Pay My Vacation Review: Beware of this Jack James Scam Software!

Pay My Vacation Review: Pay My Vacation is the most useless and worthless software that claims 100% profits in binary options trading. This is the worst scam I have encountered till today and you should never invest your hard earn money in this website even if anyone claims that it will make your rich overnight.

Pay My Vacation Review – Is Scam or Legit System?


It is actually ridiculous to learn that you can earn $17,000 per day and become a billionaire just in a week or so. So, if you are trying to find out why the website is not at all genuine then just go through this article as I have listed all the loopholes that make it a perfect scam system.

Missing Website

Pay My Vacation is a newly launched software which is created for binary options trading but in reality, this will just ruin your trading career before you can actually begin. The website is missing and this is enough to prove that there must have been some online issues which led to the website being shut down.

Also the amount f negative feedbacks and hate comments on YouTube and by popular review sites bring about the conclusion that the software is good for nothing.

Suspicious Owner

The narrator Jack James who is supposedly using a fake name claims to be living a successful and luxurious life. He is supposedly earning around $17,000 and $37,000 every day even while he is on vacation which is totally not possible in real life binary options trading.


This is just a fake story made to fool people and moreover, the narrator is nowhere to be found even on popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter or business sites like LinkedIn. If he is a real person then we would have found his professional details but there is no sign of this person Jack James who is undoubtedly a fraud character sharing all kinds of disgusting wrong ideas about binary options trading.

Promotional Video

To be honest the promotional video has also disappeared with the website. So, I made a little investigation of the video on YouTube and found the video to be a perfect example of a scam video which has nothing true to offer.

As expected it began with all the glamorous details and all the things which can be achieved when you become a millionaire. There is actually nothing related to binary options trading except a demo which included a wrong way of trading style which is completely not acceptable in binary options trading.

Pay My Vacation has no particular Algorithm

The software has no particular algorithm and the narrator just went on speaking on the surface about how to make a trade using the Pay My Vacation software. This is a common thing which I encounter whenever I try to expose a fake software.

The demo trade showed a very peculiar way of making a trade and the trade result was not also at all similar to binary options trading. This proves that whoever came up with the idea of this software is not completely aware of real binary options trading style. All I can say is that the software is not at all a trusted system.


There are more errors in this software as they are actually showing mathematical mistakes while showing the profits that can be generated from the business. For example in the payouts shown in the picture below with the investment of the $50 are totally not as per binary options trading.

Suspicious Testimonials

The video showed some cheap testimonials that completely proved that the people were just making up stories just to fool new traders. These people are undoubtedly fake actors and they probably got paid for giving fake testimonies about the websites and also for claiming to have become millionaires just after a single investment.

For example, the woman above is shown to be making an exaggerated claim about her earnings and about her fake trading career with Pay My Vacation. She is supposedly having $1.3 million in her account but we are not told how such amount can be earned in such a casual way.


Other Fake Claims

One very lame thing about the software is that Jack James seems to make a claim that the software is about 2 years old and that people have been earning in millions for these 2 years. But when I made an investigation about the domain age of the website in and I found that the website has been registered on 2016-06-14 that is in the month of June of this year.

This is clearly visible that the claims about the age of this software are false and they are just trying to sell you a fake a story. Just look at the picture below for the proof.


VERDICT: Stay Away from Pay My Vacation!!!

If you are a new binary options trader then you should stay far away from this software at any cost. There is nothing authentic or reliable about this software and you need to avoid it to avoid misfortune and getting trapped into the vicious cycle of the scammers who are behind this system.

Moreover, there is a number of better automated trading software which can give you the best trading experience and a reliable service. There is no need to indulge into trading with such new and suspicious software which has no guarantee at all and Pay My Vacation is a perfect example of a money loo\sing system that will only give you disappointments.

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