ScopeLeads Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy it!

ScopeLeads Review: Scope Leads software is specially designed for online marketers who are looking to sell their product and services. Scope Lead also helps the customers to find the best online marketing product and their services. Basically, this so-called software named as Scope Lead is made for both online and offline business purpose.

In today’s generation, the competition level in the business sector are quite high, many companies couldn’t survive to compete with other company, as a result, they ended up in great loss. Well, if you don’t want your business to fail then you must try out some new strategy to promote your business across the world.

ScopeLeads Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy it!


The best option you can choose for promoting your business is nothing else but ScopeLeads software.

Basic Information about ScopeLeads:

ScopeLeads software was created by Todd Spears and Lior Ohayon, the product is all set ready to launch on 16 August 2016 at 11:00 am EDT. The expected price of this product will be $37-$57. The most important aspect of the business is how you lead your business, your leading strategy depends on your business expansion. Many companies fail to find a good lead for their business, after all, finding people who actually need your service and easy sell is very tough.

That’s why it is a high time to promote your business with the help of Scope Lead software. This software finds people who actually need your service. For instance, you want to search people who need a dentist, all you have to do is search the people around the world along with the keyword “dentist”. Here the software will scan and display the dentist-client along with their email address. This is the way to find people who actually need your services.

Supposing, you are running a car business, so in order to sell your car, you need to find a buyer. Most usually, as a businessman, you have to advertise your car brand everywhere to catch customer attention. But with the help of this software, you don’t need to do such thing, all you have to do is create an account in scope lead and find many clients who actually want to buy cars.

Features of the Scope Leads Service:

There is some awesome Feature of ScopeLeads that you must know it before you use it. And the features are like-

  1. Instant 50% Commissions Via JVZOO

Now get affiliate and start earning which is very trusty as the payment will be done through JVZOO. So if you have been approved then you can start earning from every sale you make.

  1. Retargeting Leads

Retargeting is the automated action that will be taken care the scope leads to make a sale to them. Only what you have to bring as much as traffic possible into the sale page. And then the automated target will be created for making retargeting campaign and at least making some sale so that you can be benefited as an affiliates.

  1. Premium Copywriting

There is also a copy of some of the successful teams that have to make great profits up to $1,000,000 in the sale and getting the lesson of their work can also train you their success path and you too will make a huge sale.

  1. Swipe E-Mails Ready To Send

There is also a solution to drive traffics using the emails service where Scope Lead is giving you the Email templates that are ready to be send, just copy and paste and get as much as traffic in your sale page.

  1. Customer Support

ScopeLeads is a quality product so making sure the user of this software faces no negative issues while operating it. But in case you had problems, you can clear your doubt with the customer’s service of the Scope leads.

How does ScopeLeads Work?

The below steps will help you to operate ScopeLeads account without any difficulty.

  • First of all, go to campaign section of your scope lead dashboard.
  • After that, you will find different folders for searching leads.
  • So now in a folder, you will find a different category, all you have to do is select any one of it.
  • Say you have select dentist client for your leads, so you have to click on the search button in dentist campaign.
  • Now you will find widgets like Social Lacking, SEO Lacking, Adwords Lacking and Website Lacking.
  • Click any one of the widgets. For instance, you have a select social lacking widget.
  • Once you click the social lacking widget, you have to enter the keyword, the keyword will be a dentist.
  • After that select the city you want to find dentist clients.
  • Now, there will be two search types one is standard search and the other is Auto. In standard search, you can find many clients and you can choose which client should you send an email. On the other hand, the auto search will allow you to send email automatically in a sequence wise like one after another. Select according to your convenient.
  • Assume that you have selected standard search, click on it and the standard search will be in progress. To complete the search it will hardly take around 1-2 minutes.
  • As the search progress is going on, you can look at another section of your dashboard and that is sent templates and send sequences. Here send a template is an option where you can send an email to only one person at a time. On the other hand, send the sequence to give you the option to send email in a series like one after another depending on the date, time or day that you set.
  • By now the search will be complete, so go to the campaign section and you will find all the leads in the list along with their email address, all you have to do is send an email. As you see the list of leads displaying, your work is to send an email to each and every one, the send email option is given in the right corner of the list. Click on the email icon and there will be an option for you to select either through templates or sequence.
  • After you finished to sent the emails, the icon color will change and turn it into green that means it is already delivered.


Well, this is how you find your client using this software, through this Scope Leads software you can also understand your clients demand. Basically, scope leads will definitely improve your business, it is one of the best software for finding clients and providing them your services.

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