Polygraph Millionaire Review; Scam or NOT? Find Out!!

I don’t know if you remember the recent scam by the name Lie Detector Millionaire which fooled a huge number of people. Well, the people behind this scam are back once again with just another name for the software now calling it the Polygraph Millionaire App which is just another new software designed to fool you.

Polygraph Millionaire App is SCAM? Honest Review!polygraph-millionaire

The Polygraph Millionaire App is just some kind of affiliate marketing program which is being promoted as a binary options program and you should avoid this software in every way possible if you are a seriously trying to start a career in binary options trading.

So what are the signs which indicate that this software is a scam?

The Polygraph Millionaire App’s website, first of all, looks cheap and it is hard to assume that this website can help people become a millionaire. This website is clearly an open invitation to disaster for innocent traders.

You will not find anything on the website other than the promotional video and such thing happen only in scam websites. You can never gain access to any kind of support system or customer service team on the website and until and unless you have registered with this software it remains ambiguous and suspicious.

This is not how you do any kind of business deals or any financial trading in such a very casual manner will lead to very unpleasant outcomes.

Rubbish Promotional video

The promotional video shown on the website is just another god for nothing video made to trick people into believing that they are dealing with the right system. From costly sports car to huge mansions and everything unaffordable in common terms the video is a perfect example of a scam.


The scammers have used all sorts of unwanted and intolerable techniques to make this video productive and the software looks genuine but on the other hand, these techniques have been used again and again by scammers. Just because of the person, this time is seating in front of the polygraph machine and proving himself as an innocent online businessman doesn’t mean this story has truth.

You cannot just trust a random person online and believe a scripted video which is talking about money because that would be the most stupid thing to do online. Even if you are to take any important step I would recommend you go through a thorough background check.

Who is Daniel Wilkins and who is this X-Trader?

Daniel Wilkins is the alleged owner of the Polygraph Millionaire App who seems to promote this software which according to him was developed by his friend the trading and software genius X-Trader.

He himself have claimed in the video that he is doing a marketing for his friend’s software and it’s quite clear that he has no issue in lying or acting in front of the camera. Also, the genius X-Trader never feature on the video and this makes it all the more suspicious.


Although this person is not available in fiverr.com or any other freelancing website it is clear that he has been paid by the scammers to do this dirty job of theirs. He is quite expert in conning people and this is proved by his exceptional acting.

Moreover, he is the same person who features in the Lie Detector Millionaire promotional video and presents the video. This is another evidence to prove that he is quite experienced in this online business of fooling people and looting their money.

He is unavailable on Facebook or any other social media websites and this again proves how clean their work history is. Such fraudsters are just there to trick you online and disappear without any trace leaving you all stranded.

What kind of algorithm has been used in this software?

Although Daniel boasts about his imaginary friend X-Trader when I made a brief research about this software developer I once again returned empty-handed.

Both these people are missing and so is the algorithm of the software. Daniel introduces X-Trader to us as a very successful trader and software developer whose software he is promoting in order to make people earn with this software.

On the online binary options scam scenario this is a cliché and in general, there is no particular algorithm that makes the software work. You are just dealing with some kind of a white label software available online which can BR customized into any desirable design which the scammers prefer.

Obvious Scam Signs!

The most unrelated thing about this software is the fact that you can earn around $400,000 per month and the number keeps on increasing. As you stay logged in to the website you will see that the amount will keep on increasing and reach a very unpredictable position which becomes quite unbelievable and funny in the real sense.


Such claims are found in almost every scam and this is just another desperate attempt to make people believe that they can actually make such a nonsense amount of money every month with this software.

Final Verdict: Polygraph Millionaire App is a Disastrous Scam!

With all the evidence given above, I will never suggest this software even to my worst enemies. This software has the capability to ruin a happy family and bring misfortune to innocent people who wants to start trading.

I recommend you to go through the list of well known automated trading software which can help you to experience real binary options trading and not just fall into the trap of some kind of affiliates marketing and lose your money.

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