Push Money App Review – Software Scam or Legit?

Push Money App ReviewPush Money App is a binary options trading system that claims to make you profits of more than $1,000 in an hour. Yeah! you read it right. It is the trading system that creates a lot of buzzes lately in the binary options trading industry. However, all those buzzes had gone to the wrong direction as I have come to know the real fact about the binary options trading system.

It’s really an unfortunate that such systems like Push Money App who claims many promises to its users are nothing but a scam. All the promises and claims they have made to attract the trader’s attention, all are bogus and the system is not reliable to do trade with them.

Push Money App Review – Scam Exposed!

Push Money App Review

In this Push Money App Review, I will share with you all the evidence and fake promises that they have made. Read this exclusive ‘Push Money App Review’ and get yourself and others aware of such scams in the binary options trading.

Push Money App Software –  Scam or Worth?

Push Money App is an automated binary options trading system which helps you to make some extra money with less effort as they said. When I try to look for more information about the trading system software and market type analysis, unfortunately, I got nothing in my hand. However, it is known that Dennis Moreland & Mike Callahan are alleged to be the owner of this system.

And now I have the enough evidence that tells me the self-claimed owners are merely paid actors and they have no connection with the binary options trading market. Not only that, the self-claimed owners tells us that they have a huge successful trading career in the binary options trading and this new auto trade system created by them has already helped many small beta testers group by paying them a huge amount of money. Unfortunately, there is no acknowledgement about any experienced beta testers.

Why is the Push Money App System a Scam?

Push Money App system is a scam and I have enough evidence now to prove it. When you sign up with the PushMoneyApp.com website with just providing your name and email address, they have deposited a bonus of $10,000 into your trade account. Well, that’s really a horrible promise which is in real nothing but a trap. No legit binary options trading company or the system will never promise like that. So, it’s the first evidence. Read more to get to know about more pieces of evidence.

The Fake Cheque Trap:

They just wanted to violate people like other scams systems do. Here on pushmoneyapp.com, a person named Jack Harwick seen with carrying a cheque of some big amount. The cheque has mentioned the date of 12th April 2015. But, the real fact is, on 2015 there was no company named Push Money App.

Interestingly, this scam system was created in the month of January 2016 and I found it after inspecting the domain name of the website on the web. So, how can they offer a cheque which carries a date before the company created? So, it clearly says that all are a big lie. The cheque is totally fake, a clean photoshop work and a scam just like the system. This is another vital evidence against them.

No genuine Address or Location:

The Push Money App company has no genuine location mentioned on the website. They are totally hiding their address from public. A legit company will definitely have a genuine location and a detailed address on the web. When I try to locate them on Google, I will get nothing. Simply they have no address on the web.

Generally, fraud companies are doing this kind of activity and try to hide from the public just like the way Push Money App company did. So, again this point supports that they are a scam system and unreliable.

The Bonus Conditions are too much risky:

As compared to any legit binary options trading company, the $10,000 bonus condition is totally baseless and symbol of a big scam. It’s just a trap to attract a number of investment from the public. Don’t just carried away with their promises.

Meet the owners or I can say paid actors:

The owners Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan don’t even exist in real. They do not have any identity over the social media where most of the legit traders or companies head officials are being active. The so called owners have no other identity other than the Push Money App website. Actually, they are paid actors and all scams system are hiring such actors from the web. So, this s just a normal routine work for them.

Paid actors

Even they have posted fake testimonials in the website which easily can be determined that they are fake. In one of the testimonials, a person claims that her trade account would just get profited with $10,000 within 4 hours and she will be seen too much delighted. Well, the truth is no genuine binary options trading system would get you that much profit in 4 hours. It’s just a daydream. And interestingly, that same person had seen talking about another scam system with a different name. So, it’s totally clear that they all are paid actors.

Push Money App Review – Conclusion:

A fully scam system, Push Money App. Stay away from it as far as possible. Do not even thinking of doing trade with them. Rather go for a legitimate binary options trader from which you can earn some decent profit.

If you have any kind of suggestions or queries, feel free and write to us here in the comment section.

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