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Snapcash Binary is a newly launched binary options trading software created by Mr. Austin Ford. The company ensures many things like making $1200 on a daily basis which sounds great but is it really possible?

First of all, a consistent income in binary options trading is not possible so it is necessary that you keep away all these thoughts of making such income from this software.

SnapCash Binary Software by Austin Ford!!


The Snapcash Binary is nothing but a scam system and it has to be avoided at any cost. I suggest you go through this review before you take any unnecessary step.

Why is the Snapcash Binary a Scam?

With my previous experience of dealing with scam Softwares, I found certain indications that clearly lead me to the conclusion that they are scams. You will be surprised that most of the strategies that these Softwares used have been used again and again in many fake Softwares and Snapcash Binary is one such example.

The scam indications can be clearly understood by close inspection of the official page of the software. found many uncertain things happening especially in the video promo which clearly reveals that SnapCash Binary is nothing but a dangerous scam.

Evidence of Scam found in SnapCash Binary:

There is various evidence of scam found on the official website of Snapcash Binary. I have listed some of the sure shot scam factors that I found worthy to be portrayed in this review.

Earning $1,200 per day is Scam:

Although mentioned earlier, I found it necessary to mention this factor first of all because this is what I saw when I first opened the web page and it was clearly written on the top of the page. Don’t you think making $1,200 each day is just next to impossible considering this is just a random new software out of nowhere?


There is no doubt that this is just a way to lure innocent traders to make an investment into their software. So, it will be foolish to trust and invest in this software blindly.

Fabricated Video with Paid Actors:

The video promo which is found on the official page of the SnapCash software is really fake looking. If you observe carefully the man who is seen speaking in the entire video is nothing but a paid actor and not the real founder of SnapCash.

For further proof, you can just click open the ‘disclaimer’ given at the bottom of the website and read the entire section. You will find that the entire video is fictitious and has been made to attract traders.


Bragging about luxurious lifestyle:

You will find in the video that the man Austin Ford who claims himself to be the owner of Snapcash Binary is showing some rented office buildings and luxurious cars that are supposedly owned by him.

These are some of the strategies which have been used again and again to fool people. Almost all of the scam software that I have come across employs such techniques and it has become quite funny over time.

Fake Testimonials Another Big Scam Evidence:

In the official page, you will find few persons with names Hans Weber, Adam Meijer and Gabriela Sousa giving reviews and bragging about the profits they earned after joining Snapcash Binary.


When I searched on the internet I did not find any information about these people’s identity.So, it is clear that these photos are just stolen from some other sites or many platforms like Stock Photos.

Showing nice House and Garden – Scam:

After accessing the member’s area of the official website I found another video where the same man appearing in a totally different dress showing his big mansion and a park.

You can see in the picture how he is portraying a lifestyle not relevant to binary options trading and to be honest such show-offs were actually not necessary.


The person is a clever actor but all these acting doesn’t contribute to the trading business and this clearly proves that what you are going to deal here are just fake people who are waiting to steal your money.

Edited Photos of people with Winning Rates!

As I navigate further in the official page I found that there are more fake pictures along with names and winning rate attached to the pictures which look simply funny. This is no doubt a clear indication of a scam that can be easily understood and the profit amount is also fake.


These winning rates are just shown here to make you fall into their trap and to convince you that you are dealing with a really good software. Well, I am not convinced at all seeing such drama and I advise you that it is better you ignore such fake portrayals.


Finally, if you want to trade with any binary options software you must first verify whether the software you are trading with is a trustable one or not. Software like this one make a debut every now and then and will disappear after some months after they got hold of the money from innocent traders who get convinced by their exaggerated claims.

Snapcash Binary is a scam and will not give you any real time earning as mentioned on its official website. Search for a better platform which will give you a trustworthy service a proper support team and which will assign you with licensed brokers. Otherwise, it is not worthy of your time and attention.

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