive Income Bot system, then warn them from before.

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