Profit 4 Patriots Review: Big Scam Software, Proved by Shane!

Have you ever come across a newly launched Binary Options Trading software called Profit 4 Patriots, or P4P? If yes, you might get impressed by its professional looking website and the promises they make to the users. Making it straight forward, Profit 4 Patriots is just an another good looking scam software that has the potential to manipulate innocent novice traders.

If you are new in the Binary Options Trading industry, you are very vulnerable to be preyed by the scammers behind all the scam system like Profit 4 Patriots.

Is Profit 4 Patriots a Scam? Read P4P Honest Review!!


Reading our honest review on Profit 4 Patriots will save your $$$$ as well as will teach you to analyze a scam software. Thus, if you encounter any scam software in the future, you will be well aware of the truth.

Profit 4 Patriots Review – Scam Software Revealed!!

Right after you land on the official site of Profit 4 Patriots, you will see a promo video is embedded with a quote that says “Watch the video banned by every major TV network.” You don’t need to watch the video right away. Just mind the quote. It says the video that promotes the system has been banned from reputed TV networks. This means the system was on the news. There must be a news article with big heading about Profit 4 Patriots.

If anything such incident happened, it should be on the internet. Google it and find it. Unfortunate to say, Profit 4 Patriots has no such records as they mentioned in that quote. The quote was fabricated just make an impact on clients mind. A trick of scam indeed.

This is just a small factor that indicates the scam attempt of Profit 4 Patriots Binary Options trading software. We have dragged out more factors that shall reveal the fraudulent activity of Profit 4 Patriots.

Who is the Owner of Profit 4 Patriots?

As seen in the promo video, the owner of this fraudulent system is Douglas Ward. You can see him giving an interview. We are well confident this guy is just a paid actor. He is not even good in acting. Observe his eyes and body language while talking. His act of hard trying is pretty visible on his face. However, we didn’t find him in So we can’t confidently say that this guy is a Fiverr actor.


But when we tried a little hard to know about this guy’s existence, we got some factors to analyze. In the Live Chat section, we have asked their Consultant online namely Andrew about the owner of the Profit 4 Patriots.


Andrew was pretty much responsive in answering. As you can see in the above screenshot image, when I asked about the owner, Andrew answered within a minute. Then we have tried a little trick and asked if we can follow the owner in any kind of social media site. Andrew is gone. He simply stopped replying us.

Nevertheless, we tried to find Douglas Ward in Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. The name Douglas Ward is found but it was not the guy we were looking for. Because the Douglas Ward is just a made up name and the person seen in the video is not Douglas Ward. That’s the reason Andrew stopped responding to our question.

Fake User Testimonials

They say, their wealthy members can’t stop talking about them. There is a user testimonial section with some of the user profiles. The profiles are fabricated very well. They mentioned the names, images, opinions, contact email ID, etc. We have picked one of these users to analyze if the users are real.


The user profiles are fabricated using fake images, fake names, and even those email IDs are fake. The email addresses are embedded with a link that supposed to direct to the email account of these users. But if you click on the linked email IDs, that drives to a blank page. Does it make any sense?


We have even asked the consultant Andrew about the fake profile images and asked if I may trust them. He says surely we can trust the system. But the again skipped explaining the fake user profiles.

The Live Chat Support?

Yes, that is responsive enough. We have discussed earlier that the live chat customer support is pretty much responsive and been answering to our questions instantly. This kind of quick response may give a positive impact on user’s mind. But, if you know the right question to ask, you can easily reveal that all the factors and facilities are just fabricated to manipulate the novice traders.

An experienced trader would catch their scam activity very easily. But, if  you are new to this field, you very much vulnerable to get lured by this smart scam artists.

How The P4P System Works?

There is a FAQ section that answers several questions regarding the Profit 4 Patriots. But does the questions and answers really provide anything useful? The most important concern a trader would make regarding an automated trading tool is how the system works to generate profits.


There is  no proper explanation on what algo the P4P system is working to generate beneficial signals. They say users can trade both in autopilot and manual method using the system. They also say that their system provides 15 signals a day with 100% winning rate.

If we look back to the history of Binary Options Trading industry, there is no single record of 100% winning neither by a highly experienced trader nor by any regulated high quality automated trading tool. In short, trading with 100% a winning in this platform is just not possible. And, if anyone claims to achieve that, it’s a piece of lie.

Final Verdict – Never Register to P4P

All the factors we have mentioned till now concludes only one thing. The Profit 4 Patriots auto trading tool is a scam. It was perfectly developed to manipulate and convince the inexperienced traders to register with it. If you are planning to make the career in the Binary Options Trading platform, you should stay away from this kind of scam system.

It will not only steal your hard-earned money but also puts you in depression. You could end up getting bankrupt relying on scam software like Profit 4 Patriots.

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