Traders Revenge Review – Scam or Not?

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Traders Revenge Review: Traders Revenge is another Binary options scam which has come up with an interesting short video. The Revenge here stands for the taking revenge upon the scams binary options market which has led the people lost a lot of money in the Binary Options. Well, here the Traders Revenge is turn out to be the scam itself.

When you see the official website, you will come across with the short video where, Ryan Jackson, creator of the Traders Revenge. He is a very fine actor which is found to be the Fiver paid actor who is only promoting the scams. while he said that he was being a victim of scam losing thousands of money for the sake of Binary Options. And now using the Traders Revenge and makes a huge money from the trading market. And also all the members of the Traders Revenge are making up to $13,500+ per month which is a very attractive piece of advertisement out there. 

Traders Revenge Review – Scam or Not?

But the real fact about this is that you will be a scam here too. The Traders Revenge is nothing but another scam Binary Options in the Trading market. Since Binary options is a very popular method for earning via the internet, all the people are seeking for the best website. And thus with this fruitful scheme, all the frauds have arisen and created the scam to take money out of your bank. So beware of such internet fakes and become victims for loosing all your money.

Is Traders Revenge a Really Scam?

While, Traders Revenge is no doubt a big scam. Even if you don’t have any experience in the trading market, still by seeing the website at first site you will realize that it is a scam. The first thing is Ryan Jackson is a big fake, secondly, the members of the Traders Revenge is fake, thirdly the traders revenge website resembles the other binary options i.e. Holiday Cash Bot. And that Holiday Cash Bot is also the fake and scam Binary option recently developed on the internet. `

Traders Revenge has come with the most attractive tools and features and also with the high earing schemes but they are not totally good for a fair traders or broker. There are lots of valid and trusted Binary Options software on the internet and also approved by many of the Trading markets. So waste no time and money on this fraud and fake software.

How Traders Revenge is a Binary Options Scam?

So let us discuss in more details about the Traders Revenge being a scam.

1> Ryan Jackson– Well, Jackson is the first point which you can be sure that he is nothing but a scammer. He has been detected in th Fiver website for being the paid actor with seemless acting performance. While even if you check the name in the Google or social media, you will not find him. the name Ryan Jackson don’t even exist in any of the social media. When you search more deeply typing along with the Traders Revenge, all you find is scams and negative reviews. All the speach and lecture that he represents in the video that he being a scam and all his money upto $7000 were a loss in many fake binary options. So now he is going to take the revenge and have created the Traders Revenge which he has hacked the Binary Option to produce money in every bet you make. But the fact is, once you add the deposit you will not be in contact with the service anymore.

2> Fake Tools- You will see some of the cool features in the software but yet they totally don’t really exist. According to the software, you are getting features like-Web App to run the software, Online education center, live chart of the market trades and also the automated Software updates. They have also provided the fake Live chat tools in the website where you ask a question but no reply will come from the service. All these features are perfect for any Binary Options software but to use such tools you first have to sign up and put the deposit money and then after money is deposited; you will be robbed. Not more contacting facilities for querries and no clue for getting bac your money.

3> Fake Members- There are some of the names as the member of the Traders Revenge like Jason Samuels (HCB Success Member), Brittany Myers (HCB Success Member) and more shown on the website were really not at all the real member of the Traders Revenge. In fact, they are also been shown in another scam Binary Options software- Holiday Cash Bots. They were never real in both the software, the picture are taken randomly and put a name on it. While among one of the software copied the same pupil identity and put them as the successful traders in the website.

4> Relation between the Traders Revenge and the Holiday Cash Bot- They both are the scammers, it don’t make different. And the more interesting fact is that they have used the same image and name as the member. The member are like- Jason Samuels, Brittany Meyers, Bobby Jackson, Sarah Robertson and more others; all of them are seen on both in the software. They have copied the whole comment, and image and name from other which is a very important point that Traders Revenge is a complete scam and also in the other hand Holiday Cash Bot is a scam too.


So these are the complete details about the Traders Revenge and its scam story. And you will not find any good platform from which you can make the real money, all you gets is fake. As the Ryan Jackson earlier there is lots of online scammers in the name of Binary options, here Traders Review is also one of those. And thus beware of many such scammers around, avoid them for your safety and also your money. Whereas you can get many trusted Binary Options which are premium but they are really working fine and making a platform for the good traders. Choose for the best and well-suited platform and make money online using the Binary Options.

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