Tanaka Cargill Group Review – Is Binary Pot of Gold Scam or Not?

Tanaka Cargill Group Review: Tanaka Cargill group by James Tanaka and billionaire Russell Cargill is an automated trading system which is going viral for the recently among the traders who wants to achieve success in financial life. However, people are getting confuse whether it is a scam or legit system but not to worry in this review we will be providing you the real facts and our recommendations regarding this system.

Tanaka Cargill Group Review – Is Binary Pot of Gold Scam or Not?


Many traders are already started joining this system and some people got invitations to join it but before entering to any such kind of system make sure you read some trusted reviews and stay safe.

Suspicious Website:

First of all, when you visit the official website www.tanakacargill.com  you will find a short promotional video which hardly reaches 5 minutes and gives less information about the software. It gives no information about the auto trading system, how does it work and what does it provide.


I think this is enough to clear your doubt that the system is nothing but a fake and untrustworthy. This video will only tell you about the dramatic life changing the story of mike Treadwell and about his financial crisis.

About the Creator and the Developer:

The Tanaka Cargill group software, here the name itself tells that the software basically runs by the group of the online trader which was invented by James Tanaka who was supposed to be the creator and head developed of the binary pot of gold software and founded by billionaire Russell Cargill. Now the information had also provided us about the binary pot of gold software that tells us about the unique and exclusive algorithm created by James Tanaka.

By coming to our attention to the other person Russell Cargill he has launched Tanakacargillgroup.com but he was not the owner of the Binary pot of gold software in fact he is the silent investor to invest into this software. He has no physical involvement in the company other than providing the fund.

To get more information about these persons, I made a small investigation of the social sites and have encountered that we haven’t found any reliable sources about this persons and also about their algorithm that they have created. So I personally doubt that the person and their software are both fake who intends to steal your money and recommend you not to believe them.

Algorithm of the Software:

They might be claiming you with the unique and exclusive algorithm but you will not find any information about the algorithm in this system. They are simply using the name of the other alias name in order to keep his identity real and to make his algorithm interesting.


They also claim that if you choose their software you will be earning a profit of 97% winning trade but it doesn’t make any sense when we practically think about it. Instead of mentioning about the algorithm and how the system works this system only talks about one of the member mike Treadwell who have to earn huge profit and his dramatic life story by joining their company.

Fake testimonials:

Other than the promotional video of mike Treadwell there is no other evidence you will find about this system. He is only keep bragging of how the company has changed his life and made him successful during the year 2008 when he was literally suffering from the financial problem.


If the system provides the lack of information about the system then definitely there is something fishy about the whole system and it gives us doubt whether the system is also a part of the bogus system. I would suggest you not to believe in such fake testimonials and do yourself a little investigation about the system.

Is this software worth to join?  

Now the question arises for everyone that whether it is a scam or trusted legit system and also it would be profitable if they join the company. In order to solve your problem, we would be suggesting you not to join the system because it has no clear information and also it would be risky for you to join the system.

There are many trusted and legitimate binary software which will be providing you good customer service and tested auto robot with a high-quality result so it would be a smart thing if you choose that trusted system.

Domain age of the System:

If you search on the world renowned domain age checking the website you will know the actual date of the Tanaka Cargill group software’s registration date which was recently on 2016. So, this site is just created newly and you cannot trust this.


Verdict: Definitely “No” to this System

So if you are looking to join this software it would be our advice to avoid such kind of bogus system and keep yourself safe from them. If you visit for the first time to their official page it won’t be looking scam however we are still looking for the result but even though it is not fully proved to be a scam we would still suggest you not to try the system as it lacks in proper information.

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