Prove My Profits Review – Big Scam Software, Just Out!

Prove My Profits is the newest automated trading software in binary options platform; this software is making so many claims and promises to prove their authentication. The video testimonial present in their website shows us that the owner of the software shows us how the company works and how one should get benefited through their software. In the video, he tells us that his company is doing this work for the last ten years, and with that experience and programming, they have created an algorithm, that enables them to analyze and predict the correct trade in binary options.

In that video, he also describes that how one can earn $2000 per day through this software. They are also showing some of the transaction from the accounts of their investors. In the phone call section of the video, one of the investors tells that he has made $1500 within 3 hours of his registration and they also promise you that all your profits are secured in their website. So in this article, I am going to review Prove My Profits and will show you that this company is a scam or not.

Prove My Profits Scam Software Review

Product Prove My Profits
Developer Ted Morgan
Review by Shane
Rating 1/5
Verdict Scam Software
Price Min Deposit $250 ( Ready to Loose)

Prove My Profits Review – Scam or Legit?

The Royce is scam software; the main motive behind creating this software is to trap new and upcoming traders. The face as well as the CEO Richard Royce, whom you have seen in the video testimonial, is not the actual owner of the software. When I investigated about him, I found that he is an actor, who does this kind of scam videos for money. The original master planners of this setup are working behind the shadow of Richard Royce.

The kind of over the limit promises and claims from the owners of the company has created this doubts about their authentication. In the testimonial video, the owner of the company tell us that how you can earn $2000 per day with the help of their automated trading software, he also make the fake call move at one portion of the video, and the client told him that he had earned $1500 within 3 hours of registration. These kind of unrealistic earnings are not possible in binary options. The owner claimed that the company is 19 years old, but no one has ever heard or worked with this company. So, I am going to show you some evidence, so that you could understand that this software is a scam.

Prove My Profits Review (scam) – Handful of Evidences:

Prove My Profits is 100% scam software, every claim, and promise made by them are not possible in the binary options trading system. After I am gone through some the important facts about this company and binary options, I found that these unrealistic profits are not possible in binary options. The only motive by the developers of the software is to trap traders, so that in the name of investment they can loot them from their precious hard earned cash. The following are the evidence which will prove Royce Code Software as a scam.

Ted Morgan Owner – A Scam Artist:

The CEO of Prove My Profits shown in the video is not the real owner of the company, and he is just a face used for this scam idea. When I investigated about the CEO, then I found out that he is just an actor, who does these kinds of scam videos for a handful of money. When I searched about the owner of the company, I found nothing. I have also tried to locate them on the social networking sites, but I didn’t found any traces of their existence. But in the end I found out that the real name of the CEO is Kevin S. Martin, and he is a professional actor, he also has a website about him. So you can’t trust a company without a real owner.

Non-Viable Earning- Popular Sing of Fraud:

The most important trick of a scam company is that they trap people with their false promise of huge earnings through their automated software. The owner of the company has claimed that one person can earn up to $2000 per day, with the help of their automated trading software. But the owner of the software doesn’t know that these unrealistic earnings are not possible in binary options trading.

Fake Accounts – Old Trick of Scam:

In one portion of the video testimonial, the CEO has shown us account details of one of their traders with a transaction of a daily basis. The kind of huge transactions showed in the account is not possible in the binary options trading system. If someone earns that much amount, then anybody can be a millionaire in a few months. So, this is just only a set up to attract new trades.

Fake Clients – Just a Scam Setup:

In the video, you have seen two clients associated with this software telling us the experience and the profits they have made with Royce Code software. But when I investigated about them I found that they are also actors just like its CEO. For some handful of money, they are doing this video so that the traders watching this video actually believe in their claims. So that it would be easy to trap them.

Fake Calls – Nicely Scripted Scam Move:

In the video, we have seen that the owner of the software calls the traders and wanted to know about the profits made by the trader associated with this company. Then the trader named Steven told him on the loud speaker that he has earned $1500 within 3 hours of registration. But these phone calls are all setup because this kind of fast gaining of money is not possible in the binary options trading system. So don’t trust these fake moves with any investment thoughts.

Prove My Profits Review- The Last Thoughts:

Prove My Profits software is scam trading software, all the promises, and claims made by the owner of the company are false and fake. From the earnings to the accounts of their clients are all setup, to just trap traders, so that these scam companies can get profited by their hard earned cash. So comment below if you want to add something regarding the above-written article so that your thoughts can help us in writing more about this scam software.

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