Six Figure Method Review – Its Scam System by Ray, Stay Away!!!

Six Figure Method is a brand new scam system that has landed into the Binary Options Market that contains full of lies. This money making scheme is developed by Ray Fisher along with his brother. Ray Fisher starts claiming that his powerful software can carry out the random people’s life change by becoming rich using Six Figure Method system absolutely for free. He also claims that any trader can start earning up to $23,000 per month with the initial deposit of $250. Is this true or it’s just another busted system? Well, in this article, we will be exposing the truth behind this too good to be true offers. So, we would recommend you to read the whole review before making any investments which can lead you to a great loss.

Six Figure Method Scam Review



Six Figure Method a brand new money making scheme is said to be created by Ray Fisher and gives a lot of fake promises to make huge money and also claims that people can become rich in just a short period. Well, now this hard to believe and it is not possible to become rich in short period at least not in real life. How can one make six figures sitting at home? This is totally impossible. The below details will clear your doubts.

Six Figure Method is also said to be an auto trader robot that claims of making $23,000 per month with just a small investment of $250. The website of Six Figure Method on also shows you of only 38 limited spots available for joining the software. Likewise, there are much more claims that make us suspicious and risk to invest with this software. So, we have decided to share with you the lists of scam factors that we have come across during our review so that this warning scam review can be preventive and effective to save you from you from being trapped by this fraudulent software.

Six Figure Method App Scam Factors- Everything you need to know!!!

There are several scam factors that we have come across while reviewing the software. Without taking much of your time, let’s directly check out the listed points below that can help you to understand clearly that Six Figure Method is a scam. Take a look!

Fake Video Presentation

The video presentation is so poor there is no detailed information about the software how it works, and there is no information about the owner provided during the whole video presentation. So, this is clear that Six Figure Method is a scam and cannot be trusted.

Opportunity to earn $276,000 a year: This is Unrealistic Offer!!!

The website offers you an opportunity to make $276,000 in just 12 months from the most comfort of your home and also claims that if you miss out this opportunity, then you would be missing these huge earnings for a lifetime. OMG!! This is real or just a Joke!! Wait, don’t get carried away with this too good to be true offers as it will only drain your account leaving you with complete zero profits.


Fake Reviews: Unrealistic!!

In the official website of Six Figure Method, if you scroll down the page you can also see that the software has posted some positive reviews of its member’s earnings after using this scam software to make it look professional which they think this evidence is enough to lure the new beginners who are looking for a trading tool. All those posted reviews are just fabricated and busted. So, there is nothing you can trust and risk your investment, instead, must avoid!


32 Spots Left in India: Fake Claims – Must Avoid!!

The scammers behind this scam software have created the system in a very cheap manner trying their best to attract the newbie or any experienced by showing very few limited spots of only 32 left on their official website so that these innocent people can get hold of it and join the system in just a click. Whereas, their main intentions are to drain your account by attracting you with limited spots. So, we recommend you to be very careful and stay miles away from such kind of scammy systems that seems to be doubtful as well as offering you good profits possibility out of their phony system.six-figure8

Bogus Testimonials

If you watch the video testimonials of Six Figure Method, you will notice that some people come in front of the camera and start off telling a lie about how the system have changed their life. Overall, a positive reviews or testimonies given by those people are none other than a paid actors hired by those scammers. So, this fake testimonial also proves that Six Figure Method is purely a scam and must avoid.


Fake Owner: Not Trustworthy!!

The owner named himself as Ray Fisher who started claiming that he is the owner of the system. He continuous telling lies and also mention about his background story. He said that he was also a broken person, financial problems where he could not even pay the bills and all blah…blah..goes on.


He goes on saying that he have tried several companies to make six figure and was all in vain. Then he started saying that a 15-year-old article written by Carl Ichan, who is one of the world’s wealthiest investor where he came across a counterintuitive formula which looks simple and brilliant that one can get profits from the Binary Options. He says that after using that formula and in just 6 hours he got his first profit of $109.38. This seems amazing and convincing for one to make money instantly. But let me tell you, this owner who is unknown only offers false promises that seem convincing, but all these claims are all lie. This is not the end, and he kept on saying that within 30 days he have earned $23,281.83. How is this even possible to make such huge profits within a month?


This owner is not providing his real identity and in the video testimony we could only hear the person speaking from behind. So, it is clear that Ray Fisher who claims himself as the owner is fake and he is nowhere exists. The photo you can see the video testimony is just a stock photo, and therefore, we cannot trust this phone owner and all the false claims that he said about the Six Figure Method.

Final verdict: Six Figure Method is Busted!!

Well, the above-mentioned details are enough to understand that Six Figure Method can never make your dream of making six figures in just a few hours or in just a month. All I can say about this Six Figure Method is busted and not trustworthy. Earning $23,000 per month is not possible in reality. Therefore, we would recommend you to stay far away from this dangerous scammy system and trade safe with the proven and trusted binary options.

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