1* Quantum Code Review : 100% Scam Or Real? Find Truth Here!!

Quantum code is a nothing but a fake binary options trading software that pretends to be genuine. When you check thoroughly about the software, you will definitely find the software as scam one. The owner of Quantum Code Michael Crawford said that he bought a private jet with the help of his software, and he wanted us to make lots of cash through his binary options trading software.

Honest Quantum Code Review

In his promotional video, all he tries to do is make us join to his company by showing all the wealth. However, this isn’t going to happen at all, because we have found many genuine and valid proofs to call this software as a scam.

What are the Valid Evidences to Call Quantum Code as Scam Software:

Our team has investigated about this software very nicely, and then we finally come to the conclusion that Quantum Code is Scam software. The valid proofs are given below.

1). The Owner of Quantum Code Software is Fake

Michael Crawford who claimed himself as the owner of Quantum Code is originally an actor who goes around acting for other people especially for promoting other website product and services. To proof this statement right you can check by yourself at Terran Capital official website, he is the same person who is found to be promoting fake software at Quantum Code and Terran Capital. Well, how can he promote other software when he claimed that he is the owner of Quantum code, only Paid actors does that.


2). Forbes and Other Financial Magazine never mention his name on their Website

At the first scene of his promotional video, you will see Michael Crawford calling himself as the guy who got featured in Forbes and other financial magazines. But, the truth is that, when you search his name on Forbes official website and other popular financial magazine, you won’t find any article about him as the owner of Quantum code.

3). Their official Website is recently created

As you keep watching the promotional video till the end, Michael Crawford said that he have been earning lots of cash for many years and also some of his members had earned the millions dollar. Now, how can he and his member start earning millions of dollar overnight? It was created on 12 June 2016. There is a big question to think about it.


4). The Official VIP Spot Counter Shown in their Website is Fake

When you observe properly at their official website at the bottom corner of the left-hand side, you will find VIP Spot is available around 3, 4 and so on, it keeps decreasing time to time. Well, this not real at all, to prove it you can refresh the homepage and see how many VIP spot rise again. The company is using this tactic to push the customer for quick registration.

Conclusion: Quantum Code Software !!!

Well, this is how Quantum Code developer tries to fool people innocent customer who wants to earn money but ended up in scammer traps like Quantum Code. There is no surprising fact that, why it is call as scam software when you just look at their official website, you won’t find any information about the software as well as about the company like About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and so on.

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