Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence Review :: Is Agora Financial a Scam Software?

Update: Agora Financial Review by Experts! Are you looking to Join Strategic Intelligence system? Then read my review here: Mr.Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence can be considered as a warning as well as a guide to avoid falling victim to scams and the impending collapse of the dollar which seems more than eminent. The system is designed by Jim Rickard who spent 35 years in investment banking, advising the intelligence service in America on economic matters, authoring bestselling books on finance and economics and now he is the brains behind the Jim Rickards Strategic Intelligence System.

Using the Agora Financial System, Jim Rickard constantly provides investment advice to members of the system on how to invest their money, where to invest it and how to profit from the impending downfall of the American empire and the switch by the International Monitory Fund from using the dollar to New World Money. You may find this unbelievable and think that it is a scam, but this review will give you the information you need to see that it is genuine and there is a lot to profit from it.

Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence Review

The Jim Rickard Strategic Intelligence software is powered by Agora Financial which provides most of the features for this membership. Although the author of the information you will receive is Jim Rickard, you will use the Agora Financial system to access all the features of the membership.

Strategic Intelligence Review

Why is Agora Financial Scam Free System?

Join the Official Website here: – Pro.AgoraFinancial.com 

Subscription Only: This is a subscription only membership in which you need to sign up online and pay the subscription fee in order to have access to all the information you need to make plans and take action to survive the economic meltdown.

3 Membership options: Members can choose to join any of the 3 Strategic Intelligence membership options which entitle them to different privileges. These are:

  • Platinum Membership which entitles you to online and print publications that include 2 books by Jim Rickard, 3 financial reports plus a bonus report for the whole year.
  • Gold Membership which will grant you access to online and print information that includes 2 books from the author, 3 reports and free mailing to your doorstep of the monthly issues
  • Silver Membership, which only gives you access to online information which includes access to 2 books, 3 reports and the monthly issues of Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence.

Weekly Newsletters: Agora Financial review website sends out weekly newsletters to subscribers and members of Jim Rickard’s intelligence and these Newsletters direct you to different reading material as well as online videos to help you understand what is going on and keep up to date with the economic trends so that you are able to make informed decisions when investing.

Online video Briefing: The Agora Financial subscribers are able to get access to video briefings on Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence signals that will let you be able to read different market occurrences and know what to expect and how it will affect your finances. These are highly valued intelligence briefings for which Rickard is usually paid thousands of dollars for and you will now be privy to such information reserved for the economic elite.

Advantages of Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence System / Agora Financial!

Agora Financial

This is actually something that every American should think about joining because of the following advantages.

– This will give you the chance to prepare for an inevitable financial crash in America that will greatly affect the dollar and the financial markets. You will have just as much knowledge about what is happening as many of the biggest economic experts.

– By being able to read the Agora Financial review on different economic and financial events, you will be able to make the right financial decisions that will save you from losing your money in the financial meltdown that is predicted to begin in spring this year.

– This is a chance to profit when so many people will be crying. It may seem a bit sadistic but the financial drop and collapse of the American empire are inevitable and so it is prudent for you to see how you can turn that into an advantage rather than being a victim of the financial crisis.

– Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence App has a lot of free information and books that are usually sold for a lot but this membership will allow you to receive it free for example new members will get access to an upcoming live intelligence briefing in February that would ordinarily cost $15,000 but now despite the

– With Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence, you get the service of a financial adviser and a fraction of what you would have paid for a real one. In the end, you will make huge profits without having to share a big percentage of what you make.

– This Agora Financial system will help you to invest in gold. Many people try to do this but have a problem finding the right place to buy gold, or where to keep it and at what time to buy or sell. With the help of the book “The New Case for Gold,” you will be able to become an expert in gold investment.

Is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence a Scam From Agora Financial?

Strategic Intelligence Scam

Like any new investment, you would want to know is Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence a scam? Well, this Strategic Intelligence review can confidently tell you that this is no scam and there is proof to that effect.

Real people and a real company: Jim Rickard is a real person and not an actor like would have been the case if this was a Jim Rickard Strategic Intelligence scam. He has been on different TVs, Radios and magazines giving financial reviews. The things he is talking about in the program, are some of the topics he has discussed on different public media like Bloomberg or the BBC. You can be sure that it is not just a trickster trying to make money off you. Agora Financial Website too can be verified and a number of people are subscribed to it which shows that it is a legit company behind all this.

Money back guarantee: the money back guarantee from Jim Rickard himself is evidence that this is not a scam. If you are not satisfied with what you get when you subscribe, you will have your money refunded with no questions asked and you can still keep the books and anything else you get from Agora Financial.

Real Reviews: Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence reviews are written by real people. The reviews you read on the Agora Financial website are not made up but by real people who use their real names. There are even mentions of this system in genuine and trusted blogs by financial journalists. The books as well that are being given as part of the package when you join, were authored by Jim himself and they have been endorsed by industry professionals who can verify some of the facts in the books.

More than value for money: What is being offered here is more than the money you would have to spend. You are being given financial advice that actually makes sense and the subscription fee is minimal but the returns on your investment are massive. This cannot be a scam in any way. It does not seem like whoever is behind it is trying to be deceitful.

All the evidence in this Strategic Intelligence review can only lead to the conclusion that this is not a scam

Pricing – How To Join The Agora Financial Website?

Rickards Strategic Intelligence

To join, you simply need to go to the Agora Financial review website and click on subscribe. Once you do that, you will be able to choose the membership you would like:

  • Platinum: 99 dollars a year
  • Gold: 89 dollars a year
  • Silver: 49 dollars a year

You can then go on to fill your personal information which includes the name and email address. Payment can be made by credit card and when it expires, the subscription will be automatically renewed but to a lower membership, say if you had subscribed to platinum, you would be subscribed to gold the next year but with the same benefits as platinum.

Agora Financial Signup

Conclusion: – Jim Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence is A Trusted System !!

It should be no argument that the world is bound to see a financial crash very soon and even if it may not happen in April this year, it is certainly going to get economically challenging for America and it would be wise to prepare for such a time. Rickard’s Strategic Intelligence signals offer the tools you will need to save yourself from drowning when the dollar collapses and it is obviously not a scam as this Agora Financial review has shown so you should think about signing up for it before it is too late.

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